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Shorties Collection Vol. 2

1. The Tax Collector

An Adventure Time Diaper Story

"Woah, what the buzz?! What are you doin here!" said Marceline, jumping a bit in mid air as her door was kicked open. She had been in the middle of picking her outfit for the day and was only in a shirt and underpants when a similarly sized woman entered her house. "Evening Marceline~" said the pink princess of Ooo, as she cocked a smile and walked in, looking around. Marceline blushed deeply, covering up her panties with her shirt. "I'm still waiting for a reason for you being here!" she yelled at her, her face filling with color as she floated away a little bit, defensive.

"Well, I was looking at my records, and noticed that you hadn't paid your taxes in a while... You know what happens to people who don't pay taxes..." said Bubblegum, rather cooly, as she walked over. Marceline blushed more, backing up more until she was touching the wall, still trying to cover herself. "Of course I don't! I just got back last year! Plus you can't tax me! There must be like... A grandfather clause or something!" she said angrily, as Bubblegum pulled out an old looking book, opening it. "Well, since you can't keep up payments, you are legally not considered old enough to live on your own..." Bonnibel said, before speaking a few words that Marceline didn't understand

Marceline looked at her oddly, figuring she was maybe speaking an incantation, but not recognizing this particular tongue or it's effect. She soon understood, however, as she felt her flying powers starting to falter, slowly falling from the air. She squeaked in surprise as she struggled to stay afloat, but to no avail. With a thud and a crinkle, she landed soundly on her bottom, giving a small 'ooof!' sound as she did. Wait, crinkle? She raised an eyebrow as she reached down, grabbing her own bottom, only to be met with a handful of plastic. "What the hell! Why the heww am i weawin a diapoo!" she yelled, before noticing her voice change in the middle of the statement. She went to cover her mouth, but her aim must have been off, because her thumb seemed to enter her mouth instead.

Bubblegum giggled, walking over. "Well, since I can't trust you to keep up with your taxes, I just have to make you a... Temporary House Guest at the castle, so we can help retrain you to become a better grownup~!" she said, giggling more as Marceline tried to argue around her the tightly sealed thumb in her mouth. Bubblegum reached down, picking her up under the arms. Marceline's legs seemed to hang uselessly, and she wasn't able to argue much, what with the appendage in the way. "Oh Marcy, you are soooooo cute~!" Princess Bubblegum gushed, hugging her close, only causing Marceline's face to become redder. Despite herself, though, she found her other arm slowly lifting, seeming to wrap around Bubblegum's neck.

"Hmm... The sun is still up, so we can't move you yet... And I don't have my spellbook to make you smaller..." Bonnibel said, thinking a bit before smiling, looking down at her. She walked a bit, bouncing her with each step, causing a small squeak to come from Marceline. Despite being a situation that she wasn't thrilled with, she didn't seem to be making much of an effort to fight back... Soon, Bubblegum sat down on the couch, moving her into a cradling position. "I think I know what to do... Does little Marcy want a snack?" she asked softly, looking around a bit before giving Marcy a saucy look. Marceline was confused, but her face flushed as she noticed that she was moving down the strap of her top. "I think a little drink is okay... But don't bite too hard, alright~?"

2. Mandatory Update

A Suzumiya Haruhi Regression Story

"It's time for an update, Yuki-san" Ryoko said, slowly closing the front door of the apartment behind her. Yuki Nagato looked up from her book, blankly staring at her from behind her spectacles. "My records state that I am up to date on all of my firmware" she said in a monotone voice, looking back down at her book. Ryoko giggled, walking over and sitting next to her. "This one is an emergency one... It's not on the update schedule..." she said, taking out a small USB drive. Yuki stared at her again, before closing her book, putting it away and taking out her laptop. "If it is desired by the Data Overmind, than I shall comply..." she said, opening it and setting it down

Ryoko smiled slyly, as she plugged in the drive to the computer. A command window popped up, lines of code flashing up quickly. Yuki seemed to stare at it, but Ryoko knew that she was reading at a speed beyond human comprehension, downloading the information inside of her. As Yuki read, she started to feel a tiny feeling inside of her. While she usually simply took in and processed information, for some reason she was starting to... Feel? She suddenly started to gain some sense of feeling to things she saw, felt, thought, which from her reading, she understood was emotion... And her Emotions started to act up when she felt Ryoko lifting the back of her skirt...

