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Ami, Sailor Mercury, Breast and Butt Expansion

Ami sighed a bit, rubbing her arms a bit as she set down the book. She looked around the quiet library she was currently sitting in. Though she was usually at peace here, she felt kind of uncomfortable this time. She tried to focus on her studies, but she found herself becoming more and more bothered for no apparent reason. A bead of sweat started to slowly roll down her forehead and onto her glasses. She quickly took them off before scooting the chair back, leaning back and sighing. That was when she noticed the first thing wrong. Her shirt, for some reason, felt tight, even though she knew she had put on a loose fitting one for comfort. She reached down to tug on it, but brushed up against what felt like a soft lump that wasn't there before. Curious, she looked down to investigate

There, staring her back in the face, were two orbs resting on top of her chest. While not massive, she was still thrown off by the large size that she wasn't used to seeing there. She reached up and slowly grasped them, squeezing. As she did so, she blushed, noting their unusual softness and tenderness, giving a soft tingling at the very touch. At that moment, she felt the odd sensation of confinement, as if these growing balls of beauty were trapped. She knew instantly what it was, and almost instinctively, she reached behind her, grasping the hooks of her bra through her shirt before letting them loose.

Instantly, what felt like a wave of freedom brushed over her, as her breasts fell free of their prison. She reached down to touch them again, and found that they seemed to have gotten larger than a few moments ago. As she pondered this feeling, she nonchalantly reached down to her pants, feeling what seemed like a wedgie in her bottom. She felt the same early collision, however, as if running into something that wasn't supposed to be there. She slowly peeked over her shoulder and blushed deeply, letting out a small squeak of surprise. Staring back up at her were two similarly large orbs of flesh, barely contained by denim. Her underwear was sticking out severely from the top of her pants, but with how big her butt had gotten, they almost looked like a white thong sticking out

She quickly jumped up in surprise and felt, for the first time in her life, the odd sensation of jiggling centered in her chest and ass. She quickly reached for both, trying to stop their momentum. She found a completely different problem, however, as her small frame seemed to barely be able to encase the enormous fat that both of her expanding body parts were giving her. She blushed, her shirt now at capacity to hold her chest balloons, while she could hear the tearing of her jeans, right at the crack of her ass. It didn't help that she suddenly felt the sudden ballooning around the rest off her body, but at a lesser degree. She was starting to become a bit bplumper, almost as if to help the rest of her dimensions more thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this didn't bode well for the rest of her clothes. In one earthshattering moment for the embarassed young girl, she could hear the simultaneous ripping of her t-shirt, along with her denim jeans. They both fel to the floor in a few pieces, leaving the girl to try to cover her now almost cartoonishly large proportions in the middle of a crowded library, her only form of support being the slowly tearing cotton panties that were still holding on. She looked around, both sets of cheeks red as tears started to form in her eyes, everyone now staring at her. With a sob, she quickly ran off, as the elastic in her underwear finally gave way, falling behind in her wake


Makoto, Sailor Jupiter, Corruption

Makoto raised her eyebrow, dusting away a small, shining stone that she had seen in the rubble. Her and the other senshi had just gotten done with a hard battle, and all the others had disappeared. She reached down to pick up the soft green gem, but as she grasped it, she felt a sharp shock come to her hand. She jumped back a bit, staring at where she had gotten zapped. There was a soft tingling that started in her fingers, but slowly started to travel down her hand and up her arm. After a moment, it felt like her whole body had gone numb, being replaced by this soft vibrating under her skin.

The first think she noticed was that the skin on her arms and leg seemed to be losing tint. Instead of going grey, though, they seemed to become a more sickly yellow. She quickly reached up, looking inside of her tanktop. It seemed that the color was traveling throughout her skin, soon looking like some kind of diseased creature. She noticed something else odd, though, right at the center of her collarbone. A small green spiral formation started to form there, growing outward. Before she could even touch the small circle, she felt the spiral shape suddenly shoot out, like roots taking hold, as the design split into multiple lanes and traveled around her body. On top of the strong yellow color, she seemed to be gaining green stripes, like some sort of freakish tiger

She gasped at the sudden movement of the stripes, but gagged as she felt her mouth start to distort. It felt like her teeth were buzzing now, as slowly, her canine started to sprout out, becoming what could only be described as fangs. She was distracted, however, as a similar sensation formed on her forehead. She reached up to try to massage her head, but felt two lumps protruding against her skin. As she felt the lumps, they slowly started to break through the skin, hardening a bit and becoming sharp. She could feel the two horns, a foot long, set themselves into place on her head as her ponytail seemed to snap and fall down, her hair flowing free.

