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1. Sakaki, Age Regression

Sakaki sighed, sittin in her room and observing the several stuffed animals she had lined up at the end of her bed. Even though she surrounded herself with cute things like these plushies, cute wallpaper, coloring books and many things of a similar nature, she knew that she would never get the true feeling of being small and cute with how she looked. She slowly laid back on her bed, staring at the ceiling as she wished in her head for at least one chance to become what she wanted. As if on cue, she felt what seemed like a breeze pass through the inside of her body, from the top of her head to the tip of her toes.

She went to sit up and see what was wrong, but she almost felt paralyzed, her entire body splayed out on the bed. She felt her heart beat faster as her fingers tingled, followed quiclkly by her hands and arms. It almost felt like they were tightening, as if being pulled back towards her center. Soon, she felt the similar sensation in her toes, as if being pulled back up towards her head while still laying down. She tried to peek down to see what was happening, but all she saw was two large mounds blocking her view, as she was used to. To her surprise, however, she saw the two mountains that she had grown accustomed to start to wither away, her shirt starting to tighten around her to make up for the loss.

As they disappeared, she saw that the rest of her body seemed to be shrinking down as well, her arms and legs losing tone and mass, looking more like awkward adolescent twigs. Her abdomen, which had usually been flat and shapely, now extended out a tiny bit, peeking out from below her shrinking shirt. She saw that her skin seemed to have lost some of it's color, becoming much paler than she had scene in recent years. One looking at her now would probably mistake her for a young middle schooler, or even a grade schooler. Her body was long and lanky, showing frail signs of early puberty. That seemed to disappear, however, as her legs and arms seemed to quickly recede, showing the reverse effects of someone going through a growth spurt. Her body was now much shorter, probably in the single digit age

Her mouth dropped open, as she flexed her fingers a bit, seeing their smaller stature and wiggling her little toes. The tingling had not subsided yet, as her smaller thighs and calves seemed to thicken, gaining a layer of baby fat. Her abdoment grew out as well, her belly looking round and fat now. Her appendages weregrowing thicker, while her size grew ever smaller. She couldn't be much more bigger than a toddler now, and as if to signal that, she could feel something outside her body thicken. Her legs started to rise up a bit, as something under her round tushy pushed her up. Her knees seemed to instinctively bend, hanging a bit in the air.

Very soon, the tingling seemed to fade away, and she slowly felt control seep back into her body. Wtih it, she struggled a bit before rolling over, getting on her hands and knees. She tried to stand up, but she felt herself teter a bit before falling back on her bottom, letting out a small squeak. Her chubby little cheeks blushed a bit, as she looked down at the tiny neko-koneko shirt and diaper peeking out from little shorts. A distraction came in the form of her door slowly opening, Chiyo appearing in the frame. "There you are Sakaki-chan~!"  she said happily, walking over and reaching down, picking her up, "I was looking all over for you! You remember me? I'm gonna be your babysitter for tonight! We are gonna have lotsa fun, playin dress up and making you look all cute! Are you excited?" she asked, as she carried her out of the door. Sakaki blushed, seeming to consider things for a bit before sticking her thumb in her mouth, softly nodding and smiling up at her


2. Minamo "Nyamo" Kurosawa, Mental Regression

Nyamo closed her locker, setting the lock on it. The students had gone home for the day, so she decided to go ahead and have a private swim for herself. As she walked out of the locker room in her one piece swimsuit and out to the pool, she thought back on how long she had been swimming. She slowly slipped into the pool, wading through the water. She remembered back to when she was real young, first floating in the pool. She smiled a bit at the memory, floating on her back and looking up at the darkening sky. She felt this odd lightness in her head, but she put that up to the water as she relaxed a bit.

