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deviation in storage by Osakatan
deviation in storage by Osakatan
deviation in storage by Osakatan
deviation in storage by Osakatan

Activity I decided to make a poll to see what you guys think. This is mostly to gauge interest, and an actual story pack probably won't materialize for a while. You can vote for multiple entries

If you don't like any of the suggested ideas, or think you might have a theme suggestion that could work, please leave a comment!
Would anyone buy a story pack from me if I put one up for sale?

basically I'm thinking about making themed sets of short stories for about 5 bucks a piece. It would be 4-5 stories most likely, and all with a similar theme or all from the same series/franchise.
'Some Kind of Pun' Extra by KonataTan
'Some Kind of Pun' Extra
A special image I made to go along with the short little story I made~ You can find the story over here:

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 "UuuuuuuuUUggh so bored!" said the blue fish lady, as she lay on the couch, balancing a blue spear on the tip of her finger. The orange lizard like creature sitting across her room, studying something on the computer, didn't respond to her words. "UuuuUUuuUGH BORED!" Undyne said again, in a more forceful way, as she moved the spear to her chin. "Hm? Oh, yeah..." Alphys said, quite obvious that she wasn't paying attention at all. Undyne groaned again, before getting up, throwing the spear to the side. "I'm gonna go dig through your human research materials..." she said offhandedly, waving her hand, to which Alphys didn't respond...

 She walked over to the dozens of boxes she had stashed in the side room, which was constantly growing by the week. "Nope... Seen it... Was trash..." she said, looking through the first few boxes. Soon, she got down to one, which seemed hidden down at the bottom. Unlike the others, it was unlabeled, and taped up several times. Undyne, being the caring and respectful person that she was, immediately summoned a spear, tearing open the top. "Woops~" she said delightfully, as she immediately kneeled down, looking inside
 Inside were not any manga or dvds, as she expected, but several random, soft looking objects. "Huh... Weird..." she said, noticing a notebook on top. She picked it up, opening and looking in. There were several pages of writing, and she almost put it away, thinking it was research, before she noted a few lines. "Undyne was helpless... Screamed for... Was in a puddle of..." she read, her cheeks becoming hot as she did so. After reading a few pages, she looked back in the box at the objects. "...Oh..." she said, the realization coming to her. After a moment, though, her signature wicked smile grew across her face. "Well than... If this is what she wants..."

 It was nearly half an hour before Alphys looked away from her research to see that Undyne had left the room. "Undyne?" she called out, getting up and walking around. She went to her 'entertainment room', where her boxes were, but she wasn't there. Alphys thought something was up with the box stack, but it must be her imagination... She then went upstairs, and found something rather peculiar: It was Undyne's shirt, sitting in the middle of the floor. "...Undyne? You okay?" she called out, picking it up and walking down the hall, only to find her jeans laying there a few feet away...

 Alphys began to worry, though the worry turned to quick embarrassment as she got to the outside of her door, and saw a rather familiar pair of dirt boxer underwear sitting there. "UUUH UNDYNE?!" she said, quickly pushing the door open, even though she knew it probably might be a naughty thing waiting inside... She was met, of course, with Undyne standing there, her hair down and wet, a towel wrapped around her chest. "Oh! Hey Alphys!" she said casually, a light blush present on her face. "OH! Uh... Hey Undyne... Sorry, I didn't hear you take a shower..." Alphys said, her face entirely red now...

 "Oh, that's okay~" Undyne said, shining her smile at her. After a moment, Undyne's smile got wider. "Wanna hear a joke?" she asked innocently, walking up to her. "Uh... Yeah, sure..." Alphys said, observing her body, though most of it covered in the long towel. "Ok... Alphys, guess what?" she said, smiling devilishly. "...What?" Alphys replied, raising an eyebrow...

 With that, she raised her arms up, letting the towel fall. "DIAPER BUTT!!" she yelled, exuberance on her face, as she revealed that her body was both quite dry and mostly nude, the only part covered up was her crotch. Alphys shared, her eyes getting wide, as she saw the diaper secured quite professionally to her bottom, the words "Little Undy~<3" written on them. "You like~?" Undyne asked, giggling as she turned around, wiggling her bottom at her.