In the examination of her head, she didn't even see that the clothes she was wearing were starting to slowly shred and fade into the wind. By she time she had noticed, the last strands of them slowly blew off, leaving her in her bra and panties. But even those weren't safe, as they almost seemed to fuse with her skin, giving her unmentionable areas a somewhat plain, featurless look. She was breathing fast now, feeling all over her body as if trying to find an answer. Why was this happening to her? Why did she look like some sort of demon? Why... why... As she tried to find answers, her thoughts started to become cloudy. She tried to focus, but all she could think about was... Queen Beryl. All that was in her mind was her master Queen Beryl, and how she must serve her until her final days. And most of all, one thought triumphed over all. Her now deep red eyes looked down at the gem on the ground, slowly kneeling down and picking it up before placing it on the spiral in her chest. "I must destroy the Sailor Senshi," she spoke, in a deeply distorted voice, "And bring dominance to the glorious Negaverse!" She let out an evil laugh before raising her hand, teleporting away in puff of dreary black smoke


Chibi Usa, Chibi Moon, Age Regression and Intelligence Reversal

the small, pink haired girl named Usagi, but nicknamed Chibi-Usa, walked down the halls of this small library. She had heard about it from Ami and that it had many books of mysterious origin. Letting the curiosity get the best of her, she had snuck out that night to go take a look. At random, she pulled out one of the books and set it on the ground, sitting in front of it as she opened it, shining here flashlight down at the pages. At random, she spoke out a few of the words that she could read out loud. "Hmm... Glentie Tiln.. Genes Orris..." she said, before gasping, moving back. At that very moment, her body seemed to tingle warmly at every tip, as she breathed shallowly, not really expecting it.

At that very moment, she looked around the library at all the books. What before were simply letters that she couldn't make out, she began to see new words popping up in her visions, and the meanings of all of the words. She heaved a heavy breath as she stood up, in awe, and started to walk towards them. She find it hard, however, as she stepped on one of the legs of her pajamas. Confused, she looked down at herself. Another jolt of shock hit her as she saw that her pajamas didn't seem to hold close to her anymore, instead seeming to hang of her a bit. She held her hands up, but only seemed to be able to see the finger tips behind the now draping sleeves. Quickly, she fell to her knees, looking at the text before her to try and grasp an explanation for what was happening.

Where before everything seemed only gibberish, now everything on the page made sense to her. She read through in her mind at the descriptions laid out before her. 'Intelligence of the gods...' she read from the first description, before moving down to the second, 'body of... the newborn babe...' Blushing deeply, she reached up, her sleeve now hanging over her now much shorter hands. she triedto navigate the pages, but with her now loose clothing, she seemed to be just rufling the pages at random. In a fit of desperation and rage, she threw off the pajamas to reveal her smaller body. She looked down at saw that her belly hand extended out a bit, having reformed with baby fat. Her arms were now shorter, showing the same fat on them as well. she quickly reached down to turn the pages

As the seconds passed, however, her desperation seemed to match her shortening limbs. Her pajama bottoms seemed to simply fall off from their now larger size, revealing what used to be bunny print underwear, but they now felt much thicker. Her body now matched that of a two year old, as she whined a bit, reading page after page by the seconds. As she reached the back cover, however, she saw that this book had no form of reversal for these spells. She went to sit back and sigh, but the roundness of the now thick diapers caused her to roll back, leaving her on her back. She attempted to role back up to a sitting position, but her regression had gone too far. Her legs bent up now, hanging on the air, as her arms started to spasm at random. She began to tear up in frustration, but her thumb instinctively found its way to her mouth, causing her to calm down.

