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There's Definitely Something Wrong

A K-On! AR Sequel

It was like waking up from some kind of fantastical dream. Or it was really waking up, and while fantastical, what Ritsu experienced was slightly less than a dream. Her eyes fluttered open, unfocused at the surroundings, only seeing darkness. Her hands reached up to rub her eyes a bit, and at that moment, her first red flag rose. when she expected her knuckle to rub the sleep away, she instead felt a soft hand rubbing, somewhat sloppily, rubbing her eyes. She looked at it, seeing five small nubs on a tiny palm. Her eyes widened, and slowly, she got herself in the sitting position, looking around.

It was a crib. She was inside a crib. Big bars, mobiles hanging above, pink blanket, the whole shebang. And on the other side of the crib was another lump under the blankets. She tried to get up and walk over to it, but there was no walking in this tiny body. Her legs were simply too weak. She found that she could still support herself on her hands and knees, however, and slowly started to crawl over, taking more time than she thought it would.

When she finally got to the other side of the crib, she sloppily reached for the covers before pulling them back. What met her was an orb of black hair, but she quickly realized that the body was simply turned away from her. Ritsu scooched herself a little closer, bending over the girl to have a good look at her face.

The sleeping face wasn't immediately familiar. Of course, it was hard to recognize anyone Ritsu might know at this age. As she stared, however, she slowly became more and more familiar... Black hair... Black hair... Could it be...

She raised her hand and, as slowly as she could, placed it onto her face. This, of course, caused the other infant to stir from her slumber. With her tiny fingers, she was able to peel back the other infant's eyelids back, showing a single grey eye. Grey eyes... Black hair... It must be... It must be...

"Mio!" Ritsu said, in a hushed, extremely high pitched voice. She covered her mouth again, as the infant Mio started to move around a bit, starting to awaken. Ritsu quickly turned around, holding herself against the bars as she looked around at the surroundings.

There were other cribs in this room, which was dark from the drawn curtains. She could see a line of light around the border, though, meaning that despite the darkness, it was daytime. By her count, there were about two other cribs there. The one immediately next to Ritsu and Mio's held two little bundles as well, of similar size. One was splayed out in a random mess, while the other was cuddled up next to her. From the brown and blonde heads sticking out from the covers, she could only assume that it was Mugi and Yui. After her own situation, she wasn't really surprised to see them as well.

The real surprise was what was held inside of the third crib. It was a bit farther away, so it was harder to see. She pressed her face against the bars to get a better look, but to her, it looked like three small bundles, even smaller than the other four were now. The three heads that stuck out were small and chubby cheeked, each with similar small patches of hair on their head. The two nearest ones were brown haired, while the one on the other side of the crib was black haired. If Ritsu had to guess, they were probably under a month old, practical newborns.

Behind Ritsu, Mio was slowly coming to. Similar to how Ritsu woke up, she rubbed her eyes, saw her hands and the bars, and started to put things together. Unlike Ritsu, though, she let out a small scream, instantly sitting up. Ritsu jumped at this, falling over and turning around. Mio's face was deep red, her eyes tearing up as she looked around. When she spotted Ritsu, she immediately pounced onto her, holding onto her as she babbled on, half gibberish, half questions of "Who you? Where is I? Whaz goin' on? Why is I babies? Why I is diapood?"

Ritsu grabbed her back, sweatdropping a little, understanding her concern. "Mio, cawm down! Is me, Witsu!" she said, blushing a bit when she realized she couldn't say her name properly, "And we is babies becuz... uh..." At that moment, she realized that she didn't have an answer. She could explain her dream or something, but... It wouldn't really help...

They were distracted, though, but a squeal from their side. They both looked over at once at the other crib, where another infant was awake. From her blonde hair hanging down to her shoulders and the big, dark eyebrows, they could only assume it was Mugi. And from the gushing look on her face, she had seen something she adores. "You babies is sooo coot!" she said, touching her cheek in a dreamy sigh. It seemed only at that moment that she noticed something was off, as she looked down at her body. "Oh! I is babby too!" she said in surprise. This surprise seemed more... curious, instead of the fearful scream from Mio that had woken most likely woken them up.

