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The Laundry Room Downstairs

An Original TG Story

Jeremy sighed, reaching down and hoisting up his laundry basket onto his shoulder. It had been two weeks since he had last washed his clothes, and after today's outfit, he was left with a only slightly dirty white tanktop and a pair of gray boxers. In regular society, walking around like this in the opening would be unheard of. But in these dorms, it was just a regular Wednesday night.

He knocked his front door open with his foot, looking around. The halls were empty, but it was near exam times, so that was to be expected. with another heave, he repositioned the basket into a more comfortable position before slowly heading down the stairs. Four flights later, he arrived at the ground floor, where the Rec room, information desk and laundry room was.

This particular laundry room had an... Interesting history. There were two laundry rooms, one for the male dorms, and one for the female dorms. Thing is, even though the girl's laundry room worked fine, the guys mention that they come over here every once in a while. It wouldn't be a big deal if it weren't for the fact that no one seems to ever see a girl enter the room, just walking out confused before going back across the road to the female dorms...

This particular time, though, Jeremy found himself alone. There were a few machines running, but no one seemed to be around. He found this fine, as he rather not have an awkward conversation while standing around in his boxers. He found the nearest machine and started loading things in.

There was an odd feeling as he loaded stuff in. His body felt alright, but it almost felt like someone... Or something... Was looking at him. He even stopped as he threw in the last of his underpants and stood up, looking around. Even when he confirmed that he was, in fact, alone, he still had that lingering feeling that eyes were following.

He leaned forward, looking in the washing machine. It was small, so he had mostly filled it with underpants and some shirts. Grunting a bit in frustration, he looked through the laundry before pulling out a few pairs of jeans and shorts, forcing them to fit in with the rest. Once they had been snugly fitted with the rest of his clothes, he poured in his soap before closing it, setting it to wash.

He sat back, sighing a bit as he stared at the laundry going around. He could probably just leave it to go on his own, but did he really have anything better to do? After a moment, he pulled out his phone, looking up random stuff on the internet. He didn't have anything in particular to look up, but he needed SOMETHING to pass the time...

Eventually, he grew bored with that and put the phone away, looking back at the window for his laundry. The light in this room must be odd, because his red clothes looked oddly pink. He didn't really bother with it, deciding that his eyes weren't really adjusted to this light. He rubbed them a bit, but when he looked back, there just seemed to be MORE pink, only highlighted by the increase of white in the laundry.

This was truly puzzling. Like many guys around his age, he owned a lot of black and darker colors. He wasn't goth or anything, he just owned many band t-shirts and just general affliction things. So it was kind of odd that he was now seeing some things that he was not supposed to see in here, and especially things so... Well, girly.

He stood up, tugging a bit as his underwear, which felt a bit malfitting. Slowly, he walked over, leaning down to look through the window into the clothing, trying to see if there was something in there that he had overlooked. A closer inspection only worsened things, though, as he now saw various forms of yellow, purple, bright green and orange flowing around. It was like a spinning rainbow!

Grunting, he got down on his knees, opening the door and reaching in. He mindlessly tugged at the back of his underpants, which seemed to be getting tighter. He didn't look back to see that the color seemed to be draining from the boxers, turning from  grey to a pure white, even looking a little more see-through than before. Right below that, his legs, which had been slightly hairy beforehand, now seemed to be completely bare, and even gained a slight tan. They seemed to look quite unfit for a boy, though, because why the thighs were plenty fat, his calves seemed to thin out, leading down to a feet that were now about three sizes too small for the man that had walked in initially.

