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Maturity Instrumentality Project

An Evangelion AR Sequel

It was a strange feeling, looking at a creature that is completely dependent on another human being. As she saw this little body starting to wriggle around in it's small blanket, Ritsuko giggled, reaching down and tickling the belly of the girl. The baby reacted instinctively by kicking its small, pudgy legs and giggling in a high pitched tone. Her thin, purple hair was pulled into a little ponytail on top of her head, and her eyes were staring up at Ritsuko, blank and empty as her mind was at that moment. One of her small hand curled up into a fist before her thumb found its way to her mouth, while her other hand reached out, trying to grab on to Ritsuko's fingers.

Ritsuko reacted by reaching around her small abdomen and lifting her up, holding her over her head. "My, you are a little bundle of energy tonight, aren't you Misato-chan?" Ritsuko said, in a sweet voice as she bounced the small bundle in the air. Misato responded by giving a little squeal of delight. Her legs kicked wildly, causing her very visible diaper to crinkle. Ritsuko giggled more, bringing Misato forward and planting several small kisses on her chubby cheeks. Misato couldn't help but laugh as she was kiss, trying to give slobbery kisses back.

"Oh Misato-chan, making you was the best decision I ever made..." Ritsuko said softly, as she brought her forward into a cradling position, "You were the perfect first test subject for my project. Not only did I recieve a little bundle of joy to care for, I was able to work out the kinks in my formula..." As she spoke, her unoccupied hand floated over to a nearby table, where what looked like a small pistol sat. Closer inspection would reveal that it wasn't a pistol at all, but a small syringe gun, used for quick injections. The liquid currently inside was a sparkling, thick white, similar to what a liquified pearl would resemble. Strewn nearby, though, were several similar syringes, mostly used up save for an odd one that still had remnants of other various colors.

One might mistake this area for a mad scientist's office. And in many respects, they would be right. The blonde woman seemed to glide around the room, almost dancing with the baby in her arms. Ritsuko giggled delightfully, kissing her on the cheek before stopping. "Yes, you are my little success..."she said, as her smile faultered, "Though with success... Comes failure..." With these words, her head turned to the nearest to her now.

This one was completely devoid of any medical objects. Instead, there stood a single bassinet, silent on the table and barely moving. Ritsuko moved forward almost cautiously, as if afraid of what sat inside the package. Misato simply stuck her thumb into her mouth, trying to look inside the bassinet as well.

What sat inside was another infant. A small girl that barely moved at all, the only signs of life being her red eyes blinking and her small mouth suckling on a pacifier. Her complexion could be called fragile by some, sickly by others, topped off by a tuft of blue hair on her head. By all means, though, there was nothing wrong with the girl. She was no different from the girl in Ritsuko's arms physically, beyond a slightly more porcelain skintone. Yet Ritsuko still seemed to stare at her with an air of disgust as she stood above her.

"Ayanami Rei... A perfection of my formula, but a failure of humanity..." she said, frowning deeply. Rei simply stared back up at her, her red eyes deep but vacant. Ritsuko seemed to shiver as she stared eye to eye with the infant. Misato started to curiously reach out for the girl, only to get her arm quickly retracted by Ritsuko. "Don't go near her Misato... That is a body of pure evil. I did the world a favor by depowering her... But however much I wipe your mind, you stare at me with those eyes... Those eyes..." she trailed off, having turning away from her, creeped out by Rei's eyes. "I would say that I can rehabilitate you, make you a better person... But deep down, it's impossible. You are a corrupt seed on this Earth, and the only solution is to hide you, to give you away and move you far away from here... Far away from me..." Ritsuko said, as she walked away from her.

She stopped at her desk, where various papers laid. Notes, lists, plans, all strewn about, with no sense of logic beyond those that lay in the mind of the woman that stood before them. She turned on the lamp, staring down at them. "Rei is beyond help... But the world isn't!" she said, suddenly smiling as she held Misato up in the air again, "My world! Misato is only the beginning! My family will soon be complete! I shall save this world... The only way that I can..." she said, as Misato wriggled uncomfortably in her hands, her shadow stretching across the wall behind her.