 Alphys seemed to be struck dumb at what she was seeing, her mouth hanging open, a bit of drool trailing out from it. "Oh! Sorry, didn't say that right~" she said, before getting down on all fours and slowly crawling up to her. This only made Alphys' face go even more red, as Undyne crawled right to her legs and stand on her knees, hugging her around the midsection. "Does mama Alphys like how little Undy looks~?" she asked, in a rather good impression of a little girl, looking up at her with big eyes.

 "Undyne, I-" Alphys began to say, before she felt a rather hard pinch on her bottom. "Nuh uh! I'm little Undy!" Undyne said forcefully, still holding her sweet smile. "Uh... Okay... Little U-undy..." she said slowly, stuttering as she tried to look directly at her without drooling. "You... You look... Sp-splendid!" she stuttered out, reaching down and hugging her softly. Undyne giggled, rising up a bit before wrapping her legs around Alphys. Not expecting this, she started to topple over, but regained her composure after a moment, reflexively grabbing onto Undyne's thick bottom. "Oh! Uh... Sorry... U-undy..." she said, but Undyne waved her off. "Nuh... It's how mommies hold babies, right?" she said, putting her head on her shoulder and hugging her softly. "...Now feed me! I'm a starving baby!" she demanded with a big smile
Some Kind of Pun involving Fish and Diapers
A short little thing I wrote for my friend :iconannakatan: involving Undyne and Alphys from Undertale, with a sprinking of diapers~

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 18 sighed, leaning against the arm of the couch. It was boring nowadays. When there wasn't a world ending fight happening, she was mostly stuck watching the house while Krillin went off to do his Police officer work. And with Marron off to play with Bulma's kids, she was left with very little to do. So after looking around, she decided to fill up some time with picking up laundry. "Least I can do around here..." she grumbled to herself as she reached down, picking up little articles of clothing

 With their daughter being so small, it was rather easy, only having to grab the things that she threw off in excitement. Despite her rather hard, stone like exterior, she felt a warmness in her heard as she picked up the toddler's little dress and socks, sighing a bit as she gathered them in her arms. She walked over to the washing machine, but for some reason, she chose  to hold on to the small red dress, walking back over to the couch and sitting down, staring at it...

 For some reason, she felt her eyes transfixed on it. The thoughts came into her head about how quickly her daughter was growing up, and how this little outfit would soon not fit her anymore... She sighed a bit more, wishing deep down that she would never have to throw it out, and always get to use it...

 Something odd happened inside of her chest as she thought that. It was something like a... click, like something was being activated. She blushed a bit, reaching up and placing a hand on her chest. It was oddly warm... Warmer than it usually was... She quickly stood up, but found herself falter slightly, stepping on the edge of her jeans. Looking down, she found that her feet were now completely encompassed  by the rim of her jeans. Her hands, still grasping the dress, were just outside the now limp hanging sleeves of her black and white striped shirt, which now seemed to hang down below her waist. And that was good too, because she could feel the waist of her jeans starting to drop down...

 She looked around frantically, trying to find something to help her. She saw the phone on the wall, and quickly made her way over, letting her jeans and panties fall to the ground as she ran over. By the time she got to the phone, though, it was way above her head, right out of her reach. She jumped and jumped, but with each bounce, it seemed to get farther away. After about ten or so, she felt herself land on top of the rim of her shirt, causing it to tear and fall off her, leaving her standing nude in the living room...
 From there, she could see herself in full view. All her womanly figure was gone, replaced by chubby baby fat. Her legs were shrimpy, her arms were weak... feeling her face, her fingers caressed two familiar mounds of squishiness that were her cheeks. She was effectively an infant now... And still grasped in her hands was a small red dress, now perfect sized for her. She could either stay nude or... Slowly, she reached up, pulling the dress over her head. As it settled in around her waist, covering her bare privates, her goals became a lot much simpler in her head. "18 need diapey... And nap... Den 18 figoo out what happen!" she said, as if speaking a mission statement, before heading over to Marron's room, each step causing the dress to flare up and show off her cute tush. And after getting said cush into a cozy diaper, she laid down in Marron's bed, placing her thumb in her mouth and quickly dropping off to sleep, to figure out this problem another time...


 Naruto rubbed his chin, looking at himself in the mirror. He was alone, standing in his boxers, seeming to observe himself. After a few moments, he put his hands together into a hand signal, before being covered in a poof of smoke. When it cleared, a rather attractive young woman stood there, her blonde hair put up into pigtails, her perky breasts bouncing seductively, the boxers having turned into a rather small pair of panties, showing off her nice, heart shaped ass on top of her thin, shapely legs.