She now simply lay their, not a day old, her arms and legs no longer under her control, and what felt like infinite knowledge swirling around in her head. All she could do now was simply stare up at the books that lined the shelves around her, her eyes spied a book at the top of one of the shelves, entitled "Magical Antidotes and Serums". Her arm uselessly reached up to grab at the book several shelves, as the tears started to reform in her eyes. She started to cry freely again as she lay their in this dark library, waiting for someone to find her


Rei, Sailor Mars, Transformed into Clothing

Rei sighed, lazily looking around Usagi's room. The meatball headed bimbo had disappeared from the room, stating that she was going to go get some snacks or something. As she looked around, she spied Usagi's Sailor Moon transformation wand. smiling a bit slyly, she lifted it up, observing it. "I could be a better Sailor Moon than she ever was" she said snarkly as she stood up, holding out the wand, "Sailor Moon Make up!" While she expected nothing to really happen, she jumped a bit as a jolt went through her hand, causing her to drop the wand. Shocked, she stared at her hand, which seemed to be tingling softly, the feeling starting to pass throughout her body until it felt like her skin was lightly vibrating

She looked down at herself, noticing that she seemed a bit paler than she used to. She went to go feel her arms, but found that it seemed harder to feel. She lifted her hand to her face, observing her hand. It was slowly getting whiter and whiter, the tecture starting to become smoother. She used her other hand to feel it, but the same seemed to be happening to that one as well. Oddly, though, around her elbows, her arms were changing a different color, tinting pink before becoming a more solid red. She gasped a bit as she felt the red part starting to baloon out, becoming a few red rings.

She felt her jeans ruffle a bit beforestarting to slip down her legs, revealing her long, pale legs. Below her knees, her shins were tinted the same pink that her arms were. And similarly, they started to turn the same solid red color. She started to gag a little as she felt her toes starting to wriggle a bit before collecting together, creating a single point in the middle of the foot, the same shining red color. Above her knees, though, her thighs were also starting lose color as well, but instead of becoming whiter, it seemed like they were just fading very slowly.

She finally looked down at her body, where she felt her stomach start to stir. Immediately, she started to feel sick, as at her waist, she felt her skin start to extend and hang over her thighs a bit. For a moment, it looked like fat folds hanging down from her. But they quickly thinned out, starting to flutter a bit before changing colors, becoming like a rainbow. Above, she could feel her hair start to blow a bit in the wind before, oddly, wrapping around her neck, tying in a bow in the front. The strands seemed to meld together before turning red, a cystal growing in the middle of the bow. The rest of her hair went around her shoulders, melding together before turning navy blue.

She had realized too late what was happening. At this point, her shirt was gone, reveling her now fabric like midsection and featureless breasts, which had become one long support across her chest. She felt herself fall back onto the bed as her forearms and shins fell away, now seperate entities from her body. With one last deep sigh, she felt her eyes force close before her head slowly melted into thecolor. Her now completely white chest slowly started to deflate as the Sailor Moon fuku lay still. The wand on the floor started to glow again, and a second later, Rei's former body disappeared in a flash, back where it belonged.


Minako, Sailor Venus, Mental Regression

Minako sighed, flipping lazily through the magazine at her desk. She was looking through the latest catalog she had recieved, but she had just run out of money, so all she could do was look. As she flipped through, she accidentally moved over to the kids section. She blushed a bit, going to turn back, before noticing a cute little dress. She new that she could never fit into it, but for some reason, she couldn't prevent herself from staring down at the little frilly dress.

Her eyes locked on it, she now began to imagine herself prancing around in this frilly orange sundress, possibly outside in a field of flowers. She giggled to herself, before moving the other way, looking at all of the cute items that they were offering. Where before she would simply skip over this section, she couldn't keep her eyes off all of the cute things that she saw here, like cute little denim shortalls and fuzzy pajamas. She smiled down at them, giggling a bit as a line of drool fell out of her mouth, falling onto the pages.

Soon, she simply ignored the words around the things, completely focusing on the pictures of pretty colored clothing. As she turned the page, she saw that she finally had gotten to the toy section. She bounced excitedly in her seat before picking up the catalog, setting it on the grounds. She flopped down in front of it, reaching under her desk and picking up a crayon that had rolled under there years ago. "Let's see... I want dis one... and dis one..." she said to herself, kicking her legs a bit as she started sloppily circling the toys that she wanted. As the moments went on, her circles got sloppier and sloppier until she was simply drawing squiggly lines all over the papers

