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September 10, 2012
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The Third Impact

An Evangelion TF Story

There was an explosion. It was deafening for miles around it, even from the middle of the ocean. No one expected it to happen, as the impacting object had not been seen in the atmosphere before it had landed so catastrophically. It had been loosely predicted, however, as something similar had happened before. The mythical Third Impact had come to Earth, and no one had seen it coming.

This fact was not completely true, however. One person had seen this coming. In fact, this person had known the exact moment when the world would theoretically end. A blonde woman, a scientist, had a dream the night before. Instead of her usual affair of oddly erotic images of her friend Misato, instead, she found herself laying in a shallow pool of water, completely nude. She didn't question this, however, As she sat up, dripping and looking around this deserted space of everlasting water.

Standing before her was a figure. Featureless, but definitely a woman. Her body was shining light the sun, but no heat emanated from her. Etiquette told her that it would at least be proper to cover herself, but she did not feel it prudent at this moment. Instead, she rose to her feet, staring the girl in front of her, eyes level with each other.

Something about this figure reminded her of the one girl, Rei. This caused her to grimace a bit, but she said nothing, simply staring forward into the blank eyes. For a moment, there was silence. A small sound was heard, however, as if there was noise being summoned from another part of reality.

"...Akagi Ritsuko. Welcome to the end, the beginning. You have been brought here to decide the final meaning of life..." a voice stated from the air. Even though there was no apparent source, Ritsuko assumed that the figure before her was speaking, despite her stationary lips. She raised her eyebrows at the words, crossing her arms. "The final meaning of life, eh? Well, that means that there was no real meaning before..." she said, almost jokingly as she stared off into the void around her, "Why me though? I'm not exactly a prophet or a messiah in my life... My belief of god is rather lacking, in all honesty..."

"You are, as believed by those higher, to be the base. Not extraordinary, not flawed with debilitation. Intelligence of life, love, beliefs, are the appropriate amounts of truth and lie. You are perfection by the standard of humanity..." The haunting voice spoke again, as the figure stared into Ritsuko's eyes. Ritsuko jumped a bit, but stared back, her eyes narrowing. "Not extraordinary, eh? Well, it's not the worst compliment I've heard directed at me... That still doesn't really tell me why I was suddenly given the choice to choose some big meaning of life, nor was I ever told what the meaning of life even means in this context..." she said, holding her arm up absentmindedly, as if holding a cigarette that she craved.

"The beginning, and the end. The reason for life to continue beating, to continue walking. Humanity is born to walk to the end of their path. You shall decide what that end shall be..." The voice spoke again, the figure continuing to stare blankly at the nude Ritsuko.

This seemed to stun the blonde woman. She fell silent, staring back, wondering if there was going to be a declaration of a joke or something soon. When there wasn't one, however, she decided to speak up again. "The end... So I am the decider of humanity's fate? No pressure..." she said, trying to lighten the mood a bit. This was a useless gesture, as the woman in front of her was effectively a statue.

Ritsuko sighed a bit, before looking around again. "I don't know... Don't expect me to eradicate humanity, or do any of that biblical stuff... I have never been a big fan of a large group of people dying for no reason. Wasn't a fan of it during the second impact, not really a fan of it now..." she said, deciding to go along with this entity's wish, "Nor am I going to enslave humanity or something... I am not mean..."

Ritsuko pondered for a bit, while the figure stared. For the first time in this vast space of nothingness, she actually felt uncomfortable. It was like someone was waiting for an answer impatiently, and as the moments went by, she wanted to give one. She couldn't explain it, but the ticking seconds made her more desperate to find something to say. Soon, without thinking, she blurted out, "Cats!"

She blushed as she fell silent, the awkward silence returning. Ritsuko jumped, though, when she saw the figure move. She remained in her spot as the woman's hand rose, placing a finger on Ritsuko's forehead. In unison, they both closed their eyes, as the void around them filled with a blinding light, and a deafening rumbling...

