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Injection of Maturity

Evangelion AR Story

Akagi Ritsuko sighed, looking into the living room of her
apartment. one who would look into the room would guess that
either a small party or a miniature tornado had flown through
there. Of course, Ritsuko knew better. Setting her hands on her
hips, she would slowly step into the room, observing the empty
beer cans and random snack wrappers that littered the table and
floor. Nearby, a soft snoring could be heard. As she picked up
empty beer cans to be thrown away, she peeked over to see one of
her only good friends, Katsuragi Misato, limbs sprawled out into
several different directions and mouth wide open, passed out in
a drunken stupor.

Indeed, she had been expecting this. More and more recently,
Misato had been coming over to "hang out" with Ritsuko. While at
first Ritsuko was touched by the sentiment, she soon came to
find out that "hanging out" was code for getting absolutely
smashed and watching television. While it was somewhat nice to
have regular conversation outside of work, the constant visits
were now starting to draw on her nerve a bit. The constantly
having to clean up after her when she inevitably fell asleep
didn't help the matter either.

The last straw, though, came on this particular night. She had
walked over to grab the nearby trash can, to do what felt like
her tenth or so clean up this week. She had been bending down to
throw the empty alcohol cans and bottles away when something had
caught her attention. Misato had briefly stopped snoring, her
face looking a bit focused. Ritsuko watched her as she tensed
her body up a bit, as if bracing for some sort of impact.
Ritsuko, worried, went to go wake her up, wondering if she was
having a bad dream. She realized all too late, though, that
something much worse was happening.

She watched. in slight shock, as Misato's face relaxed, followed
by a hissing from down below. Ritsuko moved her head down to see
the shorts she was wearing become darker, followed closely by
the cushion below her. Ritsuko could only stand in stunned
silence as she watched warm urine start to both puddle around
her bottom and drip down the front of the sofa. It took her a
few moments to finish, the cause Ritsuko could only attribute to
the volume of alcohol she consumed tonight.

The next minute or so was simply silence, save the low buzz of
television fuzz that could be heard. Ritsuko simply stared at
the woman in wet pants, who was softly breathing now. This was
interrupted, of course, by Misato returning back to her regular
snoring, sounding a bit more intense than before. Ritsuko looked
down at the empty beer can she was holding before sighing,
letting it fall to the ground, along with the small trash can she was holding.

Slowly, she rose and walked away to her bedroom. She was
mentally fried at this point, and had no patience to deal with
what had just happened. She slowly took off her shirt and
unzipped her skirt before simply getting into bed, foregoing any
form of pajamas at this point. As she drifted off to what would
hopefully be blissful slumber, she thought of one thing.
"Something needs to be done" were the words that flowed through
her mind as she slowly fell into a deep sleep.

The next day was just about as ordinary as the first. Ritsuko
woke up and slowly stretched before getting up. She peeked out
into the living room, to see if her wet friend was still there.
Misato had left, though stepping into the room, she would see
that the woman had come to realize what had transpired the night
before. She saw that the cushion had been flipped, and in the
nearby laundry hamper, she saw the same pair of short shorts
that Misato was wearing the night before, along with a pair of
yellow tinted panties hidden inside. Ritsuko let out another
deep sigh as she went to her bathroom, to wash up and get ready
for her day.

It wasn't until nearly two hours later that she finally arrived
at work. As she stamped her time card, though, she saw that a
certain purple haired lady had not yet arrived. And as usual,
she looked around a moment before taking Misato's time card as
well and stamping it in, setting it in the checked in section.
She then hurried off to the nearby elevator, going down to the

At this point, her and her team were tasked with the research of
stasis technology for extended travel periods with no negative
repercussions. In laymen terms, they were asked to find a way
to keep a person normal and healthy for a long period of time
without causing any lasting damage. She had been told this was
for extended space travel, but knowing how Gendoh had been ever
since Shinji had joined the Evangelion project, she could never
be too sure what it could be used for.