She seemed to have found new enjoyment out of this, and simply started cribbling on the pages, her other hand occupied with her thumb being placed into her mouth. She was so distracted that she didn't even seem to notice the small puddle that was collecting around her crotch. When she felt that she was done, she quickly ripped out the page, rolling over onto her back and holding it up. She giggled a bit before hugging it closely. Her eyes started to droop, and soon, she was soundly asleep, thumb in her mouth and cold urin under her butt


Usagi, Sailor Moon, Age Progression

Usagi would sigh a little bit as she sat back in her bed, kicking her foot along the edge of it slightly. She was aways getting called childish and a crybaby by her friends. even her own mother always saids she needed to mature some, being in high shcol and all. She stuck her tongue out and grumbled a little bit to herself, she could be older if she wanted. Heck she could be the most maturest person she knew! She sighed and shut her eyes softly, laying back on the bed.

As she did so, Usagi felt a slight tingle in her body, her arms resting behind her head. The teenaged blonde would sigh slightly as the tingle wasn't too bad feeling really, like a warm tickle throughout her body. She would barely notice as her body seemed to be gaining a bit of height, legs lengthening  as her clothing seemed to be shrinking on her. Rather than shrink, it was Usagi who was getting too big for it, it would seem.

Relaxing in bed, she wouldbarely notice her slight teenage figure beginning to change ever so slightly. Her legs would seem to not only lengthen but gain a bit of mass to them, soft flesh adding onto her hips and thighs as they began to look larger, curvier. Her pink pajama pants were lokin smaller by the second as they only fell slightly to her knee, her knew thickened hips and hips forcing them up on her body. Beneath them, her rather hcildish bunny panties would find themselves sucked up into a growing backside, feeling quite tight around it before sliding into it slightly, much like a sexy thong might. One could clearly see the outside of her bigger bum inside thos too small pants if she were to stand up.

Next her white t-shirt would begin to lift up, quite noticably so, exposing her middriff which seemed mch curvier than it had mere moments before, trailing in beneath her chest and down to her hips. Her waist looked a little thick as well, as if she had either snacked quite often or perhaps something far more..expansive. Her chest would begin t rise and fall with each soft breath she took, sighing softly. It was beginning to fill up as well, a slight snap in he back as it burst free from its too small bra, thhe cup size seeming to pass B and move towards the D range...needless to say her clothing looked quite comical in contrast to her maturing body.

Usagi would softly open her eyes some, longer lashes beginning to flutter open. Her once wide, youthful eyes wuold now look a bit more..mature. Less bright and shiny but still with a bit of life within them. Her lips had plumpened as well, puckered slightly as she shook her head. Slowly raising up, her pigtails would look quite out of place on her maturing body. Something seemed to trigger there as her hair slid out of its distinctive pigtails, her odango hair style seeming to remain however, as the pigtails would flow long and free down her back, brushin against the bed as she got to her feet.

The newly changed bunny would shake her head in confusion, placing a well manicured hand to her face. With a very obvious sway to her new hips and buns, she would walk over to the full length mirror in the corner of her room and gasp. There was a lot to take in with the girl's curvy hips and buns, jutting out lovingly in the back, attached to a pair of long supple legs which led down to very feminine looking feet. Her chest was threatening to pop right out of her too small t-shirt, the sleeves barely noticablee now, as the large breasts moved up and down with each surprised breath, resting above a sexy, slightly chubby middriff. Her face had a similar look to her mother's, on closer inspection, causing her to move in closer, seeing the slight age lines beneath her eyes. Usagi looked to be in her mid 30s perhaps, quite out of place in teenaged garments. Maybe this was a look into the future after having Chibiusa...?


Hotaru, Sailor Saturn, Pregnification

Hotaru softly set the book she was reading down, looking out the window at the rainy day, to match the constant rain from the entire week. She sighed softly to herself, wishing that there was something that could possibly change the dreary monotony that she had been experiencing. As of on cue, she felt a slight warmth within her chest, which startled her slightly. Thinking she might have heartburn, she slowly rose. As she did so, however, she felt herself get slightly dizzy. She reached out to grab onto the chair she was sitting out, only to see that, for some reason, her long sleeve shirt had gotten somewhat shorter, part of her forearm now visible. She went to observe it, but was distracted by the heavier weight now holding down her chest. She looked down and, which a blush, found that two round orbs were now staring back up at her underneath her tightened shirt.

