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Seal Their Fate: Naruto

1. Hinata/Age Regression
2. Naruko/Mental Regression
3. Sakura/Corruption
4. Kushina/Animal
5. Anko/Preggo
6. Tsunade/Body Swap
7. TenTen/AP
8. Ino/Intelligence Reversal
9. Konan/ Breast/Butt Expansion
10. Shizune/Inanimate
11. Kurenai/TF to Clothing
12. Temari/Shrink

1. Hyuuga Hinata, Age Regression

Hinata sighed, sitting on a short stump in the middle of the woods. She had shown up to a training session early, so she was left waiting for her sensei to show up, along with her teammates. She slowly moved her foot around the dirt below her, before seeing something off to the side. It looked like a small scroll, hidden in the grass behind a tree. Curious, she rose and walked over, picking it up. She looked around, a light blush on her face, before slowly opening it. It was entited "Experimental jutsu" along with seeral handsigns, including some that she was only somewhat familiar with. Most interesting, though, was the fact that the handwriting was familiar, like she had seen it before. She walked back to the stump, setting it down before starting to do the handsigns, slowly studying them and focusing her chakra.

She felt odd as she continued to do the jutsu. Her chakra was twisting around inside of her, in odd ways that she had never felt before. It was slightly sickening, but she continued on, her curiosity getting the better of her. Finally, she reached the last hand sign, making it before leaning back. She felt a strange tickling all around her, as if her skin was tingling. It was odd though. It wasn't just her skin. Her clothes and hair were also moving oddly, as she stood up, looking down at herself. An invisible collection of chakra was wrapping around her, surrounding her in a bubble of energy. It caused, from her view, to cause the world to flicker and jerk before her eyes.

But the effects weren't happening to the world, actually. In fact, the tingling grew stronger as she was wrapped in energy. She looked down, and was shocked to find that the proud breasts that she usually hid were now less pronounced under her jacket. She gasped a bit, finding that the jacket was now a lot baggier that she was used to, her hands receding slightly. Oddly, scuffs and tears seemed to disappear as well, looking more like how it was when she first got it. She was distracted by hair hair, which tickled her neck a little bit. She reached back to feel what was wrong, only to find that there was a lack of it behind her back. She went to grab her tips, which were behind her neck now, only to feel them slip between her fingers, sneaking back up to the top of her head, sticking out in a similar way as when she was a twelve year old genin.

At that thought, she felt a flutter down below her neck. She looked down and jumped again, seeing that her clothes had made a drastic change. She was now wearing a pale hoodie over a pair of black capris. As she observed two large bangs framing her face, she realized in shocked horror that she was a genin again. She whimpered a bit, lookign down at her younger arms. The sleeves seemed to flicker before disapparing in a flash, leaving her with skinny, bare arms. She crossed her arms a bit, feeling a bit naked for a moment. She looked down, though, and saw that she was wearing her regular black shirt. She was about to sigh, before she realized that her breasts were now completely gone! She was now flat, looking similar to her younger sister with a different haircut.

She looked around, scared as she wondered what was going on and some way to stop it. She was cimpletely helpless, though, as she felt everything start to rise around her. She knew, of course, that this was an illusion, as she was slowly moving towards the gras. She felt herself gaining a school outfit, before changing into a kimono she fit in in childhood. Her body was now very small now, probably around six or five. Embarassingly, she felt her bottom start to expand slightly, as if something was growing under it. She instantly knew what it was, as no one knew that she had, well... developed certain controls later than others.

It became more apparent as she grew smaller, the diaper under her shrinking kimono become more pronounced. Her body filled with fear, she felt her thumb slipping into her mouth for comfort, and found herself calming down at it. She slowly fell back onto her bottom, snow only a couple years old, the kimono disappearing, leaving her just in the diaper. As she suckled on her thumb, she felt her belly extend out slighly, the muscles in her arms and legs start to diminish with her size. She lightly rolled back, sucking away on her thumb as she looked up at the sky, little legs hanging up in the air. The bubble of energy now disappeared, but she didn't seem to notice or care at this point. She was more distracted by a small butterfly flying overhead.