Behind Mugi, the fourth body was slowly starting to get up. "Whaz goin on?" Yui asked, as she looked to the side, right into Mugi's backside. She stared at it curiously, before reaching out, pushing on it. When the sound of a crinkle came in return, Yui giggled, doing it again. "Squishy!" she said happily, as she now reached up with both hands, starting to press on Mugi's diaper. Mugi blushed a bit, but smiled back to her, giggling. "Yui is coot too!" she said dreamily, sitting down in the crib again and hugging onto Yui, who seemed to smile, still seeming sleepy.

"How you know dat Yui?" Ritsu asked curiously, as she pushed away Mio, who was still clinging onto her. Mugi looked over curiously, before pointing at Yui's onesie. It was pink, emblazened with the word "Yui" in bright blue letters on the front. Ritsu stared at it for a second, before looking down, seeing that she, too, was wearing a onesie with her name. It was blue, with pink letters spelling out "Ricchan" on the front. She blushed, looking over to Mio, who seemed to be blushing and looking around, scared. Hers was purple, while Mugi's was orange, both holding their names in bright, vibrant colors.

They were all snapped out of their trance by yet another sound emiting from the room. This time, though, it seemed to be a wailing, crying sound. They all turned their heads to the third crib, where the tiny black haired girl was awake and crying. Ritsu and Mio simply stared with blank looks, while Mugi's face lit up and she stood up with the crib, walking herself over to the other side of the crib. "Dey so coot~!" she said in her gushing tone as she watched the others start to wake up, their faces looking uncomfortable and starting to tear up.

"Dey awso woud..." Yui said, frowning a bit as she looked over at them, an interested look on her face. Mugi looked back, frowning for only a moment before smiling widely again. "I know what do!" she said, toddling uneasily over to the side of Yui. She bent down, showing off her diapered rump also holding her name, as she picked up a few things. She then walked back to the side of the crib and, with a few wind ups, she tossed a few things into the crib: A few plush kittens and some pacifiers. The tiny girls seemed to be distracted, as they rolled over, taking the items. A moment later, they were laying peacfully again, each with a stuffed animals and pacifiers in their mouths, suckling silently.

They all sighed, before they gathered against the bars, all facing each other. Mio was sniffling, but she seemed to have calmed down from earlier. Mugi was giggling lightly, swinging her legs outside the bars, while Yui simply had a dazed look, staring around the room with a light smile on her face, a line of drool falling down her chin.

There was a silence that definitely held an awkward air. After a few tense moments, Mio finally spoke up softly, saying "W-wha... Whaz goin on?" They looked around at each other, before Ritsu said "I dunno... I haz a dweam and we aww wake up as babies..." She looked over to Mio, now fully taking in how she looked. While everyone else was dressed simply in onesies, whoever dressed Mio went all out: little purple booties, ruffles on her bottom, little bows in her hair and little designs all over her. Despite the situation, Ritsu couldn't help but stifle a giggle as she looked at her, causing Mio to blush more. "Dun... Dun waff!" Mio said, instinctively covering her chest awkwardly and turning away quickly, causing her to fall over.

All of them laughed, not noticing the door on the other side of the room open. An older woman familiar to them, with auburn hair and bright eyes behind small glasses, Sawako-sensei walked into the room, smiling happily as she saw the cribs. She quickly walked over, standing in between the two cribs. "Ah! You are all already awake! That saves me some trouble~" she said, as she immediately reached down and lifted Ritsu into her arms, craddling her. Ritsu blushed, but things only got worse as she felt a finger between her legs. "Still dry... I bet you are a bit hungry huh?" she asked sweetly, before she did something none of them expected.

Before their eyes, she unbuttoned her sweater, before lifting her shirt to reveal her bare, larger breasts. And with a slight muffling sound, Ritsu's mouth was pushed against a nipple, as Sawako smiled down to her. It took a few moments, but the unmistakable sound of suckling soon came from Ritsu's mouth, much to her chagrin. Sawako giggled, repositioning her into a much more comfortable position before walking towards the groups tea table, past the cribs. As they walked past, Ritsu's eyes caught Mio's. Despite the situation, she could see the small smile that indicated that she found it as some form of retribution for laughing at her outfit earlier.

