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Sixonesixone Birthday Gift

Scott and Cheryl walked down the road, chatting casually to each other. To many, it looked like the two were on a date. And, really, it made sense: These two had seemingly been out several times that week, going to movies, out to dinner, and generally spending a lot of time together. Sure, it seemed odd that they often went to family restaurants and kid's films, but as Cheryl was sometimes seen with two little girls, than maybe it wasn't so odd...

This particular night, things seemed different. They were walking down a small suburban area, and far from what usually happens, Scott seemed rather shy, while Cheryl was being particularly handsy. She was a couple inches taller than him, so she was easily able to reach around him, giving his bottom a squeeze, and rubbing his thighs. Scott seemed to be blush a bit at the entrance of his small house, fumbling to get to his keys as the woman behind him was still messing with him, rubbing onto his hips and holding onto him as they both entered into Scott's home.

Soon enough, they were sitting on the couch together. Cheryl had a glass of red whine, while Scott had a simple glass of water. Scott still looked a bit nervous, while Cheryl simply smiled, taking a sip of wine. She soon got up, walking around the small apartment. She stopped at the wall, where a college degree was sitting. "Hmm... College eh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked at him.

"Hm? Oh... Yeah. For engineering. Didn't really get me anywhere though..." Scott said offhandedly, watching her as she wandered around. She next stopped at another framed photo, picking it up. "I'm guessing these are your parents?" she asked, turning to him.

"Yeah... They're no longer around..." Scott said, looking down slightly. Cheryl's smile faltered somewhat, as she set the photo back down. "I'm sorry..." she started to say, but Scott shook his head, looking up. "No no, it's fine. It's just life I guess..." he said, putting on a small smile. Cheryl smiled again, walking back over. She reached down, taking his hand and pulling him up, giggling slightly. "So, young man... Why did you come to this decision?" she asked, walking him out to the middle of the room. 

Scott looked awkwardly down, sighing a bit. "I dunno... I went to college, I tried finding a job, but I just feel like I'm kinda drifting out. I don't have any friends that live around here anymore, my job is dead end, I think I just need... Something different," he said, looking back at her. She was looking at him expectantly, taking another sip of wine, but staying silent. "...Well um... How will this go?" he asked her, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked away, hearing her giggle a bit, setting her glass to the side. "Well... We need to do a bit to preparation first..." she said, walking over and grabbing something metal from her purse. 

"Uh... What kind of preparations?" Scott asked, watching as she put the purse aside, holding up the object, which looked very similar to a remote. Cheryl giggled, walking back over to him. "Well, silly... If you want to become one of my kids..." she said, with a rather wry smile, "We will have to figure out what we are changing... And how much!"

Scott gulped a bit, as her hands traveled downward, grabbing onto his beltbuckle. Unlike how her sensual feeling earlier, now she was a bit more businesslike, as she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to the ground. Shocking as it was, what she spoke was true. They had met a few months back, through mutual interests. At first they had dated, but after he had admitted his interests in "starting over", she said she could help. Though hesitant at first, after he had met her family and the kinds of technology they had, he finally agreed to go through with it.

That's what the last few weeks had been focused on. He had been going out with her nightly so she could learn about his interests for when he "started over". And the few nights the kids were there, she brought them to meet their "new brother". Scott liked the two of them, a six year old and an eight month old, though the six year old seemed rather too eager to have a little brother to play with. She was no doubt waiting at Chryl's house for his homecoming...

"So..." Cheryl said, once she had stripped off his underwear from him, "We agreed, at your request, that you will keep the name Scott... And you said you wanted to be two years old, right?" Scott nodded, going down to cover his crotch. Cheryl giggled, patting his bare bottom before walking over to the couch. She pulled a folded up diaper, opening it and setting it on the ground. Wordlessly, she gestured him over to sit down on the diaper, which he obeyed, though bashfully. Soon, he was lying in front of her, completely bare, on top of a baby's diaper. "Will this even fit me?" he asked foolishly, as he watched her.

She giggled a bit, picking up the metal remote and typing something in. "Of course not silly... That's not for big boy Scott... That's for little Scotty..." she said, her finger hovering over a red button. She looked down to him, their eyes meeting. "You ready?" she asked, sounding both nervous and excited. Scott gulped, before slowly nodding, and with only a moment of dead air, Cheryl pressed the button.

Scott wasn't sure what he was expecting. He thought maybe he would have some kind of big physical transformation into an infant, or some form of smoke or something. Instead, his senses just became hazy... It felt like he was now viewing his own life through some long tube, fading in and out like a bad TV reception. He could feel that his bottom was being wrapped in a diaper, Cheryl saying things that he didn't understand. Things faded, and before he knew it, he was being carried into a new house. He looked around as he was set down between two small girls, one bigger than him, one smaller. They poked and prodded him, though his senses were somewhat numbed. Instead, he seemed more curious about his own toes, suckling on them as his sight faded again. When it came back, he was in the middle of being changed out of a soggy diaper, more words being said that he couldn't understand. And before he knew it, he was laying down in a pair of pajamas, as the lights were turned out, and his eyes closed, passing out very quickly... The last feeling his adult mind had was contentment, with his new mommy and a comfy diaper...
A Special Arrangement
I decided to make a short little story for my friend :iconsixonesixone:. Hope you like it!

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Mortal Kombat AR/Diaper Story

Cassie Cage blew a bubble in her bubble gum, popping it before spitting it out onto the ground. She was in the Special Forces training room, and standing across from her was a woman that looked somewhat similar to her, though a couple decades older. Her Commanding Officer, Sonya Blade, was standing rather still as she watched the younger girl. Her arms were folded behind her back, and she seemed rather surly at her daughter, and waited until she removed her headphones from her ears before she spoke. "So, is there a reason you called me in here? We've sparred several times, and I don't think you've beaten me once. In fact, I figured you had given up..." Sonya said, giving one of her rare smirks as she watched her.

Cassie returned her smirk with a cocky smile. "Oh yeah, I had given up. But now, I know I can win" Cassie said, as she started to warm up in her spot. Sonya raised an eyebrow, as she finally broke her pose, starting to get ready as well. "Is that so? Well than, you want to make a wager? I can give you that promotion you always wanted..." Sonya said, a bit of cockiness sneaking into her voice, as she got into a fighting position.

Cassie let out a laugh, as she moved in a similar fighting position. "Nah, You can keep that. But instead, how bout you get a demotion if you lose?" she said, rolling her neck around. Sonya looked slightly taken aback, but quickly regained her composure, tightening her fists. "Alright, I'll humor you... But if that's the case, than I'm not going to go lightly, like I did before... Let's go!" she said, running forward at the young girl. Cassie smiled widely, before running at her mother, fists raised.