Yuki tried not to react, continuing to download the code into her mind. It was unfamiliar to her, but definitely had the marks of the Data Overmind. Her cheeks slowly began to heat up, as Ryoko's hand started to rub her bottom, and eventually had to break her focus to look over. Ryoko was smiling widely, staring back at her. "I think you have downloaded enough information..." Ryoko said, before popping a small rubber thing in her mouth. Yuki looked surprised for a moment, looking down at it for a moment, before slowly starting to suck on it, looking back at Ryoko, who was laughing lightly now

Ryoko reached around her, slipping her hands around her butt before standing up, lifting Yuki up as she did. Yuki instinctively wrapped her legs around her, hugging her around the neck as well. "There there, I'm right here..." Ryoko said as she bounced her a little bit, "You've been given a reassignment by the Data Collective... Program 217 should kick in very-Ah!  There it is!" she said cheerily,  readjusting her grip to where she was holding her around her thighs

Yuki looked back behind herself, still suckling on the pacifier, to see what she was talking about. She was met with the sight of her own wet bottom, her bladder emptying into her panties and onto the floor. Social status told her that this was not alright, but something in the program she had read told her this was fine. She turned back to Ryoko, giving her a curious look, which Ryoko answered with "Yes, this is standard with your new assignment... Let's get you changed~!" she said, laying her down on top of the table she was sitting at, next to her computer. "Oh darn, I forgot your new clothes... Be right baaack~" she said, turning the laptop for Yuki to look at before leaving the apartment

Yuki looked down, staring at the code. New lines appeared second by second, enrapturing Yuki with the programming that she was mentally ingesting. The only sound was her soft suckling, and her mind was in a different world, completely numb to what she read might be doing. Her legs became smaller, her arms shorter, her clothes looser, but it didn't matter. This was her assignment, and she had to follow. She even obeyed as she read the code "DeleteLanguage.YNag" and "FormatMemory.YNag". When Ryoko returned, she smiled, seeing a small baby girl laying on the table, laying down next to a screen that was flashing "Update Complete. Yuki Nagato, Age 1, Classified Daughter of Asakura Ryoko."

Ryoko walked over, cooing a bit as she picked up the girl from out of her clothes. The tiny little Yuki seemed to gurgle a little bit, kicking her legs and reaching out for Ryoko, smiling a bit behind the pacifier. "Oh my, how loveable you are now! Much better than your old, boring self... Maybe I'll Keep you like this forever~" she said, wrapping her up in her old school uniform before heading out, back to her new, refurnished apartment with her new baby daughter, Yuki Asakura.

3. Bye Bye Blasted Boobs!

A Yuru Yuri Regression Story, Written by Osakatan

Sakurako grumbled as she stomped over to her 'friend' Himawari's home, mal intent on her mind. Knocking on the door quite incessantly, she would cross her arms in a huff. The girl had had enough of her so called friend's pesky boobs once and for all and she was going t show her what for! Of course when the door finally opened, there they were to greet her first hand, nearly smackign her in the face as her friend opened the door quite angrily, "I heard you all ready Sakurako!"

Sakurako would huff before grinning as she lookd up at the taller girl. "Good! It's about time you really started listening to me for a change!" "I honestly don't understand what you're talking about..' Himawari would sigh softly and shake her head, "Is there something you wanted?" Sakurako would huff slightly, stamping a foo, 'of course there is! I wanted to come see you so I could let you say good bye to those breasts of yours once and for all!"

Himawari prepared to shut the door in her face when suddenly she would find herself frozen into place.  Sakurako grinned rather obnoxiously, holding up a strange charm in her hand, glwing a bright pink as she neared the other girl, "Time for you to stp otalking back!" She grinned and suddenly crammed thr charm into her mouth..looking much like a pacifier really. Himawari would try to spit it out..only finding herself beginning t suckle on it softly and embarrassingly.

