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There was a strange sensation. Almost like there was a draft passing over Michiru. She shivered a bit, but ignored it for the moment. What she couldn't ignore was the slight rustle she felt down below. She looked down at herself, feeliing her dress sway oddly. She stood still, watching it for a moment, before giving a small gasp as it slowly started to raise from the ground. To add to that shock, she saw her neckline start to lower as well. She lifted her hands to feel it, as her soft blue dress started to harden in feeling as well.

It was turning from a soft blue fabric to a hard blue, similar to denim. It had an odd feeling on her skin, but all of the sudden, she felt another odd sensation. Her bottom and in between her legs would feel a soft force again. She instinctively reached down and touched where her underwear is, only to find that her hands sunk into the soft material that was now there. This was accompanied by her dress connectiing between her legs, giving her a pair of soft blue denim shortalls, and what she was sure was a diaper underneath the, pushing the denim to the limit and sticking out quite a bit from the top

The only thing she had left was her bra, but that wouldn't last. The fabric would soften before expanding, all the straps, hooks, wires and cups all combining to make a soft jersey material. After a moment, it expanded to a T-shirt, the words "Haruka's Little Stinker" writing itself out on the front in purple ink. As if the situation wasn't any more confusing, she felt a small pain in her head as her hair was tugged back. She saw a bit of it fall down to the ground, as if cut off, before being tied into a pony tail. As she observed herself in the mirror in the nearby bathroom, she saw that, instead of a tall, beautiful girl, she looked like an overgrown baby tomboy, her diaper giving an ominous crinkle as if to punctuate all that had happened.


Ichigo grunted a bit as he walked into his room, closing the door behind him. He had been feeling odd all day, but as he got home, it only got worse. He slowly sat down on the end of his bed, clutching his stomach. As he bent over, he felt something starting to slightly weigh him down. His eyes opened slightly, as he looked down. Even thoughhis shirt hung a bit, he could feelhis chest start to weigh down, his nipples touching the shirt. With a small jolt, he realized that they were much more sensitive than before. He reached up and touched his chest, realizing that two lumps had grown outwards

He was too distracted by his now larger chest to see what was going on just below them. The stomach he was just clutching slimmed a bit, losing the six pack he had before. His waist definitely slimmed a bit as well, causing his hips to become more pronounced. And even from his sitting position, one could tell that his bottom expanded a bit as well, causing two mounds that were near in size to his new found chest, possibly even bigger. His attention was grabbed, again, as he felt a sudden lurch where his private area is. He gasped a bit, reaching down to grab at it, only to find that 'it' was gone, replaced by, from what he felt through his jeans, a flat area. with a bit more pushing, he realized, with a blush, that the area was quite inverted

He, or rather, she, rose to her feet to get a better look at herself. The moment she did this, tohugh, she realized that there was a definite displacement in her weight. Her legs were now thinner, along with her arms. A lot of mass seemed to have traveled to her rear and chest, the most noticable parts of her new body. To make matters worse, she could feel her hair sneaking down her back and some even into her face, which she had just realized now was slimmer and more pronounced. At this point, she was a woman in man's clothing. But even that wasn't to be, as the pants quickly retreated up her legs, giving her a pair of short shorts, while her shirt instantly shrunk down to fit her new body snuggly

As she looked around herself, in confusion and shock, she thought deep down "could anything make this worse?" And with a lurch, she realized that something could. She felt herself stumble a bit before falling back onto her bed. As she face turned red, she could feel her crotch heat up with a wave of pleasure. And after a few short moments, she felt her entire body give a jolt of ecstacy, experiencing a female orgasm for the first time. Though enjoyable, she wondered the reason for it. This was answered very soon, as she looked down, she found that her once slim stomach now showed a little bump. With a raised eyebrow, she reached down and felt it. As she did, it started to slowly expand at her touch