Despite her confidence, Sonya's age seemed to finally start to catch up to her. After several minutes of rather intense battle, Sonya powered up her fist, throwing a glowing pink punch at Cassie. She seemed too fast, though, as she quickly ducked down, before quickly rising back up, hitting an uppercut on her mother. She flew back, landing hard on the ground, knocking the air out of her. She tried to get up, regaining her breathe, but she found her arms shaking. She slowly propped herself up on her elbows, trying to rise further, but found herself unable to. Cassie walked up beside her, looking rather banged up, but still standing. "That it? You done?" she asked, in between breaths. 

Sonya heaved a bit more, but only found herself falling back. She looked up at the blonde girl, before taking a deep breathe and sighing. "You know what? Sure... You won..." Sonya said, in a somewhat pained expression, as she propped herself up again. Cassie looked rather happy, though still had the air of smugness about her. "Alright! Finally..." she said, as if this was an outcome that she had been waiting for for years.

"Yeah, yeah, don't get too cocky..." she said, popping her neck a bit, "So, you said a demotion eh? Well, unfortunately, that's not really possible... Command isn't going to let me step down as your CO just because I lose a sparring match with my daughter, no matter how embarrassing it is..." Sonya said, a slightly blush on her face.

Cassie hummed to herself as Sonya talked, reaching into one of her pouches. "Hm? Oh, no, that kinda demotion wasn't what I was thinkin'. But if you think THAT was embarrassing, well, you haven't seen the half of it!" she said, pulling out what looked like a grenade. Sonya immediately tensed up, placing one hand on a handgun strapped to her thigh. "Cassie... I don't know what you are thinking, but I am telling you right now, stand down... I don't even know what blowing me up would accomplish!"

"Psht! You'd think after all these years, you'd be able to tell a smoke bomb from a regular grenade... Though I enhanced this one with the help of some friends~!" she said, pulling the pin and dropping it. She quickly started to walk away, putting another stick of gum in her mouth. "BRB!" she said, waving over her shoulder as the room started to fill with smoke.

"En...hanced?" Sonya said, before starting to cough a bit, putting her hand over her mouth, "That girl... What is up with her..." She started to rise a bit more, still filtering her mouth from the smoke as her eyes watered. Oddly, she found it slightly easier to get up now... Her body seemed to feel much better from a few seconds earlier. Curious, she looked down at her arm, where there were several cuts and bruises. Before her eyes, they slowly started to heal themselves, the cuts zipping themselves up, while the bruises seemed to simply disappear. After a few moments, she found that her muscles were well enough that she was able to stand up, only feeling slightly sore.

"What is her game... This doesn't seem like the kind of thing she would usually do..." she said, trying to look around. It was no use, though, as the entire room was practically filled with a thick haze of smoke. She tried walking around to find the exit, one hand extended while the other covered her mouth. As she did so, though, she felt a weird rustling around her legs. Her pants felt like they were starting to droop, which she found somewhat annoying, as she was used to them being tight for better movement. "Ugh... Belt must have come loose..." she grumbled to herself, as she reached behind herself to pull them up.

Instead of grabbing her uniform pants, though, her hand sank into a thick layer of plastic. "The hell?!" she yelled as she looked down. She could see her pale, toned legs, leading up to a thick white garment hugging her crotch. Her pants seemed to have completely disappeared, replaced by an almost comically large diaper. "Oh, whatever that girl did to make... This! I'm gonna kill her..." she said angrily, as she started walking toward where she thought the door was...

As she stepped, though, she found her legs... Oddly hard to move. At first she thought it might be the diaper impeding her movement, but even when she was standing, she found it harder and harder to balance. "Whaz goin on? Why's can' I walk pwoperwy?And why's I tawkin funnies?" she said out loud, as she looked around. She suddenly felt frightened, as she instinctively stuck a finger to her mouth, starting to suckle on it. The smoke was starting to dissipate now, but she stood in one spot, suckling on her fingers and bouncing on the balls of her feet uneasily.

As she started to see the surroundings more and more, she noticed that they looked... Larger... More grand than usual. Her mouth fell open, as she tried to walk over to the nearby emergency computer. Her had become so uncoordinated, though, that after only a few steps, she found herself falling back on her bottom. Her eyes teared up slightly, despite the fact that it caused no pain, and watched as her legs instinctively curled up, most of it's muscle mass replaced with cute baby fat. Most of her body was like that, in fact, as she sat there sniffling, in only a diaper and tiny combat jacket. Even her hair had changed, her bun becoming a pair of pigtails, which her now too large had hung lazily from. 

"Well, well, looks like it worked! Takeda wasn't messin' around!" Sonya heard a voice from behind her, as Sonya was suddenly lifted into the air. Cassie turned her around, bouncing her slightly with a smirk. "Wow, you were cute when you were a baby! Almost as cute as I was! Now what to call you... Can't really call you Commander anymore, and Mommy seems out the window..." She then sniffed the air and frowned. "Uh... We'll figure it out after a diaper change... Jeez, you need to figure out a better diet!"


Despite her shining confidence, and her certainty that she would win, it was only a few minutes before Cassie Cage was lying on her back. She struggled to get up, but found it impossible, at first due to her several injuries, but soon it was because her own mother had placed a foot on her, keeping her down. "Don't try to get up... you'll just stress your muscles and tear something..." she said, tightening the electronic straps on her wrist.

"Ugh... Fine! You win!" Cassie said forcefully, pushing her boot from off of her. Slowly and painfully, she got up to a sitting position, trying not to look her her defeater directly. It was pretty hard, though, as Sonya's eyes seemed to be burning a hole on her head. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore, and was forced to look up at her, shame all over her face...

They had always told her that she took more after her father, but the look of satisfaction that Cassie usually had was placed rather firmly on Sonya's face. She walked over to her side, grabbing her by the arm and lifting her rather roughly to her feet. "Well... You lost... Again. We talked a bit about a... Demotion, didn't we?" Sonya said, walking back around in front of her. Cassie looked over to the side, mumbling something under her breath. "What was that? I am your Commanding Officer, when I ask you something, you answer!" Sonya said firmly, looking stern.

"Yes ma'am..." Cassie finally said, sighing a bit, "But it was only supposed to be for you! We didn't make a wager for if I lost..." Cassie was rubbing her arm now, looking a lot more shy than anyone had really seen her.

"Correct. But, I feel that a demotion is fit for you... No arguments!" she cut across, stopping Cassie from saying anything, "Now, I will be more than fair, and let you keep your position... But you will be put into a Special Probationary Period. Do you understand?" She crossed her arms across her chest.