As she entered the research section of NERV, she briefly
reflected on what had been done so far. When first given the
job, they immediately looked into the possibility of forms of
Cryogenic freezing and suspended animation. The efforts were
fruitless, however, as the strain set on the body and mind
respectively were too much to humanely continue.

For many, it was considered a back to the drawing board
decision. Ritsuko, however, had decided to pursue her own
private research, based on the opposite of what they had been
studying before. While everyone had been studying on how to
reserve the outside of one's body, she thought that more
progress could be made by working with what was within.
She stepped off of the elevator, holding up her keycard to the
scanner. A few moments later, she was allowed entry, where she
immediately moved away and over to her station. She had begun
her experiment seven days ago, with results set to come in
today. And as she had hoped, there on her desk laid a manilla
envelope, stating her name and ID. She set her purse down to the
side before walking over, lifting and opening it to see what had

She looked through the graphs, that showed an hour by hour
progression after the multiple injections she had concocted were
given to different subjects. She also read the different notes
scribbled in by her associates. "Progression in subject five is
slow..." she mumbled as she flipped the pages, "shows slight
discomfort... yadda yadda..."

As she read through the first several pages, to say that she was
disappointed at the initial results was quite an understatement.
She had really thought she had caught on to something at this
point, and was actually sort of excited to see what would
happen. From what she was seeing, though, the data was less than
satisfactory. That is, of course, until she got to the fifth day
results. Her mouth nearly dropped open when she saw the large
spikes in the graphs, seeing the notes become more numerous and
hectic. She sat down, reading through them thoroughly.

It was amazing! Despite the slow start, this small experiment
had gone above and beyond what she had ever expected. Soon, she
had found herself at the last page, where she found the best
results of all. While she had simply wanted to find a way to
contain a person though long periods of time, she found that
these results not only did that, but so much more. Not only
that, but it also seemed quite easy to manage, as one could use
different volume measurements to control the intensity of the
results. At this thought, she quickly moved the papers to the
side before booting up her computer. She needed to do some
serious work to figure out exactly how much of these serums did

Ritsuko had planned to begin immediately, but unfortunately, it
was cut off at the pass by the appearance of Misato, who had
appeared at her doorway, leaning against the frame. "Hey
Ritsuko-chan," she said casually to the blonde haired woman.
Ritsuko had not been expecting it, and she had jumped pretty
violently at the voice from behind her. Misato chuckled a bit,
slowly walking into the room. "What's up blondie?" she asked,
sitting on the end of the desk. Ritsuko reached up, grabbing the
folder and closing it, setting it aside. "Nothing" she quickly
said, turning back to her computer. Wanting to change the
subject, she peeked over to her before asking, "When did you get
in anyway? You left my place before me but got here after me.
Kind of a paradox, don'tcha think?"

Misato blushed, rubbing her head. "Oh, you know... I was a bit
hung over, so I decided to stop by home. You know, take a shower,
take some aspirin-"

"And get a change of clothing?" Ritsuko said over her shoulder,
working away at her computer. Even though she couldn't see her,
she knew that Misato had blushed deeply at the comment. "Oh,
yeah, um... I'm guessing you saw the clothes in your hamper?"
she asked, rubbing her head a bit more. Ritsuko nodded curtly,
continuing to stare at her computer screen. "Well than... Um...
Don't worry about it!" Misato quickly said, waving it off, "It's
nothing really... I guess I just... Perspired a bit last night,
and my clothes were a bit moist from sweat. You know, Just
decided to leave the dirty ones at your place and borrow some of
yours... I'll clean them and bring them back soon though"
While she was listening, Ritsuko didn't give any immediate
response. She simply stared at the screen in front of her,
studying the numbers and reading the data she had typed in.

There was a few moments of awkward silence, as both women were
deep in their own thoughts. It was broken, however, when Misato
rose from the desk, walking over. "Um... Everything alright?"
she asked, somewhat softer than what she was used to. Ritsuko
stayed still and silent for a moment before turning to her.
"Yes, I'm fine..." she said softly, looking up at her, "How
about we meet for lunch later? I would love to discuss with you
some of the stuff I am working on here with you."