She softly closed her eyes, thinking about her first moments in the water. It was odd, though. The more she thought about it, the clearer it became. It was almost as if it wasn't a distant memory anymore, feeling more recent as the seconds went on. She furrowed her eyebrows, slowly opening her eyes and standing back up in the pool, looking around. There was a strong feeling of confusion running through her as she looked at the water, the idea becoming a bit more foreign to her. Soon the confusion was replaced by terror, as she slowly started wading over to the shallow end, trying to travel as fast as possible

She didn't know why she was so scared though. She could swim, right? She learned a long time ago. She was a swimming teacher after all... Right? She tried to think hard, but whenever she tried to think of it, she found it harder. Hell, she even found it harder to think about how to swim. She squeezed her eyes in deep concetration, but after a few minutes, all that seemed to accomplish was a spreading warm spot surrounding her. She blushed deeply, looking down at herself as she realized what had just happened. This definitely wasn't right... Was it? She scratched her head a bit, trying to figure out what was right and wrong as other things started to change

Below, she felt a pressure on her bottom, as her swimsuit started to balloon a bit around her waist. Around her arms, two rubber rings appeared before inflating, becoming little water wingies. Nyamo looked at them, startled, before smiling a bit, waving her arms. These would of course help her float in all this wet stuff around her! she squealed a bit as she felt a similar sensation around her midsection, but she was happy to see that it was a similar floating ring, helping her stand up in the water. She smiled happily, clapping a bit as she started floating around the pool,, enjoying the sensation of floating for the first time to her knowledge. There was not a care in the world in her simple mind, only the fun safety of floating around in this pretty blue water.


3. Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Transformation into Clothing

Osaka looked around the locker room, finally getting dressed into her uniform and tucking into her bloomers. Everyone had already headed out to the field, leaving her and one other person alone: Sakaki, who had excused herself to go use the restroom. She had left her gym uniform sitting on the bench to get dressed in after she was done. Osaka, curious, snuck over and reached down, picking up the uniform and observing it. "Wow..." she said to herself, looking at the much larger bloomers, to contain Sakaki's shapely behind. Even though she really didn't show it, she wish she was a lot more like Sakaki, to at least fit something like this. After a single blink, however, she was shocked to see that the bloomers were gone! She looked around the floor to see if she had dropped it, but it seemingly vanished into midair!

As she looked down, however, she noticed something odd. Her shirt, usually a plain white, seemed to look more pinkish. She rubbed her eyes a bit, but when she looked back, they just looked like adeeper red. She went to pull it out of her bloomers and switch it with another one, but the rim of her shirt was gone, seemingly fused with the bloomers below. She was definitely puzzled at this point, as she looked around her body, seeing if she had done something wrong while putting them on. By this point, her shirt, or onesie, was now a solid red, similar to the bloomers as earlier. She went down to the other end of the room, looking into a mirror. There, she found another odd thing. Her skin, usually a pale, pasty white, was now showing itself to be more pinkish. "Maybe I got sunburned..." she said, pulling at her arm skin a little bit.

To her shock and awe, instead of hurting, she got a completely different sensation. her skin felt softer, and yet, more rough. And instead of a light pinching, it seemed to stretch out a bit, like if one were to grab a t-shirt. Before her eyes, she watched as her skin seemed to gain a somewhat faint crisscross pattern, not unlike the fibers in clothing. As this was all happening, her skin was deepening in it's pink color,starting to look similar to her red onesie like outfit she was wearing. On her head, there was an odd receding feeling, as her hair seemed to be pulled back into her head.

In her shock, she backed up and stumbled a bit, landing in a sitting position on the bench next to Sakaki's gym shirt. Her entire body was the solid red color now, having a very rough yet soft cottony feeling. She went to pick up her arm again to observe it, but she found it a bit harder to do so. She eventually got her hand torward her face, she saw that, starting at her fingers, they started to deflate, folding backwards and rolling up. She gasped a bit, looking down at her feet. They were similarly deflating, as iff anything inside her body was simply poofing away. She started to feel light headed as well, as her body started to fold in on itself.