She turned around a bit, observing herself. It seems that, in an instant, her body had grown several years, giving her a larger chest, a rounder bottom, and overall greater dimensions than she was used to, with toned thighs and slight bicep muscle. While she was rather startled by the sudden appearance of everything, she did not complain about any of it. She actually smiled a bit, looking at herself in the mirror. She figured herself to be in her teen years, maybe around sixteen or seventeen. Hotaru stopped admiring herself, however, when she felt a sharp pain in the pit of her abdomen. She reached down, holding onto it, before a wave a nausea hit. She stepped wearily a few steps before falling back into the seat she was just sitting at

As she sat there, laying back a bit, she found it a bit relieving, the nausea starting to wear off a bit now. She let out a deep sigh, putting up her feet onto a nearby ottoman. For some reason, they had started hurting a bit, though for seemingly no reason. She went to look down at them, but found her way impeded, not by her new breasts, but a third circular shape where her belly should be. Curious, she reached out a finger and poked at the small bump on her abdominal area. She of course felt the poke herself, confirming that it was inside of her. She quickly lifted the shirt up, placing her hands on the extended belly, feeling it.

She could feel warmth emanating from it. Even though she knew she should be freaking out at that moment, for some reason, feeling this bump in her belly made her feel... relaxed. Almost at peace, if you will. She sighed again, looking down at the belly, which now looked a bit bigger than it was before. It was slowly expanding, and with each little wiggle of its growth, she could feel a wave of warm energy spread through her body. She didn't seem to realize, however, that with each wave, something else was happening. Slowly, the rest of her body began to reform along with her expansion. Her breasts, though small before, started to balloon outwards and expand, hanging a little bit now under her shirt. Her buttocks, which had been a little fleshy before, seemed to gain girth as well, as if to make a soft cushion for the bigger woman. And if that weren't all, her entire body seemed to gain a small layer of baby fat, to keep her warmer.

A few moments later, her hands were now craddling a very bloated belly, the rest of her body puffed out a bit and her breasts now quite a larger size, and moving around a bit as if filled with liquid. Despite all this though, Hotaru still seemed content, as if things were meant to be this way. For in her mind, she knew that only a month was left until her little baby girl was brought into this world. As she rubbed her very pregnant belly, she felt a little thump, as if to respond to the touch. She giggled, before slowly picking up the nearby book, which was titled 'Becoming a Mother: What to Expect'. "Don't worry sweetie... You'll be out of there soon" she said softly to her unborn child before starting to read again, listening to the droplets of rain falling outside.


Setsuna, Sailor Pluto, Animal TF

Sailor Pluto would stand ever vigilant at the door of Space and Time, the lone senshi never wavering in her long and solitary watch. Needless to say, it was definitely not the most glamorous job, being unable to leave unless she was truly needed. Still, there were some aspects of her position which she did enjoy. For example, the fact she was always here meant that she always had the chance of being visited by the princess of the Silver Millenium, Small Lady, also known as Chibiusa Tsukino. She just wished that she was able to spend more time with her young friend.

At that moment, the time senshi would feel a sudden wave of tingling go over her body, seeming to coarse through her very being. She grunted slighly, having to catch herself with her staff in order to maintain her stance. Her legs would move inwards slightly as she struggled to keep herself from falling over. Her whole body seemed to be getting warmer, placing a hand to her forehead as several beads of sweat trickled down it. Pluto wouldn't notice, but her body seemed to be shrinking ever so slightly, her fuku beginning to fall off her shoulders some, her gloves looking a bit baggier as well.

Unbeknownst to Pluto, her body was beginning to change in more ways than just shrinking. Her ears began to push out in the back, getting bigger and more pointed, moving towards the top of her head. A soft covering of greenish colored hair began to tickle up the strange ears, the same color as her long flowing hair. The hair would slowly begin to spread down her bdy as it shrunk more and more, the hair beginning to cover her from head to toe, even moving across her face. Small white whiskers began to poke out along her cheeks, twitching a bit as she shrunk down and down beginning to stumble out of her boots slightly, looking quite comical in her oversized fuku.