Misato smiled a bit, nodding. "Yes, that sounds great!" she said
happily, turning to the door, "See you later!" She waved to
Ritsuko before leaving the room, heading off to work. Ritsuko
halfheartedly waved back to her, before simply staring at where
she stood, hand still in the air. After another moment, she
turned back to her screen, opening up a new file. "Katsuragi
Misato..." she said softly to herself before beginning to type
again, copying the name down at the top of her new project.

Several hours later, Misato was seen sitting in the lunch room,
casually sipping a soda. She looked at her watch before sighing,
leaning her head back to look at the ceiling. At that exact
moment, though, she looked right up at Ritsuko, who was standing
directly behind her. "Am I late?" she asked, walking around the
side  and sitting across from her. Misato shrugged, smiling a
bit as she took another sip of her drink. "Only a little. I
wouldn't expect a person like you," she said, looking to her and
smirking a bit.

Ritsuko raised her eyebrow, staring back. "Oh? Well, maybe you
don't know me as well as you think..." she said, slowly stirring
the little cup of coffee that she had in her hand. Misato
chuckled a bit at this comment, crossing her legs. "Really?
We've known each other for over a decade now! I think I know a
bit ore about you than you  think" she said, leaning casually
back in her seat and taking one last sip of her drink.
Ritsuko smiled a bit, amused as she watched her. Almost too
intently, it seems, as Misato peeked over  and smiled back
uncomfortably, going to stand up. "Hey, I'm gonna go get lunch.
You want anything?" she asked, getting ready to walk away.

Ritsuko quickly rose, grabbing her hand. "Oh no, let me... It'll
be my treat" she said, almost seductively, as she walked away.
Misato blushed a bit, but seemed more confused than anything as
she slowly sunk back down to her seat.

Lunch had gone fine that day, though Misato was a bit thrown off
when she had returned, not only with the salad that she usually
got, but also with a cup of warmed milk and a small cup of
applesauce. She went to question it, but Ritsuko simply brushed
it by stating that the soda machine was broken and that she
wanted to get her something sweet. Misato also found that she
sat right next to her instead of across the table, but she
ignored it, figuring she was having trouble hearing from across
the table.

After lunch, Misato rose and went to say goodbye to her friend.
She was stopped, however, when Ritsukoput her hand on her
shoulder and leaned in, whispering quietly, "Come with me... I
want you to see what I am working on now..." Misato blushed,
thrown off by the sudden closeness. "Um... Sure, as long as it
doesn't take long. I need to get some last repairs done on Eva
01 before the next attack" she replied softly before following
behind the blonde woman. As they entered the elevator, Misato
peeked over to the woman beside her. "What are you working on
anyway?" she asked, almost conversationally as she watched the
floor numbers drop down.

"Oh nothing special," Ritsuko replied casually, staring at the
elevator doors, "Simply some stasis experiments. I think you
will find the results to be quite interesting, however..."
Before Misato could reply to the mysterious words, the elevator
gave out a soft 'ding' before the doors slowly opened, revealing
the labs that Ritsuko was used to. She stepped out of the
elevator first, followed closely by Misato, who looked around

Misato usually went straight from the elevator to Ritsuko's
office, so she never got to take a good look around this place.
It always seemed kind of dark and dreary down here, so she
avoided it when she could. As they walked through, she saw
different tables, filled with test tubes, note pads and various
equipment lying around. She could see a few people discussing
something as they observed the reaction of what she assumed were
different chemicals.

She felt herself redirected by Ritsuko, as they went into a room
entitled "Experiment Room M". Inside, she saw that it was very
plain, but very unlike the rest of the lab she saw. Inside,
there were several different tubes, all with different colored
liquids in them. She also saw a few chairs lined against the
back wall. The oddest thing, though, was the small animal cage
she saw sitting on the end of the table. Curiosity took a hold
of her as she stepped closer to investigate.