After a moment, her entire body was flat, her hair completely receded and looking similar to a cotton red body suit that had been sloppily thrown aside. But slowly, her arms and legs started to fold in towards her midsection, followed quickly by her head. Soon, everything was balled up around her bottom, seeming like a big red ball of cloth. And in one last sigh, the ball unraveled into a simple pair of bloomers, sitting silently next to Sakaki's shirt. And as if on cue, Sakaki walked back into the room, looking around. She figured Osaka had already headed out, so she reached down, picking up the bloomers and sliding them on under her skirt. It was weird though. She had the odd sensation that they were giving out a soft sigh. She ignored it though, going on to finish changing out before heading out to join in that day's PE Lesson


5. Kagura, Pregnification

Kagura sighed softly as she sat down on the bench in the locker room, wiping her face and hair off with a wet towel. She had just finished a rigorous work out, training for the track event at the end of the week, and was simply exhausted from all the runing she did. It felt really good though to be in this good of shape:  her legs burning slightly from th emultiple laps she ran around the field. It felt really good to be one of the top athletes in the school, even if she still had yet to truly best her eternal rival, Sakaki. Opening the front of her shirt a bit to fan herself, the girl relaxed just a bit longer.

While relaxing though, the teen would barely notice the soft tingle spreading through her body. Thinking it was just her coming down from a heavy work out, Kagura would shut her eyes and lean back on the bench, even laying down onto it slightly. She sighed a little as she placed her arms behind her head and began to breathe slowly, as if taking a nap. A small swelling would secretly begin in the girl's stomach, her white gym shirt beginning to rise up ever so slightly, exposing the girl's soft, tanned navel. With each passing moment, the area would get softer and softer, losing the firm musculature the girl worked so hard to attain and maintain.

Kagura's legs would be the next thing to softer, the firm calf and leg muscles seeming to lose years of jogging and running work. Her legs would also get a lot more sensitive, no longer hard and toned with muscles, posessing a more fleshy, almost fatty make up now. Her thighs would experience a similar treatment, lookin quite ridiculous as they poked out of her gym bloomers. The dark red garments would look quite out of place on her, almost a size smaller as she felt her relaxing body rise ever so slightly on account of the widening of her hips and softening of her rear.

Slowly opening her eyes, Kagura would be surprised to find a smooth, tan dome meeting her line of sight. Gulping, the teen would slowly sit well as she could anyway. Reaching up tenatively, the athlete would place a hand on it, feeling the belly swell outwards against her palm as she did so. Blushing, she would shake her head in surprise, "No way! What is this thing?" Kagura would look over he rshoulder, greeted with a softer, rounder backside as well. Meanwhile her belly would swell ever bigger, looking less fatty and much more taut, as if something was filling it up.
miyokov: Softly drumming her belly, Kagura's face would change from a look of shock to one of utter fear. It was one thing to lose her athletic body, but this was beyond bad! She wasn't just heavy, she was...expecting! A small kick against the palm of her hand would verify this fear, causin a warm feelin to tickle through Kagura's body. Slowly, her fear would transform to a sort of embarassed pride...the girl's face forming into a soft smile, rubbing her belly ever so slightly to soothe it. It was then that she heard a voice from nearby, "Kagura? Are you ready to go?"

Looking over at the lockers, she would see the tall, dark haired Sakaki, smiling softly at the girl. Kagura felt an odd tickling in her wasn't the normal feelings of rivalry and competitiveness she normally had with the other girl. Instead it was feelings of love and caring...almost as if the two were closer on a more emotional and possibly physical level. Feeling her stomach kick once more, she would sigh again and nod her head. Sakaki walked over softly, helping the girl to her feet and placing a palm over the heavily pregnant tanned belly and giving it a subtle rub. Kagura smiled, feeling a soft kiss on her cheek as the two began to walk along, "Mmm I hope she has your eyes..."