At that moment, a chill ran down one Soryu Asuka's spine. She looked around the locker room, quickly covering up her nude body. "Shinji, if you are in here, I WILL chemically castrate you!" she yelled out, quickly putting a towel around herself. She briskly started walking around the lockers, seeing if she had company with her. But there was only silence and Asuka, standing alone. This unnerved her a bit, as despite her dislike for the girl, she almost felt a twinge of lonliness not having Rei around.

According to official reports, Rei was MIA three days ago. This was all they would tell her and Shinji, but through some snooping, Asuka was able to find out a little bit more on her own. Really, though, it only served to confuse her a bit more. The paper she knabed stated that her disappearance shared similarities to Misato's, as her apartment is completely untouched, and the only off thing is her clothing, which was found in a dumpster miles away. The document noted, to Asuka's revulsion, that both the pairs of clothing were thoroughly drenched in their own urine when found.

The report ended with speculation of rape and kidnapping, but nothing concrete. This only bothered Asuka more, as she was the only girl left who was involved in this project. Even worse, their caretaker had disappeared, so for now, her and Shinji were living alone in Misato's apartment. And even though she hated herself for it, the thought that Shinji was there made her feel the slightest bit better, though she told herself that it was because she was happy to have another human around that she could throw in the way of a rapist.

Her thoughts were broken by a knocking on the door of the locker room. She blushed and jumped, putting her back against a nearby locker. It almost annoyed her, though, that she was relieved to hear Shinji's voice. "Hey, Asuka-san, are you dressed yet?" she heard him speak through the door. Blushing, she walked to the door, slamming her fist into it. "Damnit, Shinji! I will be just one more minute! Can't you hold yourself for that long!" she yelled, before curtly turning and walking back to her locker.

After another moment more, the door swung open, causing Shinji to jump in surprise. Asuka scoffed at him, crossing her arms. "Jeez, such a wimp... are you ready to go now?" she asked, picking up her school bag. Shinji blushed a bit before nodding, grabbing his own bag. As they left, Shinji peeked back to what he was looking at before. Adorning the wall were two pages, both with the faces of people he knew. Misato and Rei were missing now, and he felt both sadness and fear as to what was going on. He was quickly brought out of his trance, however, by a hit on the arm. He winced a bit, rubbing his arm as Asuka glared at him. "What?" he asked, frowning as he lowered his hand.

"You're not listening, you moron!" she said, growling a bit as she crossed her arms, "What are we going to do about all this?"

"Do... What?" he asked, confused. He stared at her for a moment, simply blinking. She returned his gaze, though it seemed to reflect her sense of annoyance with Shinji's ignorance. "... About that!" she yelled pointing her finger behind his head. He turned to follow her finger, only to find him staring back at the posters of his missing friend and caretaker. "... Oh..." was his reply, as he rubbed the back of his head, "Yeah, that's unfortunate..."

"It's more than unfortunate! It's fuckin' wrong!" she yelled, ripping down the posters in frustration, "It's creepy and... And wrong! Why would you even hang these up right here anyways!" She crumbled them up and tossed them in the trash with great ferocity. "Asuka-san, I don't think-" Shinji started to say, before being forced to silence by Asuka's hand flying in front of his face.

"Before you even start, I know. Whoever this is, they are targeting people in the Evangelion project..." she started to say, her voice quieting. She was staring down in the trash, as the crumpled, black and white eyes of Rei stared back up at her. "I don't like to think about it, but... I am probably next..." she continued, almost at a whisper.

Shinji gulped, but nodded. Despite how he wished it was different, after the disappearance of Rei, this was probably most likely. "But... Security has been beefed up since then! I'm sure nothing will happen..." he said, as she turned back to him. Though she would be too proud to admit it, Shinji could see a glaze of moisture over her eyes, covering a look of fear. It was odd to see on her, a girl usually so full of confidence.

