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Is There Something Wrong?

A K-On Story

It was like any other day in the clubroom. That is, if any other day were any other day were as strange as this one. After a day of practice that consisted of sitting around, drinking tea and eating various types of cake, they all decided to head out. Well, most of them did. Left behind was Ritsu, who (against her will) was tasked with cleaning the clubroom. And to say that she was being sluggish is an insult to slugs, as she slowly moved the broom from side to side with a sigh. "Man" she said out loud to herself, "Why do I have to be the one who does the stupid cleaning? This is pointless... I am going to have to do this all over again tomorrow..." She slowly leaned down, pushing some of the dust and crumbs into the dustpan. "I would give anything to not have to do this cleaning anymore," she said in a sigh as she poured the dirty substance into the trash.

"Am I interrupting someone important?" came a voice from the door. Ritsu jumped violently, jumping against the wall. "Take whatever you want, just don't molest me!" Ritsu yelled, putting her hands up. The bespectacled woman at the door giggled to herself, sliding the door shut. "Oh, don't worry. It's after school hours" Sawako stated, crossing her arms, "I just wanted to check in on the clubhouse, make sure it's still standing." She looked around, a sweatdrop forming as she saw the table of dirty dishes, the instruments and accessories laying about and the turtle tank an off green color. "...You have been given cleaning duties huh?" she said, looking to the girl.

"Yeah, I... What does that mean?" she asked, narrowing her eyes at her observation. Sawako giggled again, walking over to the table to set down her bag and help her clean up things. "So what were you babbling on about before I got here?" she asked as she collected the plates. Ritsu blushed from across the table as she took the serving tray, quicky turning away to put it up. "Oh, you know... Just complaining about this and that, you know me~" She smiled uneasily, rubbing her head as she walked over to the turtle's tank.

Sawako simply smiled to herself, taking it over the sink. Running the tap, she looked over to the younger girl, who was trying to fish out the small turtle. "Well, we all have our complaints... I know you don't want to clean, but would the alternative be any better?" she asked, starting to wipe down the different plates.

Ritsu peeked over to her, raising an eyebrow. "What do you mean Sawachansensei?" she asked, smirking a bit as she used her nickname that Yui had bestowed upon her. Sawako was visibly bothered by it, but simply turned back to her duty as she continued. "Well, you know... It might suck to do this, but it's part of being a high school student. At least it means you will only be doing this for a year or two more before you are done completely... Though you will miss it once it's gone" she said, with a fluttery sigh as she looked up.

Ritsu watched her, smiling a bit as she watched her drift off in her mind. But she nodded in agreement as she turned back to her duty. "Yeah, I guess so... So close to being done..." she said slightly, closing her eyes in thought. It was a good feeling to be a high schooler, with these stupid responsibilities soon to be gone...

There was an odd feeling though. She felt her hair moved a bit, as if a small breeze was passing over it. She shook a bit from a random chill passing down her spine. Was something wrong? She slowly opened her eyes, looking back down at the turtle's tank that she had taken her hand out of.

Except that it wasn't a turtle tank. Hell, it wasn't a fish tank at all. Instead, it was a a cage, containing a small brown rabbit. She had a handful of cabbage in her hands, and was holding the door slightly opened.

She blinked a few times, trying to gather exactly what she was looking at. As she did so, though, she heard a voice from behind her speak. "Is there something wrong Tainaka-san?" came a voice that, at the same time, was both familiar and foreign at this time. She turned around to see both the source of this voice and the new setting that she was set in. And on both ends, she was in for a shock.

As she turned, she found herself inside of a classroom. The classroom, of course, was familiar. The desks were smaller than the ones in her homeroom, and it was slightly more colorful than she was used to. It took her a second, but she realized with dawning confusion that it looked exactly like her home room from middle school. She didn't know why she was there, but at the least she could ask her old home room teacher why she was there.

That, of course, was met by another shock. Instead of her old teacher from her younger days, she was met by the soft skinned woman she know as Sawako-sensei. She was dressed as formally as she usually was in school, but was behind the front desk, putting a few things in her bag. In her ever mounting confusion, all she could even say to her questioning was "Um... What?"