6. Yukari Tanizaki, Shrink

"All right, I know we just got back from summer break so you all might have some extra energy, but the classroom isn't the place to expel it, so save it until later!"  Yukari turned around and began to write on the black board.  "Today we're going to do some medical and hospital vocabulary, in case one of you ever goes overseas and gets hurt."  Yukari began to write out the list of words, in alphabetical order, starting as far left as she could reach.  "That way none of you will need to call home and hassle your parents if you catch the flu or break a leg.  So pay attention, okay?" Yukari wrote on, reaching down with her free hand to pull up her long skirt, which seemed oddly looser than usual.  Perhaps that new diet she had been trying was finally working out!  She would have to rub this into Nyamo's face later, her friend insisting that proper exercise would be the only way she could shed some extra weight.

"Yukari sensei!"  Chiyo-chan yelled out, standing up and waving her arms wildly to get her teacher's attention.

"Now now Chiyo-chan, what did I say about paying attention?" Yukari asked.  She didn't even turn to address her youngest student, instead continuing to write on the board.  She was too absorbed in herself to notice that her writing was trailing downwards diagonally at a rather alarming rate.  Her blouse however, felt incredibly baggy now, so much that folds of fabric hung off her waist and more and more of her shoulders slipped through its neckline.  "Hot damn," she thought, "I'm going to need to buy a whole new wardrobe after school today!  I'm going to look so stylish next to Nyamo!"

"Yukari sensei!"  Chiyo shouted, leaning onto her desk.

"Chiyo-chan, if I hear another outburst from you I might have to make you stand in the hall, you're really interrupting the flow of the lesson!  I would expect something like this from other students, but not you!"  Yukari stopped writing finally, her stick of chalk finally hitting the end of the board- the bottom right corner, actually.  "Wh... what?" She gasped, looking back at what she had wrote, aghast to see that it sloped perfectly downwards from one corner of the chalkboard to the other.  "How the hell did I do that?"  Yukari looked down at the piece of chalk in her hand, only to shriek upon seeing that it now had retracted back into her sleeves, which flopped freely around.  She quickly turned around, her face becoming paler and her jaw dropping when she could barely see above her desk.  To further worsen matters her shrunken hips could no longer support her dress and it had fallen to the floor in a pile of fabric, and a second after she noticed this her panties joined them down there.  

"Ummm, excuse me, but if all of the boys could step out of the class real quick," she said, hiding behind the desk so they wouldn't see her bare bottom, or worse!  "All of the girls, please help!  Go find me some doll clothes;  baby or Barbie, I don't care!  Just whatever fits!"  Yukari shrunk deeper and deeper, her clothes all falling into a pile in the ground, with her panties and bra sliding off last, poor Yukari shrieking as her bra fell on top of the now six inch tall teacher, plunging her into darkness under its shadow.  She yelled and yelled for her students to help her, but to them her cries for help sounded like a muted fly's buzzing.  Chiyo, Yomi, and Osaka rushed up to help her while Tomo remained in her seat, laughing at what she had just seen while Sakaki couldn't move, too awestruck to leave her seat.  

Yomi picked the bra up hesitantly while Chiyo and Osaka stood in back, watching and wondering if Yukari was still there or if she had continued to shrink into nothingness.  Fortunately for them, their teacher was still there, no taller than Yomi's thumb, though still completely naked, reaching down and pulling up her shirt over her front, though her rear remained quite exposed.

"What am I supposed to even do?  Do I... take you to the doctor in a jar?"  Yomi asked.

"I'm not a bug, damn it!  I'm still your teacher!  You're not going to parade me around naked in some jar!"  Yukari yelled as loud as she good, her voice sounding incredibly high pitched to the girls to the point where they could hardly understand her.

"Can you hear what she's saying?"  Osaka asked, reaching down and prodding Yukari with her finger.

"Quit poking me!" She yelled out before a massive, looming shadow covered up her surroundings.  Sakaki stood behind her, looking down at her absolutely entranced by what she saw.  She bent down and scooped her teacher up into her hands, Yukari's high-pitched protests ignored as she raised her up.

"So... so cute and tiny...."  She cooed as she held her close to her chest, practically smothering her in her soft bust.
Alright, here is my second official Seal Their Fate. I did the top three options, and then I had two special guests (:iconosakatan: and :iconrandomnintendogeek:) do options of their choice. Hope you enjoy!
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