She gasped a bit, watching the small bump become bigger and bigger before her eyes. While at first she rationalized that it might be some kind of gastral expansion or maybe even fat, At a certain point, she felt a small thump on her belly that confirmed her worse fears. She slowly sat up, now finding it harder to do so, to fully observe herself. Her belly was now large, sticking completely out from her now ill fitting t-shirt. As she looked down to see it, she saw an even larger pair of breasts resting on top of it. Before she could even fathom what was going on, the door burst open, Yuzu walking in. "Ohayo Ichiko-neechan! How are you feeling today?" she asked as she waltzed over, leaning down and touching her belly. "Oh my, I think you are about to give birth soon~! Aren't you excited?" she ask, though that was the last thing she could remember, as the now 9 months pregnant Ichiko soon passed out


The explosion that happened at their local mall threw the girls in disarray. They were confused and hurt, laying in the rubble, but knew they had no time to waste. They each grabbed the nearest transformation broach, assuming it was their own, holding it aloft to begin their transformation. But despite their calls, some of them found that something was wrong. Usagi, in particular, found something odd as her clothes disappeared. Instead of her normal white aura, she found a pink one surrounding her as her body was engulfed in light

She closed her eyes, though, letting the transformation take place. She knew it was a mistake a moment later, as her body tingled all over. Her chest, not very impressive in the first place, started to diminish, being quickly followed by her receeding arms and legs. She would open her eyes, looking down. Her body was flat at the site, her legs a bit stockier than she was used to. She held her hands up a bit to see them, but from the corner of her eyes, she saw her hair start to pull back as well, though instead of simply pulling back, it started to poof out, starting to cur quite a bit next to her hair

After a moment, her hair was now two large balls on either side of her head, shining a bright pink. Before she could even call out in shock, the actual sailor transformation started. Her body was wrapped in ribbons, showing their regular white color. But as the colored parts of her outfit started to appear, she saw the difference immediately. They showed pink, just like her new hair, wrapping around her legs, bottom and neck, beofre finalizing on the crystal on her chest. She was then lowered to the ground, observing herself, now in Chibi Usa's smaller body

She was not the only one having issues with her transformation, though. As Rei held up her transformation wand, she felt an immense power wrap around her, much more than she was used to. Her clothes were stripped from, as a blinding white aura surrounded her. As she closed her eyes, she felt her hair being parted down the middle, before being tugged at the top. She reached up to feel what was going on, only to feel what felt like two tubes of hair hanging down. She looked over, only to be met by sunflower yellow hair, moving from the pressure of the transformation

While she started to question this response in her head, she was immediately distracted by the actual transformation starting. Her body was wrapped in the white ribbon of the main sailor uniform, squeezing her a bit, causing her body to shrink down to match, but not by much. She gasped a bit as the other ribbons wrapped around her legs and neck, as an immense  power started to fill her, much more than what she was used to as Sailor Mars. She was being filled with the power of Sailor Moon, as she closed her eyes, leting the tiara form and the broach settle into her chest, the ribbon tying itself under it. As she landed, she could do nothing but look down in awe and confusion at her current predicament. But as she looked over and saw the same look on Chibi Usa's face and several others, she knew that something drastically wrong had happened


Misty shivered a bit, looking around her room in the gym. To her knowledge, she was alone at the moment. She ignored it, looking back at the objects she was cleaning. Despite this, she shivered again, causing her to reach up and rub her arms a bit. She was shocked to find that her body was now even smoother than it was before. She looked down to see that she was now much paler than she was before. At first she wondered if she had been inside too much, but this changed when she felt the seashell she was holding slide out of her palm. She went down to pick it up, but felt her fingers meld together, giving her three fingers on each hand

She gasped a bit, looking down at her hand. Unbeknownst to her, she was having the same thing happen to her feet, as they rounded out and became two large toes. She felt her hair, which was let down at this point, slowly start to lift in the hair, receding to the sides before hardening a bit, creating an almost crown like shape, not so much unfamiliar from the original head of her Togetic, who was sleeping in the corner of the room. She went to call for help, but all that came out was "Priiiii~!". She quickly covered her mouth quickly, blushing quite a bit