Cassie rubbed her leg against the back of the other, blushing a bit as she looked to the side. "Y-yes... Commander... What kind of probation, though?" she asked, almost nervous as to what the answer would be. Sonya simply smirked, as she walked by her, grabbing her arm. "Let's go get you patched up... Little girl..." Sonya said, almost too knowingly...

A week later, Sonya was filing some reports in her office when she heard a knock on her door. "Enter." she commanded, not even bothering to look over her shoulder. She heard the door open, and a pair of combat boots enter the room. "Cassie Cage, reporting to Commander Sonya Blade for Probation!" said Sonya's daughter said, standing up straight.

"At ease. And you know the terms of the probation..." Sonya said, closing the filing cabinet before turning around. Cassie's cheeks became visibly red as she slowly nodded. "Uh... Yeah... Um... Cassie Cage, reporting to... Mommy... For Probation..." she said, her voice trailing off at the end.

"Of course... Come on." she said, gesturing her over. Cassie obediently walked forward, standing at attention in front of Sonya. The Commander sat down in her chair, patting her lap without a word. Cassie's face only got redder, as she looked around, as if making sure no one was watching. Then, slowly, she walked over, sitting down on her lap. As she did so, Sonya reached up, rubbing her back. "Good girl... Have you finished your training for today? Submitted your damage reports for the three battles last week?" Sonya asked, rather professionally, which clashed rather awkwardly with the fact that she was zipping down the back of her battle uniform, reaching down the back to where her bottom was...

"Um... Yes Mommy... I've done routine twenty through thirty-two... And the report has been sent in to the higher ups..." she said, trying to concentrate on her words. She was almost drowned out as Sonya grasped onto her bottom, a loud crinkling heard. "Good... Though you diaper is a little soggy... We'll get you nice and dry after your punishment... Now come on! Quicker we get it over with, quicker you can get back to work!" Sonya instructed, patting her behind.

Cassie nodded, getting up quickly without another word. She then reached up, starting to pull down her bodysuit. Underneath was a rather built girl, a rather tight pair of abs and defined muscles. It clashed horribly with the yellow tinted diaper that appeared when she pulled the body suit down her thick thighs, pulling it completely off and setting it aside. She then walked over to her mother, kneeling down before placing her mostly nude body across her lap. Sonya seemed to expect this, and as soon as she was comfortably laying there, she pulled at the back of the diaper, tearing it open. Without another moments thought, she started to slap her bottom, rather firmly. Cassie let out a little yelp, but remained as tight lipped as she could as her mother smacked her bottom hard several dozen times, her ass starting to glow red, some welts even appearing. "There... Just a few more weeks of this and you will be off probation! Then we can spar again..." Sonya said, opening a drawer, pulling out a new diaper. "Now... You know what to say..."

Cassie slowly got up, rubbing her bottom. "Um... Tank yous fo' da spanking... I deserved it..." Cassie said, in a faux baby voice, "Can I pwease have my diapoo?"
Finish Her!
So instead of making a Seal Their Fate, I decided to do something different. Instead, I chose two girls and had them fight! But I couldn't decide who to have win... So I wrote them both as a winner! So in this fight, Sonya Blade fights her daughter Cassie Cage. First, we see what it would be like if Sonya lost... Then what happens when Cassie falls...

Who made the better loser?
No one gives a shit about anything I'm doing, so I'm going to stop. Seal their fate and User Generated Story are done. Whatever.

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A Chuunibyou TG Story

To say that Yuuta felt awkward at that moment was a bit of an understatement. He was lying down in the middle of the club room, surrounded by women, as the ground below him glowed with the several string lights in the shape of a star. He had, of course, tried to make a fuss, to try and get his way out of his. But even he knew that it was kind of useless to talk Rikka out of doing something, and of course Dekomori and Kumin would follow what she said, the former being a loyal follower, and Kumin just enjoying doing whatever anyone else was doing at the time. So here he was, letting his girlfriend and her friends do a special "spell" that she had created, as the others watched on and assisted where they can.

"Oh dear Goddess Venus, here the plea of a loyal mistress in the holder of the Wicked Eye!" Rikka said dramatically, as Yuuta sighed, looking directly up to the ceiling, "The power of the Dark Flame Master has diminished! A transfer of power is required immediately, so that the Dark Flame Master may rise again to full ability, and bring this reality to it's full potential!"

Yuuta rolled his eyes slightly, yawning a bit as he continued to just stare at the ceiling. She had been ranting about this for about a week now, and it was getting slightly tiresome, though he tried to be respectful and say nothing to the contrary. He could hear Dekomori's small gasps as Rikka spoke, followed shortly by the sighs of frustration by Nibutani and the small giggling from Kumin. It seemed that everyone was finding what was going on interesting except for him, as he was used to these kind of shenanigans at this point...

What he wasn't used to was how long these usually took. When Rikka played these little games at home, they would just last a few minutes before he would bop her and walk away. After being overwhelmed by girls, though, he found himself here for ten minutes... Twenty minutes... Half an hour... He could feel himself starting to get a bit tired, and the rhythmic chanting wasn't helping much. "Are we going to be done soon?" he asked, looking up at Rikka.

"Shh! We're not done yet!" Rikka said quickly, before continuing her slow chant. Yuuta sighed, looking back up at the ceiling. Slowly, his eyelids started to close. His mind wandered away from the current situation. As his eyelids finally fell, the only thing in his mind was the slow, nonsensical chanting of Rikka...

It was warm. The feeling on his face was quite warm. He was curious if he had laid there for so long that the sun had moved onto his face. Instinctively, he moved his arm over his eyes, sighing a bit as he tried to continue sleeping...

He heard something distantly. It was a voice. It was familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time. It was saying something that he felt he had heard it say several times before, yet he knew that it was completely foreign at this moment. Slowly, he felt his arm moving away from his eyes, and they opened to look up at the sky. 

This was odd, however. He should be staring up at the light on the club ceiling, not a bright sky. From the looks of it, it seemed to be just about midday, while he knew for a fact that the club meeting had been going on til close to dusk... Slowly, he could feel himself start to lean up, getting up on his elbows. Below those elbows felt rough and coarse, not at all like the carpet he was used to... He wasn't even sure why he was sitting up, anyways. The body seemed to just be making decisions on his own...

"What is it, Cento-san?" he heard an odd voice yell out from his mouth to the wide beach. This, he knew, was wrong. The voice was much different from his own. His was deeper, somewhat whiny, but definitely, well, male. This one was not. This one was mature, somewhat sultry, stone cold to a degree, and much to his shock, quite feminine. In the back of his mind, he even felt that he had heard it somewhere before...