Pluto looked down in surprise, watching as her now bare feet began to grow, pushing outwards from where they one had been. Taking on a more paw-like appearence, the feet looked ridiculously oversized on her human body now, small pads growing on the underside of them. Similarly beneath her two big gloves, the human thumb and fingers would shrink inside of her hands, giving way to animalistic paws. She felt her hairy little body shrinking more and more, practically getting swallowed up by her fuku, her golden headband fallin from her head and wobbling onto the ground, her staff making a soft jangling sound as the rings around the garnet orb moved.

After a moment or so, a small green rabbit would hop out from the remains of the former time senshi's clothing. Her little pink nose twitched, long bunny ears falling in front of her face slightly before springing back up. She stood tense, her little cotton ball tail bounin a bit as she stopped her sudden movement. As if from nowhere, a pair of giant seeming hands would grip the green bunny from above, pulling her up off the ground and letting her big bunny feet dangle. She would look on in surprise, immediately realizing the hands had belonged to Small Lady herself! The bunny watched in embarrassment as the pink haired princess giggled, lifting her into a hug and began to walk away with her, "Ooo a bunny rabbit! I onder if mom and dad will let me keep it..."


Haruka and Michiru, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, Clothing TF

Michiru giggled, walking into the kitchen, where her mate Haruka already was. She snuck up before leaning down, wrapping her arms around her collar. "Morning Haruka-chan~! Do you remember the promise you made last night?" she asked, kissing her cheek. Haruka blushed, looking back down at the newspaper she was reading. "Um... no..." she said, trying to feign ignorance. Michiru simply giggled again, patting her head before moving to the side, sitting down. "You said you would make breakfast this morning!" she said. Haruka sighed, before slowly getting up, walking to the fridge. As she did so, however, both of them felt what seemed like a soft breeze passing across their bodies

Haruka opened the fridge, bending over to look for some eggs. Her shirt seemed to fall forward a bit, draping down under her. As she looked around all their groceries, she didn't seem to notice that the rim of her shirt was now extending, hanging down lower. When she finally rose with a couple of eggs, her shirt was now hanging down to her knees. Inversely, her pants were starting to recede up her legs, now around her knees. She lightly hummed to herself, not noticing the obvious changes as she began making breakfast

Behind her, Michiru was distracting herself as well, picking up the newspaper and reading it herself. She was oblivious to her own changes, as her shirt and sleeping shorts started to slowly melt together, soon becoming one big onesie. The color seemed to change bit by bit, becoming a soft, solid aqua color. She didn't seem to notice anything until a moment later, when she felt a slow rising sensation. She looked down to see her legs slowly being pushed apart by an unknown force. She reached down and pressed on it, getting a crinkle in response. She blushed deeply, turning around to look at Haruka

Her girlriend was still making eggs, not noticing that her shirt had reached down to her ankoes by now, the pants underneath completely gone. The sleeves had laso disappeared from the long garment, leaving her with a sleveless sundress. She shook her head a bit, as her formerly shorter hair started to fall down her shoulders, becoming long, curly golden locks. She smiled a bit, her lips now redder, as if lipstick had been applied to them. Below, her breasts seemed to expand a bit, now very visible over the small piece of cloth that had grown into a small pink apron, wrapped around her waist.

Michiru was so distracted by what was happening to her girlfriend that she hadn't even noticed that she wasn't done changing. The onesie had gained small buttons in between her legs, as her socks grew into booties on her feet. Her body seemed to tingle a bit as her skiin plumpened, gaining a layer of fat to it. She didn't regain self conciousness until her hair seemed to be pulled at either side, becoming pigtails on each side of her head. She went to say something, but was distracted by the now much more womanly Haruka bringing over two plates. She set one down in front of Michiru before sitting beside her. "Now eat all this up, Michiru-chan, or you won't be getting any dessert~" she said, almost seductively, as she winked at her. Michiru blushed deeply, and down below, she could feel the seat of her pants get warmer.
Alright, here is the moment you have all been waiting for: The write up to the results for Seal Their Fate: Sailor Moon. I know that I said before that I would only be doing the top three, but since this was my first one, I decided to do the ENTIRE cast instead!

Now you'll notice that I didn't do every single one. :iconosakatan: helped me out by writing out two of them as well. He also did the preview pic as well.

I want to take a moment and thank him for all the help he has provided, not only in this project, but in past ones as well and hopefully future. He has been a good friend for a long time now and I want to express my gratitude in everything he has done for me and everyone else. Thanks dude, you\'re the best!

Next contest is already up. Go Vote!
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