He sat back up, pushing some hair out of his face as he held up some of the clothes he pulled out of the machine. His hair was a bit longer, so it didn't bother him, but what did bother him was what he was holding. He was hoping to pull out a red and black pair of boxers. Instead, he had pulled out a white pair of panties and a purple thong. That was VERY wrong... He threw them aside, bending over to reach in and pull out some more. His butt ended up sticking out in the air, showing off his now pudgier ass. He had been mostly in shape at this point, but the ass sticking out right now looked like it belonged to someone who enjoyed a few snacks... It didn't help that it was sticking out from a pair of white lace panties that seemed to have grown, showing off not only his ass, but also his diminishing bulge. By the time he came out of the washing machine again, the front of his crotch was completely flat.

He looked down at the yellow T-shirt, pushing his longer hair out of his face. Something was definitely wrong, but it felt just out of his reach. He looked around the room, at the various clothes strewn about in his search for what was wrong, down at his chest, which had two large mounds sticking out of a cotton white bra, above a slightly chubby stomach. He... Or rather, she... Jumped up, looking down at herself, now standing in a pair of bra and panties, before looking at the laundry.

For a brief moment, everything seemed to come to Jeremy. As he had entered this room, he had slowly been changing. His clothing, his body, were all changed to be more womanlike. He even briefly remembered the stories about girls randomly appearing in here, and it all made sense. All he wanted to know was why...

She then realized it. She was a full girl now. A quick grip at his private area would reveal that much to him, as there wasn't much to grab anymore. She then reached back, giving her now much more boxum ass a squeeze. Despite her own hands doing it, she found herself jumping at the touch, blushing deeply. Despite her freaked out mindset, she had to admit, it didn't feel too bad... She reached up, giving his breasts a gentle squeeze. It only made her blush deeper, as beneath the bra, she could feel her nipples perk up a little bit.

She shook her head, looking around. The second realization was a bit worse, though, as she suddenly recognized that, not only was she suddenly a woman, she was a woman in the middle of a men's dormitory in only a pair of bra and panties, with only a pile of wet clothing around her. She blushed deeply, quickly reaching down and picking up a random blouse and pair of short shorts, pulling them on. It was rather cold, but she didn't have much choice. She felt her nipples get a bit harder from the coldness of the clothing, but she would have to ignore it for now...

She piled all the rest of the clothes into her basket before hurrying over to the door, peeking out. There were a few people in the rec room now, but they seemed to be paying attention to the TV. With a quick sprint, she headed to the door, going out into the open world.

She looked up and down the road, before looking across the street at the girl's dormitories. Even though he wasn't sure why, she knew that he had to go over there. Slowly, she started walking across the road torwards the other laundry room, as if being pulled there. With each step, though, her mind started to cloud over a bit. She looked around, confused, as she stepped closer to the door. She knew she was worried about something, but now, she wasn't sure what. Something about her clothes.

Janice shook her head, grabbing the handle of the door. There was this weird feeling in her head, something like... deja-vu? Or something like that. She looked across the road, at the male dormitories and where their laundry room was. For some reason, she felt like she should go there... But why should she do that? She could see some open machines right here! She reached down, rubbing her shirt a bit with a groan, hating how she was basically poking out of her top, despite her bra. And it didn't help that her ass was practically eating her shorts, as she pulled the wedgie out from between her fat cheeks. 'I really needed to get something a bit more comfortable' she thought, humming lightly to herself as she opened the door and walked in, her ass wigging in her wet clothes. She needed to do her laundry more often...
Alright, here is my side of the art trade with :iconosakatan:, involving a guy who chose a rather unfortunate time and place to do his laundry. This is the second story in a row that has nothing to do with regression or diapers. SHOCKING, I KNOW

I'll post his side of the trade in here when I give it to him
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Anonymous-Shift Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013
Very well written and to the point.
SashaNekosune Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
I loved it. :D I'm a big fan of Tg. :P Now... if only that could happen to me... *pouts* well.. without the mental changes. XD
Geistis Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
A great little TG story. Well done! :clap:
Osakatan Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012
Thanks again for doing such a silly idea for me. It was awesome~
KonataTan Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2012   Writer
It's no problem~ My idea will probably be sillier~
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