"Is there something wrong Tainaka-san?" she asked, she asked raising an eyebrow, "You froze while you were feeding the class rabbit... Is everything alrgiht?" She closed her bag before slowly walking over to her. Ritsu noticed the fact that she carried herself a lot more professionally, dropping the sexiness that she had in her high school teacher form. Ritsu blushed, looking down at the cabbage. As she did so, she noticed her sleeve was different as well. She slowly moved her eyes down to her own body to further her inspection of the situation.

She found, of course, that her uniform had reverted back to her middle school form as well. And with that, her high school figure. Her chest, which wasn't that impressive to begin with, was now completely gone. She could see straight down past her bow to her pleated skirt and shoes, in between that her skinny, lightly tanned legs shown. She was pulled away from her own body as Sawako moved up next to her, leaning down.

The size difference was also apparent, as Ritsu had not hit her growth spurt and therefor was now below Sawako's large chest. She stepped aside as Sawako looked down into the cage, smiling at the small bunny. "Is there something around with little Bun-chan here?" she asked, turning to Ritsu.

Ritsu quickly shook her head, gulping. "N-no ma'am" she said, her face red as Sawako rose back up. She crossed her arms as she looked down at the middle school aged girl, tapping her finger. "Well, is there some problem? You have been here quite a while" she asked, staring down at her.

Ritsu turned her foot a bit, looking to the side. What could one say in this situation? Should she play along? Would it be too weird to just blurt out the truth? Was what she considered the truth... really the truth? She slowly went through all the possibilities in her head as she stood there awkwardly in front of what she figured was now her home room teacher.

The teacher, in turn, was starting to get a bit worried. She watched this girl awkwardly shuffle in front of her, refusing to speak. She leaned down again, going to eye level with the girl. Ritsu awkwardly noted that, even in the more professional garb, she was still wearing a quite low cut top. "Is there something wrong Ritsu-san? You can tell me. I'll keep it confidential" she said, giving her a warm smile. Ritsu returned the smile nervously, rubbing her head as she looked to the side again. "Um... I dunno," Ritsu finally said, looking down, "Something just feels... Off..."

Sawako gave a reassuring smile as she stood back up. She walked around behind her, putting a soft hand on her shoulder. She then started walking them both out of the room. "I understand completely" she said, as they both left the room.

"Really?" Ritsu asked, looking up at her a bit hopefully as they went into the hall of her old middle school. Could it be possible that she is the actual Sawako, and that she too was going through the same feeling of confusion she was going through?

"Of course," she said, a knowing smile on her lips, "... You are nervous about going into High School, huh?" Ritsu's face instantly fell as she heard those words, looking down a bit. But as to not raise any more concern, she slowly nodded. "Um... Yeah, that's it," she said, a bit downtrodden as her only hope fluttered away.

Sawako slowly walked alongside her, nodding as she thought for a moment. "Of course, a lot of girls in your class go through this" she said, as they reached the front doors of the school. She stopped them both before kneeling down on one knee, now looking up at her a bit from her position. "Listen, Ritsu-san" she said, rubbing her arm a bit, "It's just a sign of growing up, you know? It's another step forward. You need to take these steps to become a mature woman. Like me!"

She stood back up, opening the door for her. "You would rather take a step forward than a step back, right?" she asked, as she ushered Ritsu out of the door. As she stepped through the door, she nodded back to the woman. "Yeah, that makes sense" she said back to her as she turned back forward.

And there it was again. That strange wind she had felt in her hair earlier had blown against her again. As if in slow motion, she felt her eyes clothes in a blink before opening again.

She was inside again. She noted that at once. The area she was in was even more colorful than before. As if on instinct, she softly said, "Elementary School." She turned around and look through the doors she apparently entered through. Outside, she saw that there was a playground. There were a few kids on it, playing joyfully. It felt odd, like she had seen it before but as a distant memory. As she turned back forward, she saw a much taller figure walking toward her. Again, her instinct acted up again as she spoke out, "Sawako-sensei..."

"Is there something wrong, Tainaka-chan?" she asked, leaning down a bit to look at her. Unlike the professional garb she had become accustomed to from beforehand, she saw that she was wearing much more colorful clothes, as if to be more appealing to children. Before she could notice that much more, though, there was a sting from down below. She winced as she looked down.