Ritsuko awoke, nude, in a pile of clothing. Usually, a person would find this rather peculiar, or somewhat frightening. For Ritsuko, however, this was a regular morning for her now. She stretched a bit, her back arching as her blonde tail stretching out as well as her pointy blonde cat ears twitched a bit. Her long, sharp nails flexed into the soft clothing below her before she stood up, looking around for her ceremonial offering of fish from the other kitties...

This was very different from the first time she woke up in this new world. The first day was painful. Immediately after she woke, she had groaned in agony, as she felt a pressure above her buttocks. She had reached down to feel what it was, only to feel what seemed to be the odd sensation of her spine extending into a furry lump above her ass. It wasn't a lump, though, as she found it to be extending further and futher...

She was distracted, though, by her ears starting to burn fiercely. She grabbed at them, trying to hold on to them, as if she was attempting to hold them in place. Her attempts were futile, though, as they migrated to the top of her head, closing in on themselves before sprouting fur, turning into semi cones that matched ears. She gasped, not even realizing her eyes and teeth had transformed in the meantime, both growing sharp. Her eyes became yellow and slit-like, while her canines grew nearly twice in length.

Her newly grown tail had waved a bit, as she was suddenly overcome with the sensation of itching. She rubbed her shoulder a bit, growing more hectic by the moment. Finally, she tugged off her pajamas, throwing them on the ground, followed quickly by her underwear. At this, she truly felt comfortable, causing her to purr in comfort as she walked through her apartment.

The next week for her was one of discovery. Despite what modern decency had told her, she wondered out of her apartment in her birthday suit, looking around. It didn't matter, though, as everyone had seemed to have, quite literally, disappeared. She had picked up random pieces of clothing strewn about the streets, before finding herself burying her face in them, sniffing them. At this, she was able to figure out who's they were, at least vaguely.

She had gone around, observing different piles of clothing, until she didn't even pick them up,simply crawling between them and burying her face, sniffing wildly to learn who had owned them. After about ten or so piles, though, she found a small lump inside one. Curiously, she pawed at it, causing it to move. She pulled away the clothing to reveal a small kitten, napping in the soft, warm panties. She sniffed at her mildly, and the mental image of a school girl she had seen a few times around town came to her.

She looked around, now noticing that there were many cats wondering around these streets, of various colors. Sniffing the air would reveal to her similar mental images she found in the clothes. The population hat turned from homo sapien to felis catus... An entire world inhabited by cats...

But this revelation was weeks ago. She had searched for a while, but she found none other like her. A professional would have said she had lost her mind at this revelation, but there were none of them anymore! Ritsuko was obviously the Queen of these cats, as she was gifted with the superior body. And she could communicate with these cats, tell them what to do. To make sure she was never hungry, she demanded that she was given an offering of fish and rats every morning... She had had the cats gather the clothes into personal beds, just for their queen...

She purred a bit as she saw some cats enter the room she was in. A purple cat, a red cat, and  brown cat. Misato, Asuka and Shinji. She had found them soon, and taken them as her personal companions. ritsuko had expected to see a blue cat resembling Rei, but she was nowhere to be found, along with Shinji's father. It didn't bother her, though. A queen had more important matters.

She gestured them over as she layed down on her pile again, as the smaller cats gathered around her, laying down. Misato had randomly found a place near Ritsuko, while Asuka and Shinji laid together near her feet. Ritsuko smiled at the two, purring more. It would be heat season soon... She better prepare for kittens soon...
Here is my next commission, from the fantastic :icongeistis:, involving what would happen after the Third Impact if Ritsuko was forced to choose it.

This story is a TF story, and probably the first one I've done that doesn't involve diapers or regression. Hope it turned out well!
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Not too bad, though a little disappointing we didn't get to see anyone turn into a cat and shrink out of their clothes.
Yeah, I kinda wrote this in one big burst, so some details were lost. But I like the mystique of seeing a street of deserted clothes and a bunch of cats walking around
Yeah, that's cool too, I guess.
Very good, cute story KonataTan! :XD:

I very much enjoyed it and it gave me a scary thought about what would have happend if Misato got to chose. :fear:

Thank you very much! ^_^
Nooooooooo problem
Ritsuko gonna get some pussy~

All da pussy
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