As if on cue, from behind a nearby tree, a woman in a long black and white dress with a single red sleeve. She smiled, walking over to the little babe laying in the soft grass. "There you are Hinata-chan..." she said softly,  reaching down and lifting her up. Hinata stared up at her before smiling happily, reaching up for the woman. Kurenai giggled, holding her finger out for Hinata to grab. "You are such a little cutie! Don't worry, I'll make sure to make you nice and happy!" she said, turning away and walking off, back home to take care of her new baby daughter.


2. Uzumaki Naruko, Mental Regression (and Transgender)

Naruto grunted, leaning against the wall as he felt his head. He had recently released part of his seal for the Kyuubi, reaching a form he had never reached before. This had the negative of having some kind of strong reactin in his body. Once he reverted back to his normal form, he was instantly fighting with the Kyuubi for control. While it seemed like he was winning, it was now pulling a dirty trick, as it started to to mess with his head and body, using it's past vessels. When Naruto closed his eyes, he could see through the eyes of a woman. She had long, fiery red hair, with a very shapely body. His mind told him that it was his mother, but something else was fighting, telling him that this was his body.

He grunted again, starting to sweat now as he felt his body starting to shrink down, his chest heaving from both exhaustion and weight. He fell to his knees, images that were both foreign and familiar to him flying in front of his eyes as he felt his body reforming, his bones popping and shrinking, changing around. He slowly reached up, feeling his chest, finding two orbs now hanging down. He gasped, opening his eyes and looking down, seeing a now much skinnier body, showing more curves than he was used to. His pants now hung off his round hips, and peeking down, he was able to see shapely thighs and calves. Even his hair, which used to be spikey, now hung down next to his, or her, face. She shook her head, trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. Was she a female or male? Was what she saw in her mind an illusion or some form of reality?

As she tried to gather her thoughts, another sharp pain went through her head again, causing her eyes to squeeze shut. Again, she saw the image of Kushina, this time with a large round belly. This time was odd, though, as instead of feeling like she was actually inside of her body, she instead felt stiff, her body numb. She could feel herself slowly leaning against the wall, going into a sort of fetal position as images flew in front of her. She saw her mother's life in fast forward as she laid against the wall, completely silent and motionless. Before she knew it, Kushina was lying in bed, her legs in stirrups as she gave birth to Naruko. At this moment, Naruko started to have feeling slowly return to her limbs. As Naruko was slowly born in her vision, she felt her limbs starting to come to life, moving around randomly. She fell back onto the ground, flailing wildly as she saw herself brought into the world.

Slowly, as the tiny infant Naruko was taken from her mother, she felt her eyes welling up with tears. She let out a loud wail in real life, her body reacting instinctively as she was seperated from the womb. She felt herself calming down, however, as she felt herself wrapped in a warm blanket, and soon layin in her mother's arms. At that instant, the pain in her head disappeared, and she opened her eyes, looking around her own word fior the first time. A line of drool slowly fell from her lips as she looked around her apartment.

She smiled a bit, before suddenly frowning, realizing that her mommy wasn't there. Slowly, she rolled herself over to her belly, before slowly getting on her hands and knees. she then started to wander around the apartment, curiously reaching up for stuff and feeling things, trying to figure out where her mother was. She didin't even notice that she had left both her former pants and boxers behind, now walking around without a bottom half. She sat down after a while and started to tear up, realizing that she was left alone in this apartment. Before she could start wailing again, though, she head a knock on the door, followed by a light voice going "Naruto? Are you there?" She tilted her head a bit before clumsily wandering over to the front door. She sat there, staring up at the door as it knocked again. Naruko let out a random babble and coo, as if trying to acknowledge the random sound she was hearing

