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Nichijou AR Story

Izumi Sakurai-sensei sighed a bit to herself, slowly closing her school planner as students slowly started to file out of her classroom. Sweat sprouting out at regular intervals, she stood by her desk and waved to all of them, receiving a half hearted wave back in response. After a few moments, most of them were gone, leaving only a few girls in the back: The tall and silent Mai, the slightly reserved though very creative Mio and the very boisterous if not so level headed Yukko. Sakurai-sensei smiled softly as she sat back down at her desk, going to collect her work but peeking at the girls every once in a while.

She saw Yukko say a few things to the girls before waving, quickly hurrying out of the room. Mio, on the other hand, sat down and took out a pencil and pad, doodling to herself. And of course, Mai was sitting at her desk, reading a book. Sakurai-sensei smiled sweetly as she looked down at her work. She wasn't very focused, however, as watching these young girls enjoying themselves had caused her to remember back to her own high school days.

Though to be perfectly honest with herself, she really couldn't reminisce very happily on when she was younger. Her current personality traits are a pretty good reflection on how she was in the past. She was constantly shy throughout her elementary school, middle school, and high school years, and had many troubles making friends, though it wasn't impossible. She still had many of those same friends, though really, they acted as protectors a lot of the time, as Sakurai-sensei always had trouble taking care of her self.

This fact expanded beyond her emotions, sometimes applying to her physically. She kept herself clean and tidy, of course, but every once in a while, she had... problems. The main one being she really did not like being surprised. So much so that even something relatively small could elicit a "wet" reaction from her.

With a blush, she remembered a few of those times. The furst was embarassing, as it was simply a stray wind caught her skirt one day while she was walking to school. This caused a full on view for anyone around of her cotton panties. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that she ended up accidentally flooding her panties from embarrassment immediately, much to her chagrin.

This wasn't even really an isolated incident. Thunderstorms, people sneaking up on her, loud noises, a lot of things made her wet her pants when she was young. Heck, even  someone turning out the lights made her pee when she was younger. She was proud of the fact, though, that she seems to have gotten over that one trait in recent years.

That is, until she opened her eyes to find the somewhat stoic Mai standing in front of her, directly across the desk. This caused a somewhat violent jump from the young teacher, surprised by the sudden appearance of the girl. And to couple with this reaction was the feeling she thought she had left behind during her school years, as a wet sensation traveled across the seat of her dress.

"Sensei? Is everything alright?" asked Mai, in her soft, almost windy monotone. Sakurai-sensei started to sweat a bit more as she moved back. "Oh, um... Everything is just fine!" Izumi said in her nervous voice, trying to stealthily get Mai to leave before disappearing herself.

"Are you sure Sensei? You seem very... Uncomfortable" Mai stated, slightly tilting her head at her. Izumi froze a bit as Mai stared at her, shaking a bit. "I... I assure you, Mai-san, I am... Perfectly fine!" she said, though the more she said it, the less sure she sounded in her own statement.

"Sensei... Did you wet yourself?" Mai asked all of the sudden. Sakurai completely froze on the spot when she asked that, unsure what to say at that point. Should she admit that she had guessed accurately? That would seem unwomanlike, especially for someone who is supposed this girls elder. So, with a deep blush, she replied, "Oh, um... No, I'm just... Thinking about... Stuff..." Even for her, she knew that it didn't sound convincing in the slightest. And she knew Mai didn't believe her, as she started to walk around the desk, standing directly next to her.

From this vantage point, no secrets could be kept. As Mai looked down, she saw the pathetic teacher, staring down at bit, the bottom of her dress soggy and a small puddle developing at the base of the chair. Sakurai-sensei was absolutely embarassed at her current situation, but Mai simply bent over to her teacher's level, looking her eye to eye. "Sakurai-sensei... Why did you try to hide this?" she asked softly to her.

Sakurai-sensei didn't really have anything to say to this. Deep down, she knew that she was the teacher and didn't have to answer to her, but her personality didn't allow her to do much more than sniffle a bit. She couldn't even bring herself to look up at her as she tried to keep herself from completely bawling from embarassment.

She gave another little squeak, though, as she felt her arm grabbed. She looked up to see Mai leading her out of her seat. When she went to say something in protest, she was instantly cut off. "Don't worry," Mai said, "I know how to take care of situations like this" Izumi sniffled, but nodded, not really to do much else but stare into her eyes. Mai pulled her to the side of the desk before letting her go, causing her to stand there, awkward and soggy. Mai then turned her back, grabbing the things off of her desk before setting them aside. "Mai-san? What are you doing? I um... I..." she started to say, walking up to her.

"Don't worry sensei, I have everythign under control" Mai simply repeated, her desk now completely empty of any items. With that, Izumi felt a small pat on her wet bottom. She instinctively moved forward a bit before stopping at the edge of her desk. From behind her, she felt a soft pair of hands go under neath her arms, picking her up and setting her on the desk. Sakurai-sensei went to say something, but Mai's hand was put to her chest, slowly pushing her down onto her back. the young teacher only obliged, now laying on her back on top of her now empty desk, Mai at her feet.

Izumi peeked to the side, wanting to see what the other girl in the room was doing while she was being embarassed. The blue haired student Mio was none the wiser, as she was focused completely on her drawing pad, smiling to herself as she doodled. Unbeknownst to her, the teacher's dress was being unzipped by her classmate and tugged off, leaving the teacher in a pair of wet cotton panties, quite fitting for a person of her type. "My, that is quite a lot" Mai said, setting the dress aside.