Slowly, Yuuta started to take in his surroundings. As he had established, he was on a beach. The people seemed... Different from what he was used to seeing on the beach. Though really, the whole being here should be the strange part... All of the people looked foreign to him, not the least bit being the young girl looking straight at him, wearing a one piece swimsuit with white polkadots against a red fabric. She was walking up to him, looking quite huffy. "You were supposed to do samurai training with me, Toka-neechan!" she said angrily, holding onto her wooden sword.

This, too, seemed a bit too odd to ignore. He opened his mouth to correct her, but instead, the same feminine voice from earlier stated, "Well, if you promise not to make a scene this time..." He then felt himself getting up from the towel they were laying on, looking down to dust off some sand from their body.

This was the first time that Yuuta was given a chance to get a look at the body he was in. And it was far different from what he was used to. Immediately down from his eyeline were two large breasts, somewhat pale, held in by a small black bikini top with red trim. Her arms, a similar color but noticeably toned, reached up, straightening the straps slightly, before reaching down. Her body bent over, reaching down for her legs. Starting from the bottom, she started to pat them down, first rubbing off bits of sand from her slim shins before moving up to her more rounded thighs. She reached for several parts, her hands colliding against her skin causing them to jiggle slightly, as she cleaned herself off. Finally, she reached behind herself, peeking over her shoulder. Her back arched slightly as she looked down to her fleshy bottom, large against the rest of her body, only accentuated by her bikini bottom slipping in between her round cheeks. Yuuta watched as she slipped her fingers into the bottom, pulling the wedgie out and straightening them against her rather voluptuous behond, before turning back to Cento. "Alright, let's begin..." The voice of Toka, Rikka's older sister, said down to the small girl in front of her, "Don't hold back. It would be insulting..."

The small girl nodded, before raising the wooden sword in front of her, taking a mock samurai pose. Toka simply reached up, placing her hand on her wide hip. "Come on now... I'm waiting..." she said, in her somewhat cold voice, as she took her other hand and ran it through her silky black-blue hair. Cento nodded, before yelling out, running at Toka, head full of steam...

As Yuuta looked through Toka's eyes, at the little girl rushing at her, something flashed before her. It was smaller than a millisecond, but for some reason, Yuuta could see it clearly. It was like a memory coming to the forefront of Toka's mind. He could see another small girl running at her, though this time it was inside of a house. "I'ma get you neechan!" little Rikka yelled up, running at the taller girl with a pillow. Of course, she couldn't be much older than five in this memory, and was easily stopped, as Toka held her hand out, holding onto Rikka's head. "You're going to have to do better than that..." Toka's voice echoed in the memory, as Rikka flailed uselessly, whining.

She was brought back to reality, though, when the small girl finally reached her. She lifted the wooden sword above her head, starting to bring it down ferociously. Despite being young, Yuuta could notice that she was shockingly fast. Unfortunately for her, though, Toka was much faster. She quickly raised her hand, simply placing it in front of the sword, not allowing her to move it any further. With her other hand, she reached lower, extending one finger and placing it firmly into the young girl's belly.

The child's shock was immediately replaced by a burst of giggles, as she dropped the sword. It seems that Toka had hit the exact right tickle spot, and the girl was helpless as she fell to the ground, writhing in Toka's grasp, laughing the whole time. "Do you give in?" Toka asked, continuing to tickle her belly.

"Y-yes! Just s-stop already!" she gasped a bit, as she tried to escape. Toka obliged, but instead of simply letting her go, she reached down, lifting up the girl. "You know the consequences of defeat..." she said, as she hoisted her onto her shoulder, starting to walk to the ocean.

"Nooo! Please! I'll win next time!" she said, struggling in her grasp, her hands colliding against her back while her feet kicked against her cushy bosom. Toka paid no mind, though, as she walked along the pier. "If you do not accept your dues, you will not grow as a person... Any last words?" she asked, as she stood at an edge. She held her out at arms length above the water that, of course, wasn't too deep, but was deep enough that she wouldn't hurt her.

"Hm... Well, I'll use one of your techniques against you!" she said triumphantly, as she reached out and locked her arms around Toka's, holding on for dear life. Toka seemed unfazed, though, as she stared at her. "No bother... One last lesson... You must understand your opponent and be prepared to make sacrifices..." She then hugged the girl close to her chest, before jumping out, curling up as they dived into the water in the cannonball, the girl shrieking in her arms.

Yuuta felt something strange, though, as the body hit the water. He thought he was finally waking up this weird dream, because instead of the cold ocean, he felt himself landing onto something soft. Whatever body he was in now let out a soft sigh as it did so...

The entire situation had changed... He was no longer outside in the sun. In fact, it seemed like he was inside of a bedroom, and from the look of the window, it was dark outside. It seemed like he was laying in a bed, but it was much softer than any bed he had ever laid in... The body slowly rose, and across the room, he could see the reflection from a full length mirror.

The body that held him this time was rather familiar. In a long shirt that stopped at her thighs, and a small batch of brown hair atop her head, Kumin stretched a bit, looking around. "Alright, after my nap, it's time to do some sleep studying..." she said, standing up and walking to her desk. Scattered across it were several notebook, each written with different things like "Perfect Head Pillow", "Arm Accessories" and "Clothing". She sat down, opening a couple of them and starting to write things down.

Listed inside of several of them were lists of things she seems to have tried, along with notes of her experience. "Memory Foam - Comfy, but not cost effective", "Cotton wears better than Jersey material", "Body pillows - Look Into More". This time, though, she opened to a new page in a random notebook, where written at the top were the words "Sleep Like A Baby - The Ultimate Goal"

"Hmm..." Kumin said to herself, as she tapped the pencil against her lips. This seemed rather important to her, if it was her Ultimate Goal, and it couldn't be any more clear, as ten minutes later, the page was completely filled with various notes, pictures, and lists. It was a while before she was satisfied, as she slowly stood up. "Alright! Time to make preperations for the Ultimate nap!" she said, in her same airy voice, though an edge of determinedness seemed to sneak in, as she started to walk around the room...

Yuuta could only watch in wonder as, through her eyes, he saw her start to completely redecorate her room, as per what she had prepared in her notes. She put a soft "baby soft" layer on top of her mattress, before covering it with rather bright cover. She seemed to produce some small railings out of nowhere, securing them to the side of her bed. And after studying her collection of stuffed animals, she picked up a small stuffed lamb next to her pillow. "Hm... Yes, I think this is the closest to a baby's bed I can get..." she said to herself, before looking down, "Now, to dress the part..."