Her uniform was changed yet again. She was definitely in a sailor uniform, which showed just how childish she looked. She felt her hair pulled up in a pineapple style and a small backpack on her back. And the stinging came from her knee, where she saw that there was a red mark on it. Sawako softly ran her hand over it, causing another small surge of stinging pain to shoot up from it. She jumped a bit, looking up at Sawako. Sawako smiled to her, holding out her hand. "Aww, did you fall down? Here, I'll clean that up for you" she said, leading her into the nearby classroom.

Ritsu noticed, almost sickeningly, that it was an elementary school classroom, as she expected. Bright colors were plasted over the wall, as animals met her gaze. She felt her now much smaller legs walk along side the taller woman, her hand outstretched and gripping onto Sawako's. She sat her down at a chair next to one of the small desks as Sawako walked over to her desk, opening a drawer. She saw a small label on the desk, with messy kanji that spelled "Tainaka Ritsu" It was at that moment that it all sank in: She was back in grade school, sitting at her own desk, being treated by what was supposed to be her Music Club Advisor for what was only a small scuff, but felt much worse.

"Aww, it will be alright dear," Sawako said as she looked over. She had said that because of the frown that had just appeared on Ritsu's face. Ritsu looked up, surprised, before nodding as Sawako walked over, kneeling down again. She took Ritsu's injured leg and held it up to look at the injury. "Alright, this will hurt a little bit sweety," she said, taking out a small pad and pressing it to the wound.

Even though she was expecting what was to come, she still winced at the alchohol touching her scuff. She sighed as it was removed, a small Hello Kitty band-aid applied to it. "There, all better?" Sawako asked, as Ritsu got up from her chair. Ritsu nodded, bowing a bit. "Thank you, Sawako-sensei" she said, looking up at her. Even if she wasn't in her own time, she still appreciated the help.

"It's no problem Tainaka-chan. Here, let's head back out" she said, taking her hand again. As she took her hand, she watched her as they walked. It was as good a time as any... better say something before she can't talk... "Sawako-sensei?" she said, as they exited the room.

"Yes Tainaka-chan?" she said, looking down to the girl.

"Have you ever felt that you... You know... Don't belong?" she asked, staring back up to her as she walked along side her. Sawako frowned a bit, looking down at the girl. "You are not being bullied or being told you don't belong, are you?" she asked, sounding a bit worried.

"No no!" she quickly said, as they stopped before the door again, "I just... I dunno... I'm just feeling really odd... Like I'm not old enough!" Shecrossed her arms a bit, as Sawako smiled again, giggling. "Oh dear... You'll grow up eventually! You just have to be patient," she said, opening the door for her. Ritsu obediently walked through it, but she knew that it was a mistake immediately.

It was that wind again. That wind that showed the sign of changing, usually for the worst. And she wasn't disappointed, as she felt herself outside, but sitting. Below her ass was something soft. She softly opened her eyes to observe her new surroundings.

She was outside the elementary school from before, but a different part. She looked down to see little legs bent in a sitting position and a small skirt, a pair of pumpkin panties peeking out from beneath. That, mixed with the hat she felt on her head, told her that she was a kindergartener again. "Fantastic," she said to herself, in her now miniscule voice.

Ritsu looked out on the horizon to see that the sun was just about to set now. She was still at school, sitting on the steps. A memory floated to her as she remembered how she would wait for her mother to pick her up in this spot. She wasn't always on time, though...

"Is there something wrong, Ritsu-chan?" came the all to familiar voice from behind her. She looked up to see the figure of Sawako walking to her. She was dressed in more casual clothes now, a yellow apron tied onto her. She brushed herself off before sitting down next to her. "No," Ritsu said, turning back forward. She knew that she seemed disapointed to Sawako for what might be other reasons, but deep down, her confusion was becoming depression, as she couldn't figure out why she was like this.

"Your mom late again?" she asked, looking out forward as well at the parking lot in front of them. Ritsu looked up a bit in surprise, not really sure what to say. "Y-yeah..." she said, knowing she wouldn't believe the real reason, "That's it..."