Sawako sat down, lightly bouncing the baby girl in her arms, patting her diapered rump as well. She looked down at her for a moment before looking up at crib, where the three other girls were looking at her. "And how are you girls doing, hm? All dry I take it?" she asked, a wicked smile upon her face. Mio and Mugi seemed to blush under her gaze, frozen, while Yui nodded softly, smiling still dreamily. "Good!" Sawako said happily, moving Ritsu over to her other breast as she stroked her hair.

After another moment of tense silence, Sawako spoke up again. "I'm sure you all are curious about what's going on..." she said suddenly, looking down at the girl on her bosom. The other girls simply stared, Yui even letting go of the bit of Mugi's hair she was chewing on. "It's simple..." Sawako continued, moving Ritsu back and up to her shoulder, patting her back, "After several years of debating, I decided I wanted to become a mother. But I have awful times with men, and I didn't want to go through the whole pregnancy thing... But after you guys started this club again, I knew that you all would make perfect daughters!"

She was smiling happily, though a slight unhinged feel to her words. The girls looked at each other, Mugi and Yui losing their happy go lucky feeling from earlier. "I had to have some help though..." Sawako said, as Ritsu let out a little burp, drooling slightly on the older woman's shoulder, "I had some ways of doing this, but I needed someone with a bit more... Knowledge..."

As if by eerie coincidence, there was a knock on the door, before a head poked in. The small red glasses and shaggy brown hair was immediately recognizable as their friend Nodoka, who had stepped in and bowed. "Good morning sensei" she said, bowing to her, before turning to the girls. There was a brief moment of shock on her face, before she quickly covered it with a blank look of indifference, muttering a small "Good morning girls..." before walking over to the table, sitting across from Sawako.

Sawako smiled at her, producing a small cup of tea and setting it before her. Nodoka gave a small smile, taking it and picking up the cup. "Yes, Nodoka helped me figure out some of the... More complicated formulas... In return, I promised her that I would help her get the best education she could..." Sawako explained, looking between Nodoka and the three girls, still staring, their attention now completely drawn by what they were hearing.

Nodoka nodded at Sawako's explanation, taking a small sip of the tea presented to her. Sawako herself stood up, walking back over to Mio's crib and laying the well fed Ritsu down. Mio looked over to Ritsu, who had a glazed over look on her face, drooling slightly with a dumb smile. Mio nudged her, causing her to snap out of her daze and sit up, wiping her mouth quickly with a blush.

She came back just in time to see Sawako sit back down, staring across the table at Nodoka. The younger girl seemed to have frozen, her eyes staring blankly back at the older woman. "You won't be needing these anymore..." Sawako said, slowly sliding Nodoka's glasses off and setting them on the table. The next moment, it almost looked like Nodoka had fallen back into her chair. Instead, however, she was falling into her own clothes! Her head quickly disappeared under her own collar, her sleeves slackening and her shoes and socks falling to the ground. Her clothes became looser and looser, until it was a small simply of pile surrounding a small, moving lump sitting in the chair, making small squeaking sounds.

The entire time, Sawako sat casually, tracing her fingers around the lenses of Nodoka's glasses. "You are a very smart girl..." she said softly, staring at the chair where Nodoka sat, "... But not smart enough to ask what kind of education I was going to give you..." At that moment, she stood, reaching over into the bundle of clothing and pulling out a tiny, naked girl, matching the size of the girls in the third crib, almost newborn. She was wriggling uncontrollably in Sawako's arms, having no control over her limbs anymore. The tiny squeaks and coos she emitted showed that she had similar control over her vocal chords as well. Effectively, she was... a baby.

"Sooo cute!" Sawako said, snuggling her a bit before taking her over to the couch. They wer out of eyesight of the four girls in the cribs, but they could hear small coos, along with the sounds of crinkles and things being moved. The girls were completely silent, unable to really vocalize what they felt right now. Moments later, Sawako reappeared, placing the diapered, pacified girl into the crib with the three similar newborns, where she rested peacefully, suckling on the pacifier.

As Nodoka was tucked in, across the crib, there was sudden movement. One of the little brown haired girls on one side was wriggling, her face scrunched in discomfort. "Aww, what's wrong Ui?" Sawako asked, slowly reaching down and lifting the girl up gently, rocking her as she checked various things.