Slowly, she walked over to the full length mirror on the other side of the room. Here, Yuuta could see her in her full glory, though he really didn't want to. Her complexion was pale, like Toka, but unlike the young chef, she really had no muscular tone to speak of. The constant laying around and napping had given her an overall soft body, most noticeable in her thighs, which were wide and squishy. Of course, this was the most Yuuta had ever really seen of her... Until a few moments later, when she reached down and pulled off the night shirt she was wearing, leaving her only in her underwear.

Yuuta wanted to look away, giving her friend some privacy, but he was looking through her eyes, so he was left at her mercy. He could now see that her hips were wide enough to fit with her wide thighs, and it flowed up to her abdomen, while not fat, was still rather soft, quite flat and rubbable. It lead up to her chest, which was smaller than some other girls, but seemed perfect for her, held in a white silk bra. And as she turned around and bent over to pick something up, he could just see her bottom, which was, expectedly, wide and soft, to match the rest of her body.

She was reaching down to pick up a seemingly innocuous box on the ground. She opened it to find... Some white square of plastic, and... A pacifier? She picked up the small rubber bobble, observing it in her hands for a bit, before placing it in her mouth, starting to suckle on it. "Mmm..." she said, satisfied, as she turned back to the mirror, now holding the white plasticy item.

She seemed to just enjoy her image in the reflection for a bit, as she softly suckled on the pacifier. With a giggle, she reached down, starting to pull off her panties... Yuuta, of course, wished he could look away again. He was powerless, though, as she pulled them completely off, setting them aside. She then opened up the white object, which now was more of an I shape, before placing it in between her legs. He was forced to look down at her crotch, with a small patch of hair, as she pulled it up, settling it around her waist and pulling taped in place, until it stayed there by itself. She then reached up and pulled off her bra, setting it next to her panties, before looking back at her reflection.

The sight was... Bizarre. It was a mix of weird, sexy and cute. The girl was standing basically nude, wearing only a rather overstuffed diaper, causing her stance to become a bit wider. She was still suckling on the pacifier as well, a smile on her face behind it. "Perfect!" she said around it, as she practically skipped over to her bed. She lowered one of the railings, before slowly climbing in, grabbing her stuffed sheep. "Now than... Time to sleep like a baby~!" she said, raising the railing again, before settling under the covers. She sighed a bit, cuddling in a bit. And before Yuuta knew it, he could feel her consciousness start to fade away...

He was in a bed again, that much he knew. It was soft underneath him, and he could see the ceiling above him. It wasn't clear, however, because this bed had a rather large canopy. The person who was laying on this bed wasn't sleeping either, instead, they seemed to just have flopped right onto the end of it, not seeming to be able to focus on anything at the moment from how her eyes were unfocused...

The body he was in soon stood up, walking around the room listlessly. It was rather extravagant, very large, with an oak desk to the side, a large TV to the other, and a full shelf of anime and manga to read near them. She didn't seem interested in any of it, though, because instead, she went over to the desk and picked up a book, almost admiring it. It was quite unlike the room she was currently in, large and black, decorated with several stickers and big bubble letters that said "Mabinogion" on it. "Oh Mori Summers... Lead my troubled mind-dess!" said a high voice from his mouth.

He didn't need much confirmation beyond that on who he was currently inhabiting... Sanae Dekomori was busy studying her large book of Mori Summer quotes, looking for some guidance... Of course, he wasn't clear what guidance she was looking for...

After several minutes of mindlessly reading, she seemed to land on something that took her attention. It was a posting on an image board made by "Mori Summers", talking about bonding: "The bond between a master and a disciple is one that can only truly be felt in the heart of your will know when you have truly bonded with your master, because your heart will truly burst with emotion, and you will feel one with the fae!"

As she read this, Yuuta could feel a warmness start to fill inside Dekomori's chest. This quote seemed to bring up some resolve inside of her, as she rose from her seat triumphantly. "Yes, you are right Mori Summers! I have found my master, and I feel that connection with my master!" she said, as she marched to the middle of the room. As she said this, she thought of Rikka, in a somewhat godlike form, with a flowing black dress, backlit by angelic light...

Something seemed to be interrupting this, though. Every time she imagined her master, in all of her godlike valor, she was interrupted by another image. For some reason, when she imagined the glory of her Master of the Wicked Eye, it seemed to be butted out by the last person she wanted to see: That old hag Shinka Nibutani.

Every time she tried to think about Rikka and her practicing on the beach, instead, she thought about the arguments she had with her that day... She started to imagine the elegant bikini that Rikka was wearing, an beautiful yellow swimsuit with a skirt... In an instant, though, that image was replaced with the fair skin and pink bikini of Nibutani, standing tall over her after conquering her in a game of chicken...

"No! I will not think about that fake Mori Summers!" she said, her face burning red as she threw herself onto the bed, face down. She tried, again, to think about her master. This time, she tried to picture her when she first became her apprentice. She was majestic, in her black ruffled dress, and her umbrella that perfectly framed her beautiful figure...

In a flash, her mind's eye was looking at Nibutani again. She was kneeled down in front of Dekomori, wearing her full Mori Summers get up. Despite being a memory, Yuuta could feel that, at that time, she was crying... She believed that she truly was Mori Summer...

"She isn't... Mori Summer..." Dekomori said feebly into the pillow she was hugging onto, her face still burning as she tried to hide it from nobody. Despite her protests, though, her mind seemed to wander... How Nibutani always helped them when they needed it... How she fought the other fake Mori Summer to win her back... How, despite always yelling at her, she was always nice... And as she slowly fell asleep, the last image in her mind was the accidental kiss the two of them shared...

He shook awake again. He was in another body... Unlike the last two times, he wasn't laying in a bed. Instead, this person was sitting on a train. It was dusk, and the train seemed to be near it's last stop. Most people had left, and this body was sitting alone... After orienting herself, she slowly stood up, grabbing the bag at her feet. Despite looking stuffed, it was surprisingly light...

She got off at the stop a few minutes later. She walked away from the station, but really, it didn't seem like she had any particular destination. She simply walked down the street, leaving the somewhat suburban area she was in and entering a small park. She looked around a bit, admiring the sight of the park. Yuuta could feel a sense of nostalgia, and with a jolt, he realized why it was familiar. It was the place him and Shichimiya always hung out in middle school and indulged in their Chuunibyou. He felt embarrassed, but the person he was in seemed to enjoy the sight. Which means he was probably in...

"Huh... Well, I guess this is as good a place as any..." Shichimiya said, somewhat sadly, as she turned away from the pretty sights. She set her eyes instead on a small bench, with a garbage can at the end. She let off a deep sigh before slowly starting to walk towards it. She lifted the bag up as she did so, slowly looking inside. There was a large amount of pink and blue fabric in there, along with a sheet of heart shaped stickers. She lifted the sheet, seeming to look at it longingly, before stopping at the trashcan. "I think... It's about time I move on... There is no reason to continue doing this, huh?" she said to herself, as she started to pull out different items. Her vision became somewhat blurry, as if a filter of water had been put over them. She pulled out a skirt and sweater, which had wrapped around a plastic wand. She pulled them apart, before starting to slowly move them towards the trashcan.