The next few moments were filled with a tense silence. It was only broken when she turned away again, rubbing her eyes and taking a deep breath. "We um... We should probably talk to someone..." she said, taking another breath. Shinji stared for another moment before nodding. "Yeah, that's probably best... I think I know someone who could probably help us out..." he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. She tensed up for a moment, before sighing. "... Let's go then" she said, brushing his hand off as she walked to the elevator, Shinji quickly following behind.

The ride down the slanted elevator was a quiet, awkward one. Shinji peeked over to the girl next to her, but she was simply staring out of the window, at the structures that held the underground base together. So Shinji joined her, staring out in embarassed silence at the I-beams that zigzagged in front of them.

"So we're heading to the technician area..." Asuka suddenly spoke up, causing Shinji to jump a bit. "Oh! Um... Yeah, we are," he replied, rubbing his neck.

"Why?" She asked, tapping her foot a bit and staring over at him. He gulped a bit, looking away. "Well... We don't know many people there... But there is someone who I think we can talk to, I think" he said, blushing as he looked over. Asuka raised an eyebrow, staring Shinji straight into the eye. "And who might that be?" Asuka quipped, crossing her arms and tapping her finger.

"Oh, hey there you two!" chirped Maya Ibuki, smiling pleasantly, "I'm a bit surprised to see you here... Is there a problem with the Evas?" Maya's face started to contort to that of worry, but Shinji lifted his hand. "No no, it's nothing like that" he said, trying to reassure her, "I actually wanted to ask you a few things..."

"Yeah," Maya said, setting down the file folder in her hands, "Please, take a seat. It's been kinda lonely around here. We usually don't get visitors, even before the whole high alert situation... Sorry!" She shook her head, smiling to them as they sat at the desk, "I tend to ramble a bit... What brings you guys down here?"

"Um..." Shinji said, blushing as the attention was suddenly moved to them, "We wanted to ask about the... Disappearances that have been happening around here recently..." Asuka sighed and crossed her arms, looking to the side. Her opinion of being here didn't seem to be high, but Maya didn't seem bothered by it. She seemed distracted, in actuality. Her smile faded as she looked to the side. "Yeah... I figured that's why you were here..." she said softly, crossing her hands on her lap.

"...Do you know something?" Shinji asked, staring down at her. Maya jumped a bit, blushing. "Oh! Um... No, not really... Many strange things have been happening since Misato-san disappeared..." she replied, looking crestfallen.

"Like what?" spoke up Asuka, raising an eyebrow. Maya looked up at her, blush still on her face. "Well... Ritsuko-san had been appearing less and less in the office after Misato-san vanished... And since Rei-san left... She hasn't come in at all... I'm wondering if she knows something that she isn't sharing..." Maya said, trailing off a bit.

Shinji heard Asuka give a soft scoff. He sighed a bit homself, rubbing his head. It was true, amongst the two of them, that they didn't like Ritsuko all that much. While they certainly didn't hate her, they found her quite cold and uncomfortable to be around. It wasn't any better in the last few months, as the workload had seemed to have gotten the better of her, as she spent long hours in the labs down below. She was also seen constatly mumbling random things to herself, and staring at random people. Shinji liked to keep on the bright side of things, but in these times of uncertainty, no suspicious activity could be ignored.

"Well, Maya-san... I think if there is something that you are not sure about, especially in a situation we are in currently..." Shinji started to say, before being quickly cut off. Asuka grunted, walking in front of him. "Look, if she is acting suspiciously, we should at least question her. Maybe she is in trouble? Maybe she is the one doing it? Let's go see before something else bad happens!" she said, sighing in exasperation before walking out of the room. Shinji blushed, before looking at the dumbfounded Maya. All he could do was shrug in a half apology before following Asuka. Maya sat for a moment before quickly following behind them.