At first, it simply looked like a floor of wood chips, with a
small water feeder in the corner. Some movement caught her eye,
however, as she focused on a small spot right in the middle.
There, she saw a collection of tiny, hairless rodents, sleeping
in a small pile. She cooed a little bit before looking over at
Ritsuko, who was observing the liquids. "This is pretty
adorable! Are these what you wanted to show me?" she asked,
leaning back up. Ritsuko smiled, tapping one of the glasses. "In
a roundabout way, yes... Those were some subjects of our latest

Misato's smile faltered as she watched her intently watch the
chemicals mix. "Um... I see... Ritsuko, you know how I feel
about-" she started to protest a bit, but Ritsuko rose to full
stance, staring Misato in the eye. "Oh, I know... I wanted to
show you something I whole lot more... Beyond what you can see
with your eyes..." She walked forward, placing her hands on
Misato's arms. Misato blushed a bit, stuttering as she felt
herself being moved against her own volition. "B-but I don't-"
She began to speak again, but was quickly hushed up with a soft
touch of Ritsuko's fingers to her lips. She meekly obeyed,
though a strong sense of foreboding washed over her as they both
moved towards one of the chairs at the back of the room.

"Look, Ritsuko, I have to get back to work. I can't stay around
to help you!" Misato tried to reason, before feeling herself
being shoved backwards. She took a few shaky steps before
falling onto the soft seat of the chair. She went to rise again,
but Ritsuko leaned down softly, delivering a firm kiss to Misato's

Misato froze, in absolute shock at what was happening at that
moment. She was lost in her own head in a moment, before being
awoken by a soft tugging at her wrists. She pulled back, looking
down to find black straps tightly binding her wrists. She
started violently pulling, but there was no use. She looked back
up to Ritsuko, but found that she was now bending over in front
of her. As she felt a tug at her ankles, she knew what had just
transpired. In the span of about a minute, she had been set down
and secured to this chair, completely at Ritsuko's will. The
blonde woman slowly rose, lightly brushing Misato's chin.
"There, that should keep you nice and secure..." she said,
before walking back to the table.

"What... What are you going to do to me?" Misato asked softly,
fear now gripping her heart, stacking on top of the immense
confusion. Ritsuko picked up a pair of rubber gloves, putting
them on slowly. "I am going to reform you... Make you a better
person... From scratch" she said slowly, before picking up a
syringe, examining the tip. Misato's face instantly went white
when she saw the item in her hands, cringing back a bit in her
seat. "From... From scratch?" she repeated meekly, watching
Ritsuko suck up a pale yellow liquid through the needle. She
simply nodded, smiling almost devilishly as she walked over.

Misato tried her best to move herself as far away from Ritsuko
as possible. It was useless, of course, as she was stuck to her
fate. All she could do was squeeze her eyes shut, not even
wanting to see what will happen. She felt her jacket being tugged
at, the collar being roughly pulled down far enough to reveal
her upper arm. Misato bit her lip tightly, tears forming in her
eyes, as she felt a cold material being rubbed on her arm. Then,
in a tense moment, she felt a small prick on her arm, before the
sickening sensation of something flowing into her arm. All she
could do was sit there, in dead silence, until the needle was
pulled from her arm.

She slowly opened her eyes back up, tears falling down her face
as she looked back up at the taller woman. She was simply
standing there, watching her. For several moments, there was
nothing but the dead silence filling the air. After a short
wait, however, she felt a deep gurgling emanating from her
abdominal area. It seemed like there was some form of upset
going on there, quickly confirmed by pressure forming in between
her legs. She squeezed her knees together as a prevention
method, but found it no use as the pressure simply built against

All in a moment though, the pressure seemed to fade. It didn't
disappear, really, but to her, the feeling of pressure
disappeared to her almost completely. She could even feel her
leg muscles start to loosen, almost automatically in response to
the lack of impending trouble.

And all at once it happened. It started at a slow trickle, but
the floodgates couldn't stay closed for long. Before she knew
it, she could feel the stream of warm urine quickly flowing out
of her, running down her legs and collecting into the seat of
her pants. She sniffled loudly, tears freely falling now,
terrified at how her body's control seemed to be slipping away.
Before her, Ritsuko simply watched, a lit cigarette now in her
hand. "Interesting... Very interesting..." she stated, tapping a
bit of loose ash off of the small stick, "It's interesting to
see this in a human being... Well, no time to lose! Let's move
on!" She quickly turned her back, bending over the table,
looking at her notes before turning to the liquids again.