She stopped, however, right when she was about to drop them. A sound had distracted her. She looked to the side, where she thought she had heard it come from. At first, she didn't see anything. Yuuta noticed at the same time she did, though, that there seemed to be a pair of legs and hips sticking out from behind a tree. A head slowly poked out the other side, before noticing she was being looked at and quickly hiding again, making a tiny noise of surprise.

Shichimiya seemed curious. She took the items back to her bag, before picking it up and walking over. "Um... Is there anyone there?" she asked to the hiding person. They seemed to jump a bit and hide more, though she really didn't do a very good job... Shichimiya could see the girl was still wearing her school uniform, probably on her way home. From what she could tell, she was probably in middle school, as it looked vaguely like her old one... "Can I help you?" Shichimiya asked, walking around the tree.

The girl jumped again, blushing deeply and attempting to cover her face. "I-I'm sorry!" she stuttered, looking away and taking small peeks at her, "I didn't wanna... Freak you out! I saw... I mean..." she said, trailing off a bit, her face only become redder as she spoke. Shichimiya smiled a bit, wiping her eyes. Seeing this girl act so oddly was... Somewhat heartwarming. It reminded her of herself... "Let me guess..." Shichimiya said, her confidence starting to return, "Did you see... Well... My other form?" Shichimiya put her hands on her hips, sticking her chest out proudly.

"Y-yes... I'm sorry for following you... I just thought it was... Cool..." the girl said softly, looking down to the side. Shichimiya looked down at her, noting the shame on her face. Again, it reminded her of herself, when she first started talking to Yuuta... And she thought of what he had done for her, when she felt a similar shame... Shichimiya gave out her signature laugh, crossing her arms. "Well, young woman, you are quite crafty! Not many are able to connect the familiar energies of myself and Sophia Ring SP Saturn the Seventh! I think you would do well as a magical girl!" she said loudly, watching her.

The girl before her uncovered her face, looking ecstatic. "R-really?!" she said happily, which filled Shichimiya's heart with joy. Shichimiya nodded, reaching down and lifting the wand from her bag. "Of course! Now, I call upon the power of Sophia Ring!" she said, clicking the button on the side of the wand. It started to play a small J-pop tune, as lights flashed on it and the small wings on the heart flapped. Shichimiya stood there for a moment, awkwardly, before looking down. "Uh... It seems my magic is being interfered with!" she quickly made up, handing the wand to the girl, "I will do this the old fashioned way!"

The girl graciously took the wand, stepping back in awe. Shichimiya reached down, undoing her uniform top. Pulling it off, she revealed a bright pink bra she was wearing underneath. Her chest seemed to bounch rather impressively as she reached down, undoing her skirt to reveal a matching pair of panties. She felt somewhat embarrassed, undressing so freely in a public park, but she pushed it out of her mind. She was in the zone! She pulled off her shoes, pulling a pair of black boots out of her bag. She pulled a sweater over her chest, squishing against her soft bosom, before pulling the skirt up her legs, placing the suspenders in place. Finally, she pulled out the blue scarf, wrapping it around her neck. Pulling off a sticker from the sticker sheet, she placed it on her cheek. "Sophia has arrived!" she said triumphantly, posing a bit as the girl clapped in amazement.

Shichimiya blushed slightly as she walked up to her, watching her as if studying her. "Hm... I think you will make a perfect subordinate for Sophia!" she said to her, patting her on top of the head. She was silent, her mouth hanging open as she nodded. "Oh! Here, this is yours..." she said, handing her the wand. Shichimiya went to grab it... Before pushing it back. "No, I think my sidekick needs this vessel of power more than I!" she said, grabbing her arms. The smaller girl looked nearly in tears as Shichimiya wrapped her arm around her. "Now than, let's find you your uniform for crime fighting!" she said, leading her away from the park...

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings changed. And for once, it was one that was almost too familiar to Yuuta... He was standing in a doorway, looking into a room. It looked like a pretty normal club room, save for two striking features: the giant pile of pillows to one side of the room, and a giant glowing pentagram in the middle, made out of blue strings of light. The room seemed deserted, but a small sound would alert the viewer to the opposite side of the room that held the pillows. There, nestled in the corner, was a small blonde haired girl in pigtails, holding a broom and dustpan. It seemed as though Dekomori was planning to do some cleaning, but passed out in the middle of it.

The person who's body Yuuta inhabited sighed a bit, walking in. "Just as I expected..." she said, moving a bit of hair out of her face. He recognized the posture and sound coming from her lips to be that of Nibutani, the former cheerleader and member-by-force of this particular club. Despite her saying how much she disliked it, and how much she hated being here, for some reason, he constantly saw her showing up. And here she was again, showing up after most people had left, the only person there being the one she had the most arguments with.

Nibutani watched the snoozing girl for a second before sighing again, going over to the pile of pillows. "I guess I have to clean it up... Again... Why do we ever trust her when she says that she can do it..." Nibutani said to herself, as she started to put the pillows away in a cabinet. After doing that, she walked over to the magic circle, turning it off, before erasing the "ancient spells" off the chalkboard and clapping the erasers out. Once she made sure everything else was clean and proper, she went to the door planning to leave. Right before she turned off the lights, however, she heard another small sound. "Oh, yeah... I guess I should take care of her too..." Nibutani said, looking at the slumped over girl.

Sighing again, she slowly walked over, kneeling down. "Come on Dekomori-san... It's time to get going..." she said softly, shaking her a little bit. Dekomori moaned a bit, only moving slightly. Nibutani shook her a bit more, but it was no use, as she continued to sleep. Nibutani gave one last sigh, before reaching down, lifting her up. "Come on... I can't leave you in here all night..." she said, hoisting her up into her arms. Dekomori seemed comfortable with this, as she nestled into Nibutani's shoulder. Nibutani blushed slightly, but shook her head, heading out of the room.

She walked down the road, carrying the girl in her arms. It was kind of embarrassing, but it was her duty to do so, as her senior... She could hear Dekomori seeming to mumble something, not paying attention for the most part. Her ears did perk up, however, when she heard her name. "Mm... Nibutani-sempai... Mori Summers... Mastah..." she said, as her eyes opened slightly to look at her. 

"What are you babbling about this time..." Nibutani said, as she looked down at her, still walking. Dekomori seemed to stare at her, through slit eyes, as if studying her. "... Mori... Summers?" she asked sleepily, seeming very out of the current situation.