As she suckled on it, himawari would find herself dropping slowly down and down in height before Sakurako. The girl grinned rather haughtily as she poked her between the forehead, "You always treat me like a little kid, so let's see hwo you like it!" Sakurako's eyes would gaze down slowly before her grin grew even wider, laughing and pointing, "Look! They're deflating like balloons!" Himawari would look down in shock, seeing her teenage figure slowly reducing bit by bit, her chest indeed slimming down dooown and down and losing its pubescent curves.

Sakurako laughed more and more as she watched her former friend shrinkin down and down, her clothing beginning to pool around her in a large pile of school uniform; leaving a slowly regressing girl with a soft, baby fat covered body, looking far from the teen she was mere moments before. Her panties seemed towrap arund her though as she suckled on the pacifier a bit more, making a soft crinkling noise..bit by bit they would puff up and crinkle more, pushing her legs out as the teen panties would slowly become a soft, puffy diaper, leaving a very distraught blue haired baby..and her cackling blnde friend.

Sakurako would slowly walk over to the baby and grin, picking her up softly and removing the charm from her mouth 'There, now we don't have to worry about those pesky boobs for a long long time!" himawari whimpered as she felt herself lifted up so easilyish, squirming and trying to get free of her former friend. She would find her bottom given a quick spank quite suddnely though as Sakurako grinned and began heading back toward her house, 'come on himawari-chan! Mama Sakurako has your nursery all set up back home..."

4. The Bet

A Sailor Moon Diaper Story

Haruka grimaced a bit, looking over at the catish smile being worn by Michiru. She had made a bet earlier that she could get the recently babified Hotaru to say her first word within the first hour, and as the second hand clicked past the 12, she knew she had lost. She grimaced even worse when she saw Michiru reaching into her bag, pulling out a white rectangle object. An adult diaper, given to her by Ami from her mother's work. "Uh... Do I have to?" Haruka asked, slowly standing up, as Michiru giggled. "Of course! A deal is a deal, riiiight?" she said, before taking her hand and tugging her into their shared bedroom, giggling the entire way

Haruka huffed a bit as she was led in, before giving a surprised gasp as she was pushed onto the bed. She instinctively tried to fight back as she tugged at her jeans, but Michiru poked her belly, causing Haruka to stop. Unfortunately, it was a ticklish spot, and Haruka let out a small giggle, giving Michiru enough time to take her pants. And as a bonus for her, her boxers came with them, leaving Haruka in only a shirt. She instinctively tried to cover herself up, but Michiru brushed her away, humming to herself as she set the diaper under her. "I'm glad to see you are enjoying this..." said Haruka, her face turning red as Michiru pulled out some changing equipment

Michiru seemed to not hear her, as she started applying baby powder and a dolop of rash cream on her. She slowly spread them both in, making sure they were evenly distributed among her crotch, bottom and thighs, before pulling the diaper up in between her legs. She made sure it was nicely in place before pulling the tapes closed. She observed it a bit, before giving a satisfied nod. "There! All done~!" she said, gushing a bit as Haruka sat up, her face now a solid red at the situation

Haruka moved around a little bit, feeling embarrassed as she was met with a crinkling sound. "Alright, alright, you got to see me in one... Can I take it off now?" she said, as she went to pull off the tapes. She felt her hand slapped away, however, as Michiru held up a finger. "Not so fast! Remember our deal? You have to wear one... And use one! So that's staying on until its nice and soggy... Now get dressed! We have to do a bit of shopping~" she said, turning away before Haruka could make a comment and leaving the room

Haruka simply sat in stunned silence for several moments, alone in their room in a diaper. She debated simply taking the diaper off and ending the bet now, but she knew she couldn't take how sad that would make Michiru... After a sigh, she reached down, picking up her jeans to pull them on. They only got up to her thighs, however, before stopping, not able to get around her new underpants. After a few frustrated grunts, she threw the jeans aside, before looking at the drawer for something else to wear. Unfortunately, laundry day for tomorrow, so all she had was a pair of short shorts. She picked them up, looking at them with disdain, before slowly reaching down.