As she did so, she felt her swimsuit start to slip. It was almost as if it were like water, as it lost shape and flowed down her body. But it didn't fall off, instead collecting at her waist and around her bottom. And like freezing water, it started to harded, getting an almost stone like outside. But it didn't feel like that to her, as the inside was soft, almost pillowlike on her bottom, even giving a crinkle. She went to stand out, but found that, as she was sitting there and watching her body change, she had lost at least a foot or two of height, causing her to stumble a bit. She fell to her butt, as her shell like diaper gained some odd shapes on it. As she sniffled, she saw a figure walk through the door. The now taller girl with long brown hair, reached down and picked her up. "Hm... Not as final as I would want it, but I think it'll do~" May said, as she tapped her with a pokeball. Misty, in her half Togepi form, couldn't do much more than give out a pitiful little "Toge!" before disappearing into the ball, shaking it a bit before the light on the button slowly faded


It started as a regular study group, that Ami was now nuzzled up next to Makoto, reading a book as the amazon girl watched television. But it was almost like there was a climate shift, as both of them felt a chill go through their spines, though they ignored it. They also ignored as their bodies began to subtley morph before them. Makoto

began to gradually lose height, her head getting closer to the back of the couch. Ami started to adjust her position a bit, feeling uncomfortable as she started to sprout upwards in height. They both looked at each other as they met at the same height, before shifting in the opposite direction of their original heights. Ami looked down at herself, instantly realizing that something had changed. She knew this because, instead of seeing her stomach and legs, she instead saw her shirt starting to push out, her breasts growing at an exponential rate. Beside her, Makoto found her chest was diminishing at the same pace as her height, thinning out with the rest of her body, starting to become a bit plainer

Ami's body, on the other hand, seemed to perk out on all ends, gaining mass in many areas, but mainly from the waist down, as her hips, ass and legs gained amazing girth, showing both a new strength and sexiness. She could even feel her abdomen tighten, a fit belly peeking out from her ill fitting shirt, covered in a skin that was becoming tougher and even gaining a slight tan. Makoto observed her arms, as her hands softened with her skin, becoming paler and paler. She could feel a lot of her power seeping away from her, as her skin became soft, as if massaged with a soft lotion daily. While the girth diminished from her lower half, giving her a much thinner look, she felt that her bottom didn't shink much, instead being replaced with a layer of soft fat. Even her six pack abs disappeared, being replaced with a pale white belly

Ami reached up, slipping her glasses off as her eyesight changed, becoming perfect. As she did so, her hair seemed to wildly shoot out, even becoming a bit darker. She shook her head a bit, her wild locks framing her face in a definitely sexy style. Meanwhile, Makoto's ponytail seemed to slack a bit, as the hair behind her seemed to intertwine itself. After a moment, she was left with a low hanging braid, a few strands of hair hanging in front of her pale face.

Their clothes were the last to change, as Ami felt her shirt loosen a little bit, her sleeves disappearing to becoming a loose fitting tanktop, showing the black bra underneath. Her pants, which were tight at this point, seemed to zip up her legs, wrapping around her ass as the words "Sexy" appeared to scrawl across her bottom. To the side of her, Makoto felt the legs of her shorts become loose, in between her legs seeming to disappear, giving her a skirt. It lengthed until it hit her knees, giving her a modest short dress. Her tanktop seemed to tighten to her form a bit before sprouting sleeves that went to about her elbow. They both shook their heads a bit before looking at each other. Ami smiled a bit, handing over the book and glasses. "You must have dropped these Mako-chan" she said, giggling a bit. Makoto's pale face blushed a bit as she took tham. "Thank you Ami-san" she said softly, before nuzzling into her, putting on the glasses and opening the book back up, Ami putting her arm around her as they relaxed for the night


Naruto laid in bed, hands behind his head andstaring up at the cieling, relaxing after a long day of training. He let out a deep sigh, stretching a bit. He didn't seem to notice that as he did so, his arms seemed to lose mass, becoming thinner, with their same strength but cut in half. He rested the skinnier arms behind his head yet again, crosing his legs, which had also lost some of their thickness, but gained a bit of length, making his jeans looking more like capris. As he let out another sigh, his chest started to perk up, mushing out on his shirt a little bit. Bit by bit, his shirt became tighter on the chest while loosening around the belly. This had the side effect of pulling the shirt up, showing his seal on a niw tighter abdomen