"I don't know if we should be bothering her right now though..." Maya said when she finally caught up with the two of them, "She told us never to bother her when she is in the lab..." As she looked at Asuka's determined face, however, she saw that her protests had fallen on deaf ears. The walk back to the elevator remained silent, and the ride down didn't change much from that. A voice was finally heard when the elebator doors opened up to the dark hallway leading towards Ritsuko's lab. "It's dark down here..." Shinji said absentmindedly, as they all stepped out.

"Yes... Ritsuko-san said she likes it darker down here... It helps her focus on her experiments..." Maya replied, as they walked by each of the doors in the hall. All of them were unmarked, but a quick check showed that none of them were locked. "Where are all the other employees?" Asuka said, looking around suspiciously, "I thought this place had a full research and development team..."

"We do," Maya said, slowing down her pace, "But Ritsuko-san said she needed this floor for personal research... She is the only one occupying this area currently..." They all mindlessly came to a halt together, looking at each other. As they stared into each other's eyes, they all knew what had to be done. "I think," said Shinji, "If we split up here and check each room, we can find her easier."

"Really, tough guy?" Asuka said with an amused tone, "And what if this kidnapper is around down here and had her tied up? This is basically a set up of a horror movie!" Maya made a little sound, causing them to look at her. She covered herself by coughing slightly before nodding. "Well... I think Shinji-san has the right idea. I mean, this is a government facility... We wouldn't let someone dangerous in, right?" There was an uncomfortable silence before each of them slowly went up to a random door, opening them and walking in.

Shinji slowly reached up, flipping the switch on. After his eyes adjusted, he say a small office, old and seemingly unused for days, even weeks. There was a wooden desk in the center of the room, a black leather chair behind it, turned away. Both were covered in dust. The desk had several loose documents, and Shinji could see that several had large X's over them, with many notes and markings. Over to the side, there were several filing cabinets, but they were in disarray as well, many drawers open and half emptied, as if searched in a frenzy.

Shinji slowly walked forward, looking at the documents. He tried to read them, but it was completely unreadable. Between the scribbles, black marks and red scratchings, the words he could make out were references to "formulas" and different chemicals, in their scientific form. He was snapped out of his focus, however, when he heard to door closed. He whipped around, gasping a bit.

Ritsuko stood there, leaning against the door. Shinji sighed a little bit, leaning against the desk. "Ritsuko-san! We have been looking all over for you!" he said, exasperated and blushing a bit, trying to push the documents away from himself.

"Oh? What a coincidence... I have been looking all over for you all as well... I assume it you, Asuka and Maya-chan, correct?" she said, slowly moving forward. As she did, Shinji noticed that she had a device in her hand, looking extremely similar to a gun. He tensed up a bit, moving back a little bit as she leaned down in front of him. He gulped a bit, nodding. "Y-yeah... We split up to try and find you... Let's go find them and tell them that you are fine..." he said, mindlessly pointing at the door as he tried to walk past her. He was stopped, however, by Ritsuko grabbing his arm. He froze, blushing a bit as he saw that she was smiling. Slowly, she leaned down until her lips were next to his ears.

"Shinji-kun... Do you see me... As a woman..." she whispered, almost sultry, as she slowly forced his arm towards her. Slowly, against his will, he felt her force his hand around her breasts. She forced him to press down a little bit, and beyond his own mind, he felt himself softly squeezing. She giggled a bit, whispering, "You like that, don't you? You like the touch.. The feel... Of a woman... Admit it..." she said, now so close that Shinji could feel her lips softly brushing against  his skin. His face was a hot red now, and with a gulp, he started to nod softly. Her smile was devilish as she let go of him. "Good... Than you will enjoy this..."

A sharp pain hit his neck. He let out a grunt, but was frozen with a sudden feeling of shock and fear. The device she was holding had been plunged into his neck, a bright orange liquid being pumped into his bloodstream. After a few moments, she pulled the needle end of it out, wiping it down. Shinji felt his knees become weak, as he collapsed back onto the desk, staring at her in shock. "Is there something wrong dear?" Ritsuko asked, now smirking as she set the device down, before walking over and stroking his cheek.