She pulled them up around her massive bottom. They barely covered it, as there were bits of it sticking out of the waist and a little out of the leg hole. Every step she took was like agony to her, the diaper sounding so loud in her ears. She walked out into the living room, and when Michiru saw her, she instantly lit up, smiling brightly. "Oh my goodness~! You look soooo great like that!" she said, quickly grasping on her arm, grabbing her purse and forcing them out of the apartment.

They walked down the road, Michiru seeming to cuddle into Haruka's arm, while Haruka tried to walk as carefully as possibly, trying not to bring attention to her massive butt. She was so concerned with it that she didn't even realize where she was being taken until she was brought in, being met with a myriad of cribs and tiny onesies. "...Did you take me to a baby supply store?" Haruka asked, groaning a bit. "Of course! We need to get a few things for Hotaru's growing body... And maybe look for a few things for our new baby..." she said, patting her bottom, causing Haruka to jump

Haruka went to argue back, but was interrupted my a store attendant walking up to them. "Hello! Can I help you with anything today?" she asked sweetly, looking at them. Michiru suddenly looked sly, peeking up at Haruka before stating, "Oh yes, you can! We have a new baby girl we are taking care of for a little while... She is only a couple years old, but she seems to be into boy things... Could you show me some nice little outfits that she could wear that is cute, but boyish?" she asked, as Haruka blushed deeply, looking away

For the next half hour, Michiru dragged her around the shop, as they were shown different thing for their "baby" named "~Haru-chan~". Various onesies, diapers, toys, cribs, strollers, everything to "perfectly fit what their little girl likes". By the end, they walked out with a bag of things for Hotaru, though Michiru just HAD to grab this cute little pacifier that would be PERFECT for Haruka. "Can we go now? I have to..." she said, before stopping, not wanting to say the next thing

"Got to... What?" Michiru asked, curiously, before smiling. "Oh, Haruka-san... Does someone have to peepee?" she said in a giggly tone as she looked at Haruka's waist. Haruka didn't respond, instead she sped up, walking quicker than her home as Michiru trailed behind. As they approached the door, Haruka stopped, looking for her key to enter. Michiru saw her opportunity and ran up, giving her bottom a hard pat suddenly. Haruka jumped violently, so surprised that when she whipped around to yell at Michiru, she realized that she no longer had to pee anymore.

There was a tense pause, Haruka blushing, Michiru staring at her with quiet anticipation. Slowly, Haruka turned around, opening the door and quietly walking in. Michiru practically skipped in behind her. Haruka saw Setsuna sitting on the floor, playing with Hotaru. She went to greet her, but was cut off by Michiru grabbing her shorts. "Let's take a look~" she said, before tugging them down, revealing to all of them her diaper, wihch was quite wet and tinted yellow. Haruka simply stood there, her face beet red, as Michiru prodded her, giggly as ever. Haruka was only able to get away by reaching a fist up, bonking Michiru on the head. But everyone was silenced by the little girl on the ground, who pointed up at Haruka and yelled "Daddy! Daddy Diapoo! Peepee!" before giggling herself, to join in with Michiru and Setsuna's laughter, Haruka simply sighing and tugging at her diaper. It was starting to get uncomfortable...
Another collection of Shorties, made for and by a few different people. First two were commissioned by :iconmicman4202:, third was written by special guest :iconosakatan:, and fourth is my half of an art trade with :icongenericpetname:

1. An Adventure Time diaper story where Marceline is shown what happens when you don't pay your taxes
2. A Suzumiya Haruhi story where Ryoko gives a special upgrade to the emotionless Yuki Nagato
3. A Yuru Yuri story where Sakurako gets revenge on Himawari for having big boobs
4. A Sailor Moon story where Haruka has to pay up for a bet she made with her lover Michiru
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