"Dats Ui?" said Yui, snapping out of her dreamy state as she watched them. She had slowly gotten up, holding onto the bars and staring as Sawako walked over with the baby girl. "Yup! This is your little sister... And she has a wetsy wittle diaper!" she said cutely, as Ui started to tear up, giving small sobs. Sawako started to rock her a bit more, trying to calm her down, before she saw a small hand approaching the girl in her arms. Looking up, she saw Yui reaching out of the crib, using her small hand to stroke the hair of Ui.

Instantly, Ui's sobs dispersed, as she opened up her big eyes to look at her older sister. "Dere dere... Evewyting is gonna be awight..." Yui said, smiling to her. Ui returned the smile, sniffling a bit as she reached out, grabbing onto Yui's hand. They both giggled, as Sawako blushed, absolutely adoring the scene before her. She left them for a minute before finally pulling Ui away, over to the changing table located near the fish tank.

Yui sat back down next to the others, smiling. "Ou know... I dun tink dis is gon' be dat bad..." Yui said, looking over and watching Sawako change the newborn Ui's diaper, As Ui wriggled a bit, reaching for the tiny turtle in the fish tank.

"Whatchoo mean? We not wike dis! We is not supposed to be babbies!" Mio said quickly, blushing a bit as she felt the diaper crinkle below her but, "We is supposed to be gwown ups! Wit weaw cwothes and boobies and... and..." She started to tear up, as Ritsu hugged her a bit. Mugi watched her a bit, frowning before smiling again. "Yeth... But... Dun you eva wanna... Twy again?" she said, looking around at them all.

They all stared at her, a bit confused at what she was saying. Mugi blushed a bit at the sudden attention, but continued on. "Weww... I see dis as... A new expewience! We can gwow up again... As sistahs! I tink it could be fun..." she said, smiling at them all.

Each of them looked at each other, rather unsure about this still. They hadn't even noticed that Sawako had finished changing Ui and placed her back, now digging around in several bags near the couch. They attention was suddenly snapped back to her as she lowered the sides of all the cribs, starting to take each of them out. "Now that you are all awake, I think it's time that we have some fun!" she said, setting the four main girls on the ground.

Once each of them were set next to each other, she opened the other crib, taking out each of the newborns and setting them each in baby seats with a small label, bearing their name. now that they were awake and out of the crib, it was a bit easier to tell each of them apart, though they still looked similar. The other brown haired girl, who ended up being Jun, seemed to be the chubbiest of them all, while Ui seemed to have the most hair of them all. Azusa was obviously black haired, seperating her from the others, while the newly made Nodoka was the only one in just a diaper, the others dressed in similar onesies.

The girls paid particular attention to Azusa and Nodoka as they were set down, as they were the ones all of them knew the most. Azusa, the "baby" of the group before, still seemed to be so, though more literally now. She was babbiling and drooling, reaching out to the girls and smiling a bit. Her mind still seemed to be somewhat there, though her body had many limitations. And Nodoka, the smartest girl they had known, was now sitting in a cushioned seat, her leg bent up and suckling on her toes and giggling a bit, a line of drool falling from her mouth as well.

Sawako smiled, starting to unload many toys and items, including toy versions of all the instruments they played. Four infants and four newborns, all adorable and all resigning to their fate, from what she heard them saying earlier... And from what she could see, some of them already needed diaper changes! Sawako giggled to herself, setting down 100+ package of diapers. The funniest thing was, only she knew the potions she gave them would only last about three months, and that they would be back to normal by the time school started again. She wasn't going to tell them though, instead deciding to simply have a little fun and see where this goes...

Turning around, she held up a camera, smiling devilishly to the group of them, who had all turned to stare at her. "Alright everyone, picture time!" she said joyfully, taking a quick snap of all eight of them. Yes, this was going to be quite the enjoyable summer...
Here it is, the long awaited sequel to the first story I ever posted here, thanks mostly to our good friend :iconmicman4202: for commissioning it. In this, we learn about the fate of Ritsu, along with the other girls, after her "Weird Dream" from the first story. Enjoy!

I am still open for commissions, so please commission me!
Geistis Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
Very well written and cute story. :D

Quite enjoyable and even though I'm not familiar with the characters you gave good descriptions which made it easy to picture them.

Thank you to both the commissioner and KonataTan for sharing.
Osakatan Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
I allready told you I think it's awesome~ Good babbyins all over~
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