"Well... Um... It was just an accident" she stated, pushing her fingers together a little bit. Mai nodded before reaching up and grabbing the sides of the sensei's underpants. Sakurai instantly blushed deeply, holding onto her hands. "N-no! I have to... Draw the line here! Mai-san, this is... deeply inappropriate!" she said a bit shakily, trying to prevent her from pulling down. But it was no use, as Mai seemed to over power her, the panties slowly moving down her pale thighs.

"You don't need to worry sensei," Mai said, quickly tugging the panties completely off, "I babysit on the weekends... I have things to deal with situations like this" And with that, she simply walked away, returning a few moments later with her school bag. She rummaged around in it before producing the one thing Sakurai-sensei feared the most: a clean, white diaper.

There was something odd about it though. For a girl who claimed to be babysitting, these diapers seemed way too big for a baby to wear. And that was exactly what Izumi decided to bring up. "Mai-san" she said softly, watching her open the garment, "That seems... quite big for an infant to wear... That seems more fit for... An adult."

Mai simply stared at her for a moment, silently, before helping her bottom into the air, setting the diaper under it. Izumi simply allowed her to do so, not really able to comprehend the situation enough to fight back. Her body was working on automatic response, as Mai tapped her legs to be lifted up, causing her to do it on her own. She felt a small pad being rubbed against her, before Mai's hand patting her bottom. She knew that she was being processed for a diaper changed, but she couldn't complain too much. She should, but to her, this felt more comfortable than having to walk around with soggy panties.

Before she knew it, the diaper was being folded up in between her legs and taped into place. At that very moment, she was not only a teacher. She was a teacher, sitting on her desk, in a diaper. Just the thought made her tear up a bit as she was helped back up into a sitting position by Mai. "Are you alright Sakurai-sensei?" she asked softly, looking into her soggy eyes.

"I... Um..." she said, sniffling a bit. Before she could say more, though, she felt arms being put around her. Mai had decided to hug her, to make her feel better. And shockingly, it had worked. Sakurai moved in a bit, moving her arms up and wrapping them around her as well. She even smiled a little bit, actually forgetting her current situation for a moment.

"Everything will be alright sensei" the younger girl told the diapered teacher, as she continued to hold her.

"Will... Will it?" she asked, looking up at her, sniffling a bit. Mai nodded, as she started to sit next to her on the table, arms still holding her. "How do you know that?" Sakurai-sensei asked her, taking her hands away for her moment to wipe her eyes.

"Izumi-san... When did this start?" Main asked the girl, simply staring at her. Sakurai looked back, obviously confused at the mysterious question. "What... What do you mean Mai-san?" she aksed, sniffling a bit more, cocking her head a little bit.

"When did you become so nervous and shy? It seems almost... Out of place for a woman of your age and stature" Mai stated, almost matter-of-factly, to the woman, starting to rub her back. Izumi looked back down, wondering a bit herself. "I... I really don't know" she said, looking back at Mai, "I have always felt like this, for as long as I remember..."

Mai simply nodded, before moving her arms down lower on her body. Sakurai watched her, before squeaking a bit as she lifted her up with ease, moving her over to her lap. She then wrapped her arms around her, rubbing her back again. Izumi, confused, began to question the movement, but she was quickly shushed with a finger to her lips. With that finger came a warmth, that started at her lips, before passing through her lips and down throughout her entire body. "Don't worry Sakurai-san... We shall fix this... By returning you to the point where you don't remember being like this."

"Returning to... But I don't remember a time where I wasn't like this!" she said, her voice cracking a bit at the end. Mai, of course, was silent, simply rubbing her back. She left Izumi to put together the connections and figure it out for herself, which she soon did. "So... You mean..." she asked, looking back to her to find that she now had to look back up to her. Mai nodded, as Sakurai looked back down at her hands. She found, to her apparent shock, that her hand was no longer visible, as it was now covered by her sweater. She looked at the rest of herself, finding that she is now about half of the size she was before, her clothes practically hanging off of her now. Despite this, though, she could still feel the diaper snuggly around her waist.

Mai rocked her a bit, as she continued to radiate the warmth that she coudl feel touching from hair to heel of her body. Now that she was aware of it, she could feel her body starting to physically shrink down in the other girls arms, Mai's hands starting to feel larger as she rubbed her back. Despite all of this, she did not raise a single complaint. Maybe it was the shock, maybe it was the comfort, but all she did after finding out all of this information was simply stick her thumb in her mouth, looking up at the larger woman.

There was only a few moments left at that point, as she was now only a few feet high. Her body was now soft and tubby, her clothes were completely ill fitting, her underwear simply falling off of her. And she simply suckled on her thumb, looking up at Mai with curious eyes. Her mind had lost the complexity of a teacher, and simply sat there, in now only a diaper, wiggling her toes a bit and waiting for whatever might happen next.

Across the room, Mio simply sat there in shock, having witnessed half way through what was going on. Mai had risen at this point, picking up the girl and throwing away the rest of the clothes. She looked over to Mio, who was white with shock and completely speechless. "Mio-san" she said, readjusting the baby as she looked over, "Can you bring me the rattle in my desk?"

Mio nodded almost automatically, opening her desk and taking out the rattle that was oddly in her desk. She grabbed it and walked to the front of the room, reaching forward to hand it to the baby girl, who smiled and reached out for it.

As she did so, the door opened again, as the third girl of the group appeared, smiling her clueless smile. It faltered, however, as she saw the situation at hand. "Um... Cute baby... Did I miss something interesting?"
Alright, here is another commission by :iconmicman4202: about the teacher from Nichijou, Sakurai-sensei, being regressed by one of her students.

Hey guys, I am still open for commissions! Give me a contact and we can work some thing out.

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