"No... No more..." Misato croaked, her head hanging as she
sobbed to herself. Ritsuko acted as if she didn't hear her as
she sucked up a vial of purple liquid into a new needle. She
turned around, slowly walking over before kneeling down in front
of the crying woman. She lifted her head up by the chin, looking
her directly in her red, puffy eyes. "I'm sorry dear," she said,
smiling a little bit, "But once it starts, there is no stopping

Immediately upon ending her statement, Misato shrieked loudly as
she felt the needle stabbed into her thigh. Ritsuko slowly
pressed down on the plunger, holding her leg in place before
slowly retracting the needle. She stood back up, throwing the
syringe away before picking her cigarette back up, watching
Misato as if she was an entertaining show.

Misato didn't have to wait too long for the results of this
particular injection. She could feel a weird twitching in her
thigh muscles, which seemed to spread both upwards and
downwards. Soon, her knees seemed to be feebly shaking, before
she felt them go numb. The same sensation seemed to pass up her
stomach and into her arms, the same weird twitching and moving
feeling following her, followed quickly by the numbness.

She grunted, trying to move her arms and legs. she found that
they seemed to be out of her control, however, there was
movement still going through them. Ritsuko observed her for a
moment before reaching down, slowly starting to let her arms
free. This is what Misato had wanted, of course, but it was too
late now. As her limbs were finally let go, they felt as if they
were oddly floaty, moving and jerking oddly under their own
powers. "What... What did you do?" she asked weakly, watching
her fingers oddly flex and move around on their own.

"In the simplest terms, I separated conscious and subconscious
muscle control. So, really, I untaught your control over your
limbs. They are working at an unconscious level, totally on
instinct" Ritsuko said, poking at her hand. The hand
instinctively reached out, squeezing the finger weakly. Misato
blushed at this, but was unable to stop herself from doing it.
"See?" Ritsuko said, removing the girl's grip, "just like a
harmless baby... Oops, did I just give away the ending?"
She chuckled a bit to herself, sounding quite mad, as she turned
her back again, watching the tall test tubes bubble.

Misato watched her for a moment before looking back down at her own
limbs. Her legs were lifting up and kicking out a bit, random
spasms causing them to move. This made her feel a little sick
and extremely scared. Her body seemed to pick up on these
feelings, though, and before she could even think to stop it,
her hand balled up into a fist, thumb extended, before shoving
itself into her mouth. She squeaked in surprise at the sudden
intrusion, but despite her best attempts, she could not dislodge
it. All she could do is sit there and softly suck on it, waiting
for what was to come.

"Aww, isn't that precious?" Ritsuko said, causing Misato to jump
and her ass to squish. Ritsuko was already standing there, new
syringe with green liquid now in her hand. "And convenient as
well! This should keep you nice and quiet for these last shots"
she said, stepping forward. She bent over slightly, the needle
hovering close. She knew where it was heading, but all she could
do at this point was close her eyes and wait for it. With a
small prick, the felt the needle enter the side of her neck, a
hot wave of pain passing through her. She could only squeeze her
eyes, half gnawing on her thumb, until the pain finally subsided
and the syringe was retracted.

"...Well?" Ritsuko said, throwing the needle into a bin before
turning back to her, "Don't you have anything to say? You
usually have some quip or complaint to say after one of them...
Please, speak your mind" Her voice seemed almost sarcastic now
as she stared into the soft eyes of her best friend. Misato
fought for a bit and finally pried her thumb out of her mouth,
free to speak her mind. "I don't like it! I want... you to...
stop... this..." she said, noticing that her speech was slowing
down, "What... You do... me..."