Nibutani began to deny her claim. But as she looked down at the tiny girl in her arms, something in her heart seemed to melt. "Mmm... You know what, sure... I am Mori Summers..." she said, stopping. They were at the train station, but it seemed like it would be a bit before Dekomori's train would get there. She set Dekomori on one of the benches, before sitting beside her, allowing her to slump slowly against her. "Mm... I knew Mori Summers would be... This soft... She smells of flowers... Flowers like the fairies sleep in..." Dekomori slowly said to herself, smiling as she closed her eyes again.

"Uh... Thank you, Dekomori-san..." Nibutani said, her face becoming pink. She tried to look forward, focusing on the train schedule, but found it hard, as the small girl reached up, slowly hugging Nibutani. She simply awkwardly sat there, as Dekomori rubbed up against her. "Mmm... Mori Summers... Have I been a good subject?" Dekomori asked, her hand rubbing softly against Nibutani's chest.

"Uh... I think so... Dekomori has always been a good girl..." Nibutani said, slowly moving her hand away. Dekomori smiled a bit, but slowly, it faded. "Mori... Summers... It is rude... But..." she mumbled, looking up a little bit, her eyes opening slightly. Curiously, Nibutani looked down at her. She seemed to trail off, as if embarrassed to say what she was thinking. She waited for a moment, before sighing. "What do you... I mean..." Nibutani hated herself a bit, but forced herself to say, "Don't worry, child of faith... You may speak freely before... Mori Summers..."

"Mori-san... I want... The Ultimate Gift..." she said, cuddling in more to her. Nibutani raised an eyebrow, not sure what to make of the request. "The... Ultimate Gift? I'm not sure what... I mean... Please refresh my memory... I have been alive for a while now..."

"The gift... Given to those who are believed to be amongst the truest to the Fae... I want... The Fairy Kiss..." she said, her face red, as she looked up again. Nibutani fidgeted a bit, as she looked down at her. She was clearly out of it, and didn't know what she was saying... "Um... Well... I would love to give you the uh... Fairy K-kiss... But I think your..." she started to say, getting up. Dekomori held on tighter, though, and Nibutani was forced to sit back down. As she looked down to the small blonde girl, she saw that she was now tearing up. "I knew it... I'm not worthy... I am weak..." she started to say pitifully, giving out a small sob.

"No! You are worthy! It's just... I..." she said, looking down at her. Dekomori simply held onto her, not looking up, her shoulders shaking. Nibutani looked around... Before sighing again, reaching down. She put her hand on her chin, forcing her head up. "Just for you... Mori Summers will give you this one gift..." she said softly, her face red. She closed her eyes, before slowly placing her lips against Dekomori's. Instantly, she felt the small girl relax in her group, seeming to melt as their lips met. Nibutani stayed there for a few seconds, before moving back, quickly wiping her mouth. "Thank you... Mori Summers..." Dekomori said softly, before simply moving her head to the side, falling asleep again.

"Anytime..." she said, blushing as she looked away from her, looking at the clock. The train couldn't come soon enough...

Yuuta wasn't sure when he switched... Nibutani seemed to lose focus, her eyes unfocusing. When they focused back in, she was looking... Into Shichimiya's face. Internally, Yuuta jumped a bit, but the body she was in stayed still, staring. At first, Yuuta wondered if he was in the body of Shichimiya's new apprentice... But as the girl blinked, he noticed that she seemed blinded in her right eye... Though it was still functioning, just being covered with something...

"Are you sure you want me to do this, Tyrant Eye?" Shichimiya asked, watching her. Yuuta was used to her boisterous confidence, so she found it quite odd to see her so... Nervous when she spoke. Whatever had been asked of her, she obviously was not sure if she was comfortable in doing it, though it was being covered by her determination...

"Yes... It is the only way I can level up my Contract of Lovers with the Dark Flame Master..." Came the voice of Rikka from Yuuta's mouth. They seemed to be sitting in a dark bedroom, facing each other while on the floor. Rikka sat up straight, trying to put on her powerful tone. "After I complete the Venus Love Curse of the Immortal, things will be different... So I must prepare!" Rikka said, scooting up closer to the girl.

Shichimiya nodded, gulping slightly. "Well, if that is your belief... You think this spell will work, huh?" Shichimiya said, as she moved forward as well. The two of them were now inches away from each other. Any closer and they would practically be touching. "Yes..." Rikka said, blushing slightly as she felt Shichimiya's breathe on her face, "I have to believe... It is the only way for us to truly form the bond of Lovers..."

"Alright.. Let's get ready than..." Shichimiya said, her face turning pink. Yuuta could feel Rikka's face get hot as well, as they both nodded. At once, they both looked down at themselves, standing up slowly. Their hands raised, starting to undress themselves. Rikka watched her hands as she undid the bow of her uniform, taking it off, before stripping off the jacket. She pulled off the shirt underneath, to reveal a black and pink lace bra. Yuuta recognized it, as he had had to wash it before, but he had never seen her in it... She reached down for her skirt, undoing it and the petticoat, pulling it off. She was, of course, wearing a matching pair of lace panties, which he also recognized, both from washing and having accidentally seeing it every once in a while on her...

Once she had pulled off her stockings, leaving her only in her underwear, she looked up. Shichimiya looked back, blushing a bit, also now in her underwear. Despite having seen her like this several minutes ago, from a second person perspective, it was quite impressive... She had a rather large chest in a pink bra, and a small pair of panties, squeezing into her hips slightly, framed by wide hips and thick thighs, probably from her jumping around a lot... "Well... Shall we get started?" Shichimiya asked, shifting uncomfortably. Rikka looked side to side before nodding, lifting her chin up. "Alright... For Lovers to truly feel at one... They must... Get used to the feel of... An intimate touch..." Rikka said, her stutter defeating her confidence, "So, first... I ask Sophia Ring SP Saturn the Seventh to please... Touch me... Intimately..." Rikka said, gulping and closing her eyes...

With her eyes clothes, all Yuuta could rely on was hearing and feeling... And there was plenty of that... He first heard Shichimiya step forward, before he felt a hand on Rikka's chest... There was a burst of excitement and fear inside Rikka, as she felt Shichimiya's hand slowly slowly rubbing her breast... She could feel her nipple get slightly excited, though the nervousness seemed to mix with it, making her shake slightly... She soon felt another hand touch her body, feeling the back of her thigh... Rikka gasped, causing Shichimiya to freeze.