On the other side of the door, Hinata stood, looking confused as she heard the sounds of something from inside the apartment. She wondered if something is wrong, so slowly, she opened the door, looking inside. Though she didn't see anything at first, she heard cooing coming from the floor in front of her. Slowly, she looked down to find the blonde girl, with Naruto's familiar facial marks, wearing only a shirt and nothing else. She blushed deeply, as Naruko stared up ar her. Through her eyes, she saw the familiar chest... and long hair of her mama... So of course this must be mama! She smiled and giggled happily, reaching of her Hinata, bouncing as she chanted "Mama! Mama!" Hinata's face became a deep crimson, not really sure how to react, and slowly starting to lose conciousness. The last straw was broken, though, when she saw a dark ring starting to spread in a circle around the carpet under Naruko's bottom. With this, she slowly passed out on the floor. Naruko looked at her, curiously, before smiling, crawling over and cuddling in next to her. She rested her head on Hinata's chest, figuring that it was now naptime with mama as she stuck her thumb in her mouth and closed her eyes, nodding off in the middle of the hall.


3. Haruno Sakura, Corruption

Sakura sighed, setting down her medical bag and sitting down in the tent before taking a seat herself. She was tired, after a long day of patroling, trying to keep the enemy away from the village's borders. And frankly, she was tired of it. Day after day, week after week, this ninja war had started to wear on her stress. As she lied back, arms out, she wondered if there was something, anything, to change things. At that moment, there was a strange tingling that passed over her, making her jump up a bit, looking around. When she saw that there was nothing, she leaned over, taking out a book on medicine, starting to read it.

As she went through the different things she had read several times, she quickly got bored, a lot quicker than she had before. She set it aside, before looking at the corner of the tent, spying a small scroll. It was a black confiscated scroll, taken from a spy that was found a week ago. Before, she would never think of opening it. Tonight, though, her inhibitions were a bit looser. She slowly inched over, before snatching it up, undoing it before pulling it open. It was, to say the least, incredible and terrifying. So many jutsus and spells that she had never seen before! She could almost feel the evil emanating off of it, but for some reason, she couldn't take her eyes away.

While her eyes were taken up by reading these dark spells, she didn't seem to notice as the color started to drain from her skin. She became paler, almost looking almost like a sheet, as if she hadn't seen the sun in days. It made her hair stand out a bit more, as conversely to her skin, her hair started to gain color. Instead of being a light pink, it started to become more red, gaining a stronger shade. Instead of looking like a beautiful rose, however, one would probably compare it to the color of blood, as the deep crimson hung in her face. The tingling moved to the roots of her hair, as it started to move more into her face, along with down her back, looking a lot closer to how it did when she was a genin.

If someone were to look at her now, they would wonder who this woman was and why she had taken Sakura's clothing. It didn't help the matter that, below her top, her chest seemed to balloon out, starting to push against the slightly tight top. And below her bottom, her black tights seemed to slowly sneak down her legs, like a snake, until she was wearing a pair of full tights, pitch black as the night outside. But Sakura was blind to any of this. She was enthralled by what she read. While only a few minutes ago she was condemning everything in here, now, she saw how much sense it made. It was all so clear! This was true power... It was how she could escape this monotony!

She took the scroll, stepping out of the tent into the night. It was cool, dark and silent, no one else out here. She looked around, her mind clear and her eyes wide. She shook her head a bit, letting her blood red hair fall free as she pulled out her headband, staring at it. As she looked down, she saw as her top drained of color, leaving only black. While she should freak out, instead, she only smirked. It fit her, as she stared out into valley, at the gates of her own village. Or really, her former village. Storing the scroll that changed her life in a pouch, she took out a kunai, bringing it to her forehead. With a grimace, she slowly drew it across, letting blood cover her face in a crimson mask. In a few moments, this village would never know what hit it. In a few moments, they would meet the Lady of the Blood, Haruno Sakura. With a gust of the wind, she disappeared, never to be seen by her teammates again


6. Tsunade, Body Swap

Tsunade sat at her desk, a completed stack of paperwork at her left and a bottle of sake at her right hand, ready to leave a hard day's work behind and enjoy the rest of her night.  Any moment now Shizune would come by  to pick up all of the paperwork amassed over the day, file it away, and the two would leave together to blow off some steam at a nearby bar.  The lines of beads that covered the entrance to Tsunade's entrance began to shift and part.  "Ah, Shizune? Is it time for us to leave now?"  She asked as she stood up from behind her desk.  "Shizune? No, it's just me, Sakura, Tsunade-sama."  sakura walked into her office and Tsunade sat down.  "Oh.  Well, perhaps you could keep me company until it's time to leave?  I'm done with my paperwork, but I still have to wait for Shizune before I can go."