"Hm? What was that? I didn't really catch that last part"
Ritsuko said, sarcastically putting her hand to her ears.
"You... Wong... What..." she started to say, but stopped
abruptly. It felt as if her tongue was large and in the way, her
words not really coming out as she wanted them to. "Wha...
Happa... Hababa..." She tried to say, but the more she attempted
to speak, the less sense she was making. As a line of drool
started to fall down her lips, she made one last attempt to yell
at the woman. Sadly, it only came out as random gibberish and
baby like sounds, drool falling wildly from her lips. Ritsuko
giggled madly at this, reaching down and taking her jacket to
wipe her mouth. "Don't worry dear, this one isn't as
complicated... It's just a strong muscle relaxant on your mouth
and vocal center... I untaught you how to speak!" she stated,
turning away to her table of liquids.

Misato attempted to peek over her, to see how much more agony
she would have to endure. From where she was sitting, there only
stood one last test tube. In it was a very bright white liquid,
almost seeming to shine. Ritsuko picked it up, sucking it up
into a larger syringe before turning back to her. "Well, this is
it. The last step, my dear girly... Are you ready?" she asked,
staring Misato directly in the eyes. Misato shrunk back a bit,
but all that came out was a small whimper, along with what
looked like a spit bubble. "I'll take that as a yes" she said,
before moving behind her.

Misato couldn't see what she was doing, but she felt her grab
her head and point it down at the ground. At the last moment,
she knew where the last injection was going, and let out a last
shriek before the needle was unceremoniously jabbed into the
base of her neck.

For one instant, Misato felt an immense pain, like one never
felt before in her life. She cried out for that one moment,
wanting this all to end, however it might happen.

The next second, however, things changed. The pain subsided
rather quickly, and for that moment, she was suddenly hit with
an intense wave of pleasure. It was as if every pore, every
nerve in her body was sighing in relief and gratitude. Her mouth
slowly curled up into a smile as she felt the needle pulled from
her, the woman stepping back.

Misato simply stared at the room, smiling stupidly. From her
point of view, nothing seemed bad anymore. It was like she was
induced with a hallucinogenic drug, but instead of visions, it
was as if her entire perception had changed. The room was not as
dreary as before, the needles not as scary. It was as if she was
looking at the world through new eyes. Maybe that was it,
though. Maybe these were new eyes!

It was like a new life was being reborn in her body. She looked
down at her hands and feet, seeing them moving in spasms. This
had to be it! She was newly born, so no control was over her.
She was completely free! She let out a happy coo as she stared
at her hands. To her, they seemed smaller, but it didn't matter.
The concept of big and small seemed to float away in the breeze
as she now flapped her oversized jacket cuff, giggling at the
movements and sound it made. Her legs swung over the ends of the
chair, now short enough not to touch the floor. She giggled in a
new high pitched voices, waving her arms up and down, now barely
reaching the elbow. She was small and happy, and that was the
only thing that mattered to her.

From Ritsuko, however, she saw a different story. She saw a girl
that seemed barely a toddler now, seeming happier than she had
ever seen the adult Misato. After another moment or so, she saw
the little girl's head fall back into the collar of her shirt,
before the little lump fell back on the seat. She moved back
around to the front of the chair, moving everything away,
revealing a naked little babe, probably only a few days old, if
that. She was laying back and cooing softly, staring back up at
Ritsuko with a curious look. Ritsuko smiled down happily at her,
reaching down and lifting her up. The now infant Misato returned
that toothless smile, reaching up at her face. "See? That wasn't
so bad... And you are new again! You can live your life again
and be happy! And you will be happy..." she said, softly
cradling her as she walked to the door, "because Mama Ritsuko
will raise your right this time..."
Alright, here is my newest commission, this time not by micman, but by :icongeistis:. It is a Neon Genesis Evangelion story about Misato's lack of maturity and Ritsuko's crazy way of dealing with it. Just as a warning, it might be a tad bit darker than one is used to. Hope you enjoy!

Still open for commissions!

PS Sorry for the weird format. Don't know how to fix it
mikey-the-little Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Great work and a good amount of small details. :)
I enjoyed dis a lot! Nice change of pace
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