"P-p-please... Continue..." Rikka said softly, gulping again. Slowly, she could feel Shichimiya start to run her hand up her thigh, before she felt her feel Rikka's wide bottom. Rikka jumped as she felt Shichimiya give one cheek a squeeze. Shichimiya's first hand left her chest, reaching down and grasping her other cheek, slowly groping her, feeling her closely... They then moved around her, coming to her front, as they went in between her legs.

"O-okay! I think that's good!" Rikka said suddenly, her face burning. She opened her eyes to see Shichimiya jump back, her face just as red. Rikka cleared her throat before nodding. "Alright... Now that I'm... Use to that... I think it is time for me to get used to feeling the body of another..." Shichimiya nodded, before straightening up and closing her eyes. Once she did so, Rikka stepped forward. She raised a shaking hand, placing it on her chest. Instead of softly rubbing it, as she did to herself, instead she just marveled the softness of them... She placed both hands on her chest, half studying them, half admiring them... She then reached back, almost having to hug the girl, as she grabbed onto her bottom. Shichimiya let out a little sound, but stayed obediently still as Rikka rubbed her hands against her buttocks, letting them sink into her softness. "Wow..." Rikka said to herself, as she felt her thighs, moving her hands up and down her body.

"Well... Shall we do... The final step?" Shichimiya asked, as she was being felt up. Rikka looked up at her, before slowly nodding. "Yes... Let's... Do it..." she said. Shichimiya slowly reached back, groping her bottom again. "Lovers must be used to touching each other at the same time..." Shichimiya explained, as she leaned down, "And now... The Seal of Intimacy..." Rikka looked up, as slowly, Shichimiya's lips came closer to hers... Rikka closed her eyes, leaning forward...

Yuuta sprang up from his laying position. At first, he was curious why the person was so surprise... But as he looked to the side, he realized that he was the one who turned his head... He moved the blanket on the bed in his hands, the hands he was controlling... He was in his own body again! His bizarre dream was over! He smiled, swinging his legs over the side of the bed to get up...

Something was wrong. As he jumped out of bed, things seemed... Out of proportion. He walked around the room, but instead of taking normal foot steps, his feet felt small and light... He looked down to see what was wrong, but he was wearing an overlarge t-shirt. What he could see of his legs weren't promising... They were thin, leading down to a pair of feet that could maybe fit into a size two shoe, if he was lucky...

He ran out of the room, heading over to the bathroom to see his reflection. And when he did, he almost went unconscious again... The person staring back at him was both... Familiar, and yet, unfamiliar. The girl who was standing in that room, whom his mind was currently placed in, was completely unrecognizable. He had never met her before in his life. But after a few moments, he started to observe each part of the body, however, he started to see... Familiar things...

The most immediate thing he noticed was the person's height. He was much closer to the sink now, and he realized that this is why the world seemed so different. It was oddly reminiscent of Dekomori... What wasn't though, was her body. Yuuta quickly threw off the giant sleeping shirt to take a look at her new figure. Hair feel into her face, Yuuta's normal color but pigtails with cat clips eerily similar to Shichimiya's, to match the thigh high socks that she was wearing on her thin legs. They led up to some toned thighs, ones that wouldn't be unlike something you would see on a cheerleader like Nibutani, and held up an impressively round bottom, not unlike Rikka's. Up top, she had a heaving chest, held in by a black bikini top, which reminded Yuuta quickly of Rikka's sister, Toka... And the entire body was wrapped in a soft, pale complexion, the feel being extremely similar to Kumin's body...

"What is going on-dess?!" she said out loud, as she looked around herself, blushing in confusion. "I'll tell you what's going on..." came a triumphant voice from the bathroom door, as Yuuta quickly looked up. Rikka was standing there, looking a mix of overjoyed and victorious, as she placed her hands on her hips. "The Venus Love Curse of the Immortals has leveled up the Dark Flame Master into a new form... The Form of... The Dark Flame Mistress!"

"Rikka, what did you do?! Turn me back n-!" she started to say, before being silenced. Rikka had rushed forward, hugging her tightly. She was now taller than her, and Yuuta could feel her face being buried into her bosom. "Yuuta-chan... I love you so much..." she said softly, as she continued to hug her.

Yuuta wanted to argue, to fight back, but as she was grasped tightly, she could feel the argument slowly start to seep away from her. Slowly, she raised her arms, hugging her back. "I... I love you to... Rikka-chan..." she said softly, blushing deeply, "Um... What happens... Now?"

"Well, of course, we must train you as the new Dark Flame Mistress!" she said happily, stepping back. She reached up, taking her eyepatch off. "I think... I can control my powers well enough to no longer need this... So you shall now wear it, to contain your powers..." she said, setting it over Yuuta's eye. She blushed a bit, but as it was placed on, she felt... Strange... It felt as if Yuuta's worry of the situation was fading. "Y-yeah... I... I need it..." she said a bit, as she felt it, "I am... The Dark Flame Mistress! Lover of the Tyrant Eye, and Servant of Lovely Venus! And Together!" she said, now posing along side her, "We are unstoppable!"


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I will accept commissions for all kinds of stories involving Age Regression and Diapers based on different Anime, Video Games and different materials. Basically, I make AR and Diaper Fanfics. I also do other kinds of stories

The pricing has been updated once more.



Instead of by word, I will be pricing by page. It will make it a lot easier to figure out what the final price will be around.

Simply put,


See? Easy. And to prevent problems with half/quarter pages, I will be splitting prices into quarters. I.E. A half page will cost 2, a quarter page will cost 1, and 3 quarters of a page will cost 3.


Unfortunately, the issue here is that the final price will not be decided until after I am done writing. Writing is a bit of a harder thing to price than a picture. I can definitely try to keep it short, medium, or long based on certain protocols, but I am very flexible with pricing and the final price will be discussed after it is done

The other major variable for price is the subject matter. If I am not familiar with the series, I might charge a bit more based on research and stuff I have to do. It's hard to write in character of someone I don't know.

I will also charge more for sexual content. While light stuff, like nudity, kissing and light sexual things are excusable and won't be charged, full sexual intercourse between two or more people and heavily sexual situations will be charged an extra few dollars.

There is, of course, some things I won't do. That includes:

-Pedophilia. This applies to sexual imagery of underage characters. There is no exception

-Furry. Beyond ears/tails, I will not do any kind of furry things. There is very little exception

-Males as subjects. It's kind of odd, but while I will have males in the story on request, I will not regress or diaper them. The only exception is if the male is TGed into a female. There might be exceptions to the rules, so please discuss with me before commissioning

If you want to request a commission, send me a note. That is my preferred method. I would like a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of what you want the story to be about, along with any specific notes about things you want to happen, like who the victims are, how you want the regression/diapering to happen and any special settings/themes, stuff like that.

If you want it to be multiple chapters, please let me know and we will discuss possible pricing and discounts.

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