His hair started to spill out of the top of his skull, trailing over the top of his now daintier hands. This was finally what gave him notice of his change, as he sat up, looking around. Naruto, or rather, Naruko, got up from the bed, somewhat stumbling a bit in her new body. She walked over to the mirror, observing herself. She wasn't terribly distraught, though, figuring that it was simply a malfunction in her jutsu while she was resting. But it was different, though, as the changes kept coming. She felt her shirt still getting tighter as her chest continued to expand, causing her to blush a little bit. This was compounded by the fact that her hips started to widen as well, shivering down her legs, giving them some extra fat and strength

She smiled a bit, turning around as she watched herself start to expand a bit more, liking her new curves. That is, of course, until another shiver came to her. As she examined her larger breasts, hips and ass, she felt her smile start to falter. Even though she knew she should be loving this, all she could feel was embarassed by how she looked now. She longed to cover it up. Almost at the moment she thought that, she felt her shirt expand, dropping a bit and lengthening the sleeves, becoming the jacket Naruto was used to wearing, only a bit looser. Underneath, she could feel a black haltertop appearing. Her jeans, on the other hand, seemed to loosen as well, so now they weren't as form fitting, but still showed off the curves nicely

She sighed a bit in relief as she observed her new clothing, but still didn't feel too comfortable. As she looked at herself again, all she could think about was Hinata. And as she did so, she felt her face get a bit red, as some sort of deep feeling of embarassment and admiration seemed to come up. As she did so, however, she felt another sensation. A wet one, running down her legs. She stopped for a moment before squeaking a bit, realizing what it was. She tohught a moment on why it was happen, but it didn't take that long for the last change to engage. The warm urin seemed to stop, before slowly fading from her pant legs. In it's place, she found that the outline of her bottom became more obscure, as something expanded around it. With a crinkle, the outline of something vaguely underwear shaped pushed against her capris, the stain from her pants disappearing, but the warmth stayin in her crotch. She meekly turned around, only to find a pale eyed, raven haired girl staring at her. "Did you wet Naruko-chan?" Hinata asked, looking at the girl. Naruko could do nothing but nod, her face red as she looked away. Hinata smiled, standing and taking her hand. "Don't worry dear, I will clean that right up" she said, kissing her lightly on the cheek before leading her meek, diaper dependent girlfriend to the bed for a clean diaper


The room was, comparatively, pretty empty at the time. It was before the official club meeting, so the only people there were the overbearing Haruhi and the ever omniscient Yuki. Haruhi was busy making plans for this section of the school year, as the summer had just ended. Yuki, on the outside, was simply reading a book. Inside though, for the first time ever, she felt frustration. After spending literally hundreds of years in the same loop of time, one could say she finally snapped, and had been creating code throughout the night to take care of this situation. As Haruhi stood up to go over to the costume closet, Yuki looked up, staring wide eyes at Haruhi's back

Haruhi smiled, looking through the closet. As she did so, though, she found that there was something wrong. She stared at each costume and, where she would usually find inspiration and ideas in their fabric and colors, instead, she just saw simply what they were: fabric. As she stared at them, she almost felt like she was looking into every bit of fabric and every fiber, a list oof their materials and uses listing through her brain. She closed her eyes and shook her head, quickly standing back up and turning around.

But it didn't go away. As she looked around the room, her vision started to automatically examine each piece of furniture, each book, and each piece of clothing, maticulously organizing their uses and putting them into categories in her head. She held her temple a bit, shutting her eyes and grunting before turning back over to Yuki. As she saw her, a connection seemed to open up between them, and a flood of knowledge seemed to spill in. Aliens, time travellers, espers, gods... All of this information filled her mind, making no sense yet making complete sense

This wasn't the only thing Yuki was doing though. As she filled the frozen Haruhi with this barrage of knowledge, her gaze shifted down to her body. She stared at the girl's ample bosom and somewhat large bottom, as they started to seep out of her body, consistently shrinking. While they were disappearing, Yuki's own chest started to balloon, her height gaining and her figure overall becoming much better as Haruhi's started to disappear. After few moments, Haruhi stood there, much smaller, completely flat on both ends, while Yuki now had a quite large chest, too large for her uniform, while her now ample bottom stuck out from her small skirt