"What... What did you do to ~me?" he asked, his voice cracking oddly on the last word. Ritsuko giggled again, moving her hand down and stroking his neck. He flinched a bit, but felt something odd. His adam's apple, before prominent as it grew from puberty, was being pressed on by Ritsuko. The pressure was odd, though, as if the place she was pressing was disappearing. He himself reached up, feeling his own neck beyond her fingers. It was true! His adam's apple was gone!

"What's going on?!" he said, now in a much higher, girlier voice. Ritsuko simply smiled, stepping back. "A feminine touch... That's what I need..." she said, watching him.

He felt a warmness. It wasn't burning, but there was a sense of discomfort. His skin, his internal organs, even his bones seemed to burn on him. Even the roots of his hair seemed to tingle uncontrollably. He rubbed himself, grunting a bit as he tried to bring his own body under control. But it was beyond his own power, as he felt a sickening twist of his body, as his held onto his stomach in pain.

His chest heaved. With each breath, he felt it becoming heavier. Through the squint of his eyes, he looked down to see two lumps, hanging down behind his shirt. He gasped, then grunted as he felt his stomach and abdominal area twisting around, as if new organs were growing. It distracted him enough to not notice his muscles reforming, losing mass and tone, instead becoming skinnier and softer, to match his thinner bone shape. His arms were thinner, while his thighs seemed to thicken, gaining a fat softness that carried up to his ass, which was accomadated by his hips widening. One might call them Child Bearing hips now...

While this was going on, his hair was wildly falling down, gaining an inch a second. In his hunched over state, the hair soon covered his face completely. But when the rest of his body had changed to a more delicate form, the pain seemed to subside. He slowly looked up, his... or her... hair parting to show a now softer face, though looking oddly similar to his old one. "What..." the young girl asked, in a fearful state of shock, "Happened... To me...?"

"Come here young one..." Ritsuko said reassuringly, as she walked forward, arms outstretched. Even though every changed bone in her body told Shinji to run, she slowly walked forward into her arms. Ritsuko hugged her softly, rubbing her back. Before Shinji could stop herself, she felt tears escaping her eyes. "I'm... I'm scared..." Shinji said softly, before starting to sob. Ritsuko held her for a moment before leaning down. She stared into her eyes before leaning forward, pressing her lips to hers.

They stayed like that for several seconds, before Ritsuko moved back. "Do you feel better, Shinji-chan?" She asked, wiping her lips a bit. Shinji stared at her a bit, before her eyelids started to droop, becoming unfocused and blurry. Her head was slowly becoming hazy. "Yes... Ritsuko-san..." she said softly, in an odd monotone.

"Good... Come here dear..." she said, taking her around to the black leather chair. She turned it around, revealing a pale baby sitting in it. Shinji stared down at the girl. "Blue hair... Red eyes... This is Ayanami Rei..." she said, though in the same monotone, no shock at the revelation. Ritsuko nodded, picking her up and handing her to Shinji. "Yes, it is... now listen... When I had these little girls to you, you will act as their mother... You will love them, and treat them as your own..." she said, staring into Shinji's half opened eyes.

Shinji nodded in agreement, before looking down at the girl in her arms. She smiled, suddenly feeling an attachment to her, as if she had birthed her herself. "Who's a sweet little girl..." she said, with little emotion in her half dazed state. Ritsuko smiled, taking her by the shoulders. "Good, good... Let's get you dressed properly... You will need some glasses, too... The formula tends to blur one's vision~" she said, leading her out of the room.

The lab area down here was large. Asuka learned that pretty quickly. Her and Maya had checked several rooms, most empty or with storage equipment, and had found nothing. Her annoyance was almost audible as she looked down the hall and saw dozens of closed doors still to be explored. With a sigh of impatience, she opened the next door.

This one was at least slightly more interesting than the other ones. She had walked in to what she could only assume was an experiment area. Several cages were against one side of the wall, while the other side held syringes and injection guns. Against the wall opposite of her, she could see a small work area, where many different liquids stood, in various states of emptiness. Curious, she walked forward to investigate.