Sawako smiled down to her, setting her hand on her head. "Here, it's starting to get a bit dark... Why don't we wait inside..." she said, standing. Ritsu stood up as well, but was surprised to find herself scooped up into Sawako's arms. Her head instinctively rested onto her shoulder as she carried her inside. She blushed a bit, looking over to the woman. She wanted to say something in some form of protest, but it seemed to be lost on her tongue as they walked into the classroom. "There there, it'll be alright" Sawako said softly, bouncing her a bit. Ritsu suddenly felt better, as if these words were actually helping her cope with the situation. She couldn't help but smile  a bit, closing her eyes as she rested against her shoulder.

As she walked her across the room, that strange wind blew across her again. This one felt like it was the strongest of all. She was still against Sawako's shoulder, but her body was much different. She felt that her uniform was now gone. She did at least feel a t-shirt on her, but down below, the pumpkin panties had been replaced with what felt like much worse. An opening of the eyes confirmed a thick white diaper around her waist. And if to make it worse, her leg twitched involuntarily, causing the diaper to crinkle, as if she needed more confirmation.

Her eyes started to tear up, as she saw how pathetic things had gotten. And of course, the one thing that would send her over the edge finally happened. With a soft wiggle of her diapered bottom, she felt herself relax and her diaper become warm. She couldn't even feel herself doing it, but she knew that she was wetting herself uncontrollably. After a few seconds, she was done, and finally, the tears started to flow, as she sobbed a bit from all the emotion overflowing through her eyes.

It was at that moment that she felt the reality come back around her, as the woman carrying her shifted a bit. "Is there something wrong Ricchan?" she asked, looking to the girl in her arm. Ritsu sniffled a little bit, finally wanting to just pour out what all was going on. But in her little body and limited vocabulary, all she was able to say was "Ricchu bad..." with a sniffle.

"Aww, Ritsu accidentally made wetsy huh?" she asked as she carried her in what she now saw was a dark room. Well, mostly dark, as there was a single night light in the corner, showing that there were several cribs around the area, each with small figures laying in them. Ritsu was carried away from the cribs, though, to the other side of the room, where there were a row of changing tables. Slowly, she was lowered down onto one, on her back. Sniffling again, she felt her thumb slowly go into her mouth as she looked up at the now enormous lady, as she undid the diaper tabs. "Don't worry Ricchan, Sawako-neechan will get you all nice and clean" she said softly, tickling her round belly as she went to change her. She wriggled a bit at the tickling, but simply laid there, suckling on her thumb as she was powdered and diapered.

When that was done, she felt herself hoisted up again. She now watched over Sawako's shoulder as the changing tables receded, and she knew that she was being taken over to the cribs. Slowly, she was lowered down into one, covers placed over her. She looked to the side to see a window with the curtains pulled shut, a little light streaming through. "Naptime now Ricchan" she said, tucking her in before patting her head and walking away.

As she looked around, she could see that she was in an over large nursery, probably some sort of daycare. The crib itself seemed larger than one might find it, and with good reason. On the other side, she could see another figure. Only the head was visible, but in the night light's glow, she could see long, raven black hair. She knew it must be Mio, which means that she wasn't the only one affected... right? It did seem odd... She looked over at other cribs, seeing two more figures in the one next to her. One with soft brown hair with one with long blonde hair. Ritsu knew they were familiar too, but the names escaped her at that moment.

Her eyes felt heavy as she gave out a yawn past her thumb. She slowy moved onto her side, curling up a bit. She could probably think more about it after a nap. And as she drifted off to sleep, this thought ran through her head faintly about cleaning and how bad it was, but just as fast as it had come, it was gone. Her eyes closed and she sighed a deep sigh, her body and mind drifting peacefully off to sleep, a simple babe in a comfy crib.
This is a commission from :iconmicman4202: involving the unfortunate but all too real regression of Ritsu, accompanied by the non the wiser Sawako-sensei, both from the series K-on. This story is a regression story and has diaper usage at the end
mikey-the-little Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love how you did the regression in this! I also think the knee injury earlier added a touch of realism that was really nice :D
Areat Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2011
A good read. It was well written and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you.
toddlergirl Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is a beautiful story. Very well written
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