At that moment, Haruhi snapped out of it, her mind filled with basically all the knowledge in the universe. For a moment, she simply stared at the other girl. At that second, she knew everything that was going on. And she knew that there was nothing she could do. Slowly, she felt her exciting energy start to seep away, only wanting to sit down. Yuki slowly rose, closing the book and smiling. She walked over, standing over the smaller Haruhi. She handed over the book, patting her head. "You know everything that has happened... But you won't say anything will you?" Yuki asked, now having a very cocky accent. Haruhi slowly shook her head, staring back at her with blank eyes. Yuki chuckled, pulling her jacket off and handing it to her before tugging off her armband, putting it on her arm. She took a triumphant seat at Haruhi's computer, while Haruhi meekly took a seat in Yuki's spot, opening the book and beginning to read from the beginning


Kagura sighed, pulling off her sweaty shirt and fanning herself a bit. She was the last one in from gym, having done several laps around the track, and was now dressing out to do some laps in the pool. Behind her, her coach walked in, smiling to her. "Nice job out there Kagura-san" Nyamo noted, unzipping her top to reveal the T-shirt underneath. "Thanks" Kagura said, blushing a bit and smiling at the compliment. As they both started to dress down, though, they felt a sort of tingling inside of their bodies, almost simultaneously

Kagura would feel herself start to slowly grow upwards, the floor retreating from her. As she looked down towards her feet, she woulf see that her was was now blocked by her already larger breasts gaining more mass. She could feel her legs strengthen below her, becoming a bit more defined beneath the gym shorts she was currently wearing. She looked around at herself, seeing her now much more mature body, slightly aged now but stil tan and in shape. Her now ill fitting shorts would even highlight her now more ample bottom

On the other side of the room, the teacher would feel the almost opposite feeling. She could feel a sudden loss of height, as her head was now significantly lower than the locker that she was just standing at. One could even say that she now seemed shorter than Kagura once was. It didn't help that she could feel her shirt start to slacken, her bra underneath drooping slightly. As she reached up to feel what was going on, she would fail to realize that she was now losing definition in her legs and ass, a bit of fluff replacing what was once there. She even lost some of her tanning, her skin looking a bit broughter than it was. She now looked almost picture perfect as a high school student in a pair of clothes that didn't fit that well

They both slowly turned around, looking at each other. As they stared into the other's eyes, different thoughts began to fill their heads. Kagura smirked a bit while Nyamo blushed, turning back around to take her ill fitting shirt off. "Nice work out there Nyamo-chan, good hustle" the now more womanly Kagura said to her, walking over. Nyamo blushed deeply, simply nodding and muttering a small "thanks sensei..." to herself. Kagura stood behind her, rubbing her back. "Ready to do swimming practice? I could help you into that nice uniform..." she said, slowly getting a bit closer to her. Nyamo blushed a bit, looking around a  bit before nodding, letting her unhooked bra fall to the floor. Kagura reached down, roughly cupping her bottom, causing the now younger girl to squeak. "Oh, I think we have a lot of lessons to go over today... We might even have to do remedial lessons in my office~" Kagura said down to her, showing a toothy grin
Here is a collection of 8 short TF scenes I wrote out with my friend :iconosakatan: during a game we are playing.

All of these are between 300-700 words. They are just the bare transformations, with very little story behind them.

The transformations are as follows:

-(Sailor Moon) Michiru's outfit being turned into a baby's outfit
-(Bleach) Ichigo being turned into a girl and being made 9 months pregnant
-(Sailor Moon) Usagi being turned into Sailor Mini Moon and Rei being turned into Sailor Moon
-(Pokemon) Misty being turned partway into a Togepi by a trainer
-(Sailor Moon) Ami and Makoto switching their dominant/submissive roles
-(Naruto) Naruto being turned into Naruko, except plumper and diapered
-(Suzumiya Haruhi) Haruhi and Yuki switching roles and body types
-(Azumanga Daioh) Kagura and Nyamo switch roles and body types

If you wanna see the other side of this game, go bother :iconosakatan:

Want one of your own? They would only cost a few bucks. Commission a shorty now!

I will post Volume 2 after we do a few more games like this
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