She almost had a heart attack as she heard the door opening behind her. She grabbed a nearby binder from the desk and turned around, holding it up in an offensive position. She then sighed, seeing the young brown haired woman stick her head in. "Oh, Asuka-san!" Maya said, stepping in, "I was wondering who was in here... I've been looking for you..."

"I thought we were looking for Misato" she said, tossing the binder aside as the looked at the vials of liquids on the desk. She was disappointed to find that they all had sciencey mumbo jumbo names. "Yes, we are... But I found something... Slightly unsettling" she said, looking down.

A shiver ran down Asuka's spine. Was she dead? Did she find her... defiled? Had she found the others? Her mind became only more puzzled when Maya lifted her head, and Asuka spied a blush on her cheek. "Um... Okay... Let's go check it out..." Asuka said unsteadily, before following Maya out of the room.

The walk down the hall was oddly awkward. There was a definite sense of secrets being kept, as Asuka looked at the girl in front of her. She wanted to ask her exactly where they were going, but something kept her from doing so. There was definitely something up though...

They both walked down to the end of the hall, before turning to the door on the right. It was cracked open, the light already on. Asuka peeked in, and wondered if she was imagining the faint pink color she saw. "What's in here?" she asked, turning to Maya, who still had the faint blush.

"Well... I don't know how to explain it really..." she said, before stepping forward. She slowly pushed the door open, the light streaming out and blinding Asuka for a split second. When her eyes adjusted, she saw the last thing she expected to see in a dark, dreary, almost dungeon like atmosphere that was the lab.

It was a nursery. No other words could explain it. There were changing tables, cribs, toys, dressers, the whole shebang. Asuka simply stared, her legs automatically walking her in. The only question that was going through her mind was "Why is there a nursery down here?" From the looks of it, though, there was definitely something up. The cribs weren't uniform, some of them regular, some of them humongous. Same with the diaper and changing supplies. Something was creepy about this, but she couldn't prevent herself from moving more into the room.

"I found this room after searching a few. I... Wasn't sure what to make of this. Ritsuko had always said she didn't like kids, so..." Maya said, standing near the doorway awkwardly. She wasn't sure what to do with herself, so she simply stood there, waiting to see if Asuka found anything. Her wishes were answered when Asuka stopped at one of the cribs, gesturing Maya over. She quickly scooted over, standing next to her. "What is it?" she asked, before having her eyes directed into the crib.

Inside, she spied a lump below the covers. She nearly jumped when she saw it move slightly. Slowly, Asuka reached in the crib, pulling at the covers. As to be expected with the current situation, but still bizarre, they found an infant. It was unfamiliar to them, but Maya looked closely at it. She, Maya surmised from the longer hair on her head, was laying on her side, thumb in her mouth. The hair was a purple like color, and seemed to curl a little bit. She reached down slightly to stroke her, before spying something shiny glinting under the covers. She moved them back a bit more, before picking up a necklance, bearing a small silver cross.

"... That was Misato's..." Asuka said, staring at the necklace as well. Almost simultaneously, they looked back down at the infant, both coming to the same conclusion but neither of them able to believe it. "It... It can't be... It's physically impossible..." Maya said, her hands now shaking as she reached down again. She had read Misato's personel file, so she knew of one thing that could identify her as the true thing. Slowly, she nudged the infant onto her back.

There it was. Below the baby's right breast, above her fat little belly, was a soft scar. Maya recoiled a bit, too shocked for words. She backed away a bit, but suddenly stopped, walking into something behind her. She turned around, seeing the taller figure of Ritsuko standing there. "Hello dear... I was hoping you would come here..." she said, before a cloth was placed over her face. Maya screamed into it for a second, before her eyes drooped and closed, her body collapsing into a heap on the ground.

Asuka gasped, her face pale as she started to back away from Ritsuko. She turned to run, before finding herself facing a figure. At first glance, she thought she was faced with Shinji. She was barely able to register that it was a girl in front of her before the girl said, "I'm sorry, but this must be done..." Asuka tried to run, but felt herself grabbed by the girl, a similar cloth being placed over her face. Her vision immediately started fading, and before she felt herself completely pass out, she felt something sharp being poked into the cheek of her bottom.