"Of course, i wouldn't mind spending a bit of time with you," Sakura replied as she sat down across from her Hokage and respected mentor.  "Thank you.  I really appreciate having some visitors around, it helps take off some of the stress.  It's days like these that make me miss when I was a youth like you... It was certainly a simpler time... though I can't help but be glad where I am now."  Tsunade leaned forward slightly, resting her forehead on her palm as Sakura leaned across the desk.  "Are you okay?" She gasped.  "I just feel... somewhat light headed,' Tsunade grumbled.  "I just need to close my eyes for a bit, that might help."  Tsunade laid her head on her hands and closed her eyes, keeping them shut until the dizzy spell seemed to lift.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Sakura asked, still concerned forTsunade, worried that the stress of her duties was starting to overwhelm her.  "Actually, I feel quite all right now.  I think I just faltered for a second, I feel better than ever, actually."  Tsunade opened her eyes, her vision blurry as her eyes adjusted.  When her vision returned, she had to rub her eyes again to make sure her vision wasn't fooling her.  Across from the desk sat an exact mirror of herself, with the same expression of concern that Sakura was wearing, her voluptuous breasts swinging onto the desk as she reached out to the Hokage.  "I...  Sakura, something here is very odd.  Don't you agree?"

"No... everything feels exactly normal to me," sakura replied, somewhat bewildered at tsunade's sudden eratic behavior.  "No... something seems very wrong to me," Tsunade said, looking down and gasping even louder.  It seems that Sakura hadn't just turned into tsunade, but the reverse as well.  Gone were Tsunade's mammoth breasts and her thick thighs, but she was now in Sakura's athletic young body, complete with her very modest chest and red outfit.  Tsunade shifted her rear around some and raised an eyebrow;  surprisingly Sakura's rear felt very plump and cushiony, her black shorts seeming to cling to it's round form with no slack.  To make the situation all the bizarre sakura didn't seem to notice she was in the midst of an out of body experience.

"I... I'm going to go find Shizune... something is very, very off," tsunade said, standing up uneasily, shooting up rather quickly due to Sakura's lithe frame and youthful muscles.  "No, I don't think you should."  Sakura stood up and put her hands on tsunade's shoulders.  "You don't seem well at all.  I really do think you need to just sit down and rest until you feel better.  You look so dizzy and disoriented, and I don't want you to exert yourself any more."  Sakura began to walk to the door, turning around, her eyes kept on Tsunade to make sure the Hokage didn't make any sudden moves or faint.  "I'll go find her instead so you can relax."  "Yes... sure... sure," tsunade replied, laying back into her seat, feeling absolutely undersized in it compared to usual,  sh reached up and grabbed at a lock of pink hair and twisted it around, before groggily grabbing her sake and taking a swig.  "Well, I guess it won't hurt too much if this isn't my body!" She muttered after taking a long chug from her bottle as she waited for Sakura to return.  sakura, just down the hall from tsunade's office grinned mischeviously to herself as she crossed her arms.  "I think I'm going to wait a bit before I go find Shizune," she said as she grabbed her large chest and cupped them in her hands. "First I need to go find Ino.  I'll show her who can call who flat chested NOW!"
Alright, here it is, in all it's miniscule glory!

I am sorry about the shortness of this guys. It is not my most proud, and I think I might add on a bit more later on.

Special thanks to :iconrandomnintendogeek: who wrote a little thing just for you guys~ Go read his stuff and look at his pics. Also thanks to :iconosakatan: and :iconmicman4202: as well for helping break some ties and ESPECIALLY Osakatan for making the adorable preview image, as a special little treat~

Hope you like it!
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