Asuka's eyes slowly opened. She was on her back now, she knew this. The material below her was soft, unlike the floor she had been walking up earlier. Her mouth was occupied by something soft and rubber. She tried to spit it out, but her mouth similar sucked it in slightly. As her eyes adjusted, she saw that a mobile was hanging above her. She moved her eyes around, seeing bars surrounding her. It was one of the cribs that she seen earlier, the larger one that she could fit behind.

She attempted to sit up. Instead, she felt her arms and legs twitch oddly, not under her control. Her entire body was numb to her input, moving on it's own in random ways. She heard a crinkle as her legs twitched around, and suddenly realized that therewas an odd softness around her crotch. She couldn't see, but considering all the other variables, she surmised that she had probably been put into an adult diaper.

She heard sound to her side. With great difficulty, she was able to slowly turn her head, causing some drool to fall out of her mouth. She saw the two figures from before, Ritsuko and the younger girl, standing above another large crib. Inside, she saw the figure of Maya, in a very similar situation, the same sense of fear in her eyes as her naked body oddly convulsed and twitched, her bottom wrapped in a diaper as well.

She looked over, trying to observe the other girl. Before, she had seen her in a pair of oddly misfitting pants and shirt, but now she was wearing a school uniform. She was curious for a moment before looking at the girl's long brown hair. In it, she saw her two red hair clips. With a blush, she realized that this girl had taken her clothes and hair clips, and were now wearing them! She probably also drugged her and put her in this position. If she got out, there would be a murder...

"... What I wanted you to know, Maya..." she heard Ritsuko saying, picking up in the middle of the conversation, "This is a special experiment I am doing, to control the human aging process. I know you have had an affinity to me, but I feel that you would not be suitable for my assistant. That is why I want you to be my daughter, to let me care for you..." Maya stared up at her, sucking on the pacifier, not able to say anything.

"I know, you are scared... But I can promise that you will be properly cared for... And you will always be at my breast, as I give you the tender loving care you have always deserved..." Ritsuko continued, smiling seductively. Maya blushed, before looking away. She finally closed her eyes, seeming to relax a bit. Ritsuko looked over to Shinji, using that as the sign for her to begin. Shinji nodded, slowly lowering the crib wall and helping the girl up.

What followed was the most bizarre and frightening thing Asuka had ever seen and probably will ever see. Ritsuko cradled the adult girl, walking over to a nearby rocking chair. The other girl scooted away, grabbing something out of a bag on the floor. "Shh, shhh, it's alright dear..." Ritsuko said softly as she pulled the pacifier from her lips. Maya seemed to whine softly, before silently watching as Ritsuko loosened her shirt, revealing her white breasts. Asuka noticed both that she was braless, and that they seemed unnaturally larger than the last time she saw her. Ritsuko moved Maya forward in her lap, and quickly, Maya started suckling at her nipple.

At that moment, the girl returned, handing Ritsuko a small needle gun. Asuka winced as she saw her slowly insert the needle into Maya's neck, forcing the liquid inside her body. Maya seemed to whine, but Ritsuko kept her to her breast and forced her to drink more. When the needle was done, she handed it back to the girl in Asuka's clothes, who bowed and stepped away.

Asuka almost wanted to puke as she watched Maya in Ritsuko's arms. Her body seemed to twitch, her skin crawling as, Asuka guessed, her bones and internal organs reformed inside of her. Maya looked uncomfortable, but Ritsuko just held onto her tight. Slowly, Maya's body seemed to lose mass, the diaper looking looser and looser by the moment. Mass seemed to wittle away, bones becoming thinner and skin softer and paler.

Asuka suckled faster on her pacifier as she watched the grown woman slowly turn into a teenager, before becoming a child. By the time her body was toddler sized, the adult diaper slipped off and fell to the floor, the girl now nude. Asuka felt her own diaper getting warmer, and wondered if her fear was expressing itself at this moment. Soon, nothing but an infant, with a small batch of brown hair on her head and a round belly, pulled away from her breast, whining a bit. Ritsuko seemed to oblige her, as she lifted her up on her shoulder, patting her back. After a few pats, a small burp was heard. "Good girl..." she said, before holding her out. Shinji walked forward, taking her and walking to a nearby changing table

Asuka watched the girl before looking back to Ritsuko. Her face flushed of color as she saw Ritsuko staring directly at her, a smile that spoke of her insanity on her face. Slowly, she stood up and walked over to the crib, her stride almost boisterous. Asuka seemed to move and twitch more, as she strugged to find some way to fight this, to get away. But she knew there was no use, as Ritsuko stood over the crib. "Hello dear..." she said, looking down at her, the light of the ceiling casting a bit of a halo around her, "How are you feeling? Have a nice nap?"

Asuka seemed to shiver in fear, not even blinking as she looked up at her. "Oooh, looks like someone is a little wetsy~!" she said, reaching down and feeling Asuka's diaper. As she rubbed it, she felt her shiver a bit more, before a hissing sound showed she was filling it a bit more.  She giggled, before looking over at her assistant, returning. "She down for her nap?" Ritsuko asked, looking over at the smaller cribs. Shinji nodded, bowing a bit. "Yes ma'am, Everything you requested is done..." she said dazily, smiling softly to her.

From her positon, Asuka stared at the new girl, especially in her eyes. Even in the half closed state, there was no mistaking it. It was Shinji. She wouldn't have believed it before, but after some of the things she saw today, there was not a possibility in the world that she could refuse now. At that moment, she crib wall fell, as Shinji reached down, helping her up in her arms. "It's simple, really Asuka-chan..." she heard Ritsuko say, as Asuka was forced to stare at Shinji's new softer face, "I can't have you telling people what you saw today... It's a bit more children than I had counted on, but with my new friend here, I think we can handle the load..."

Asuka felt herself shifted as Shinji sat down, now cradling her in her lap. Slowly, Shinji pulled out the pacifier as well, leaving Asuka a drooling mess. "I know it seems scary Asuka-chan, but don't worry. Ritsuko assured me that I will be an excellent mother to you..." Shinji said softly, before leaning down, kissing her a bit. Asuka blushed, before jumping a bit as she felt the needle driven into her neck, a warm liquid being forced into her. Shinji pulled back, as Ritsuko pulled the needle out. Asuka started to cry and babble randomly, obviously frightened at what was happened. But Shinji hugged her close, rubbing her back and saying "Don't worry, everything will be alright... Mommy is here for you" Even though it shouldn't, she felt herself slowly relaxing, her eyes closing as her felt herself hugging weakly back. She slowly started to drift away from consciousness again, and for a brief moment, she knew that this was the last conscious thought she would have. Before she felt herself fade away, she thought, "I love you, Shinji..."

Maya, Shinji and Asuka were reported missing the next day. Ritsuko changed her position in the company, saying that she would rather work at home to look over the children she "adopted". A few days later, a new girl, going by the name of Mari Illustrious, was hired to take over Asuka's position. She was quiet and obedient, but oddest of all, she seemed to have a particular affinity to Ritsuko, who she was constantly seen with. There are rumors to where the missing girls had disappeared to, but the only known thing was, the day after the official missing posters were posted up, the labs at the lower level were mysteriously locked up after several things were moved to Ritsuko's house.
Here it is, just in time for Mother's Day! A slightly darker sequel to the other Evangelion story, also commissioned by the lovely and amazing :icongeistis:. If you haven't read the other one, WHY ARE YOU READING THIS ONE? GO READ THE OTHER ONE FIRST!

I'm sorry for such a long hiatus. School and work kind of got in the way, but now I have some free time! So Commission me! DO IT NOW

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Edit: I made a few small changes, as per the commissioner's request.
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