 "Hm... Hinata-chan has seen this form a dozen times now..." the woman said to the reflection, poking herself in different points, "If I really want to trick her, I have to update this look... Let's start with this..." she said, reaching up and pulling the straps out of her hair, letting it fall down her bare back. She brushed her hands through it a few times before reaching up, taking one of the bands and forming the hair into a loose bun. "There we go! Much more mature!" she said, giggling as she patted her hair.

 She watched herself in the mirror, rubbing her midsection lightly. When Naruto was younger, she made sure to make this form nice and fit looking, like many of the bikini models in the magazines he used to get. Now that he's older and married, though, his interest had changed a bit... As she rubbed her belly, she smiled a bit warmly, rubbing the six pack she had. "Maybe it's time for Naruko to... relax a bit..." she said, as she watched her abdomen start to change. It was as if she was filling a balloon, the defined muscles slowly losing it's shape. After a moment, she could feel the skin start to push in between her fingers, and soon, she could see that her hand was simply molding into the now much rounder surface...

 "Hmm... These should probably change a bit too, to match..." she said softly to herself, as she reached up, grasping onto her breasts. They were quite nice, but they obviously seemed quite fake with how unnaturally perky and perfect they were. But as she held them up in her hands, she could feel a similar pressing of skin against fingers, as her breasts suddenly seemed to have gravity turned up on them. Along with gaining a cup, they sagged ever so slightly, as if to make up for the extra weight. Blushing a bit, Naruko turned her head before massaging them. They grew even bigger, and seemed oddly heavier. "There... Added function to make them even realer..." she whispered to herself, smiling...

 She let go of her breasts, letting them jiggle slightly, before reaching down, rubbing her thighs before trailing to her tight booty. "Well, this will definitely have to change!" she said, giving them a slap. They jiggled accordingly, but after a moment, they seemed to jiggle even more than usual. As they did so, less of the small underwear was visible, as her cheeks soon met each other, rubbing sensually as her ass became rounder and rounder. It seemed to grow at least half a foot in diameter, the effect rippling down her body and causing her thighs to match quickly. The gap in between them quickly closed up, and her soft thighs teamed up with her rounder ass to eat up her underwear, hiding most of it, save for the front and the top of the back...

 "Hmm... I think this will work out just fine~!" Naruko said, giggling a bit as she reached over, grabbing a bathrobe. She covered herself up, making sure to leave a nice opening up top. Outside the room, she could hear a front door opening. Slowly, Naruko walked out, going over to the door frame and watching the darker haired woman set down groceries. "So, Hinata-chan..." Naruko said, smiling seductively, "Ready to see how dirty two mamas can get~?"


 Haruka blushed a bit, looking down in the crib. A small dark haired girl lay. Michiru had stepped out for a little bit, and asked her to look after Hotaru while she was away. She figured it would be easy, as the girl was napping at the time. But now she was awake and crying. "Ugh... I guess I should learn to be a little bit better with kids..." she said, slowly reaching down and picking her up, "There there... Now... What's bothering you..." she asked, mostly to herself, as she bounced her lightly.

 After checking her diaper and attempting to give her toys, she figured she must be hungry. "Alright... Let's find you a bottle of milk..." she said, taking her out of the room and heading to the kitchen. As she walked with the crying girl in her arms, though, she felt oddly... Peaceful. Something about carrying her around felt right... Which disturbed her a bit more than she would like to admit. As she peeked down at Hotaru, it seemed like she almost had a glow emanating off of her, like she was some heavenly creature... Haruka blushed a bit more, holding her against her chest as she bent down to look in the fridge.

 As she did so though, something felt off. The jeans, which were usually a bit loose so that she could wear them comfortably, seemed oddly... Constricting? She absentmindedly reached back, tugging at the back of them as she looked through the shelves. "Hm... Michiru didn't leave you any bottles... And we don't seem to have any milk..." she said, as she stood back up. The movement only seemed to irritate her pants more, though, as it felt like they had shrunk at least once size. "Jeez... Did they stay in the dryer too long?" she said, shifting a bit. She pretended not to hear the light sound of fibers tearing as she reached down with one hand, unbuttoning them.

 She sighed somewhat serenely as she did so, feeling a bit better as she released each button. "You're young, so you probably won't remember this..." she joked to the upset baby, tugging the pants down and throwing them to the side, revealing a pair of thighs that were twice the size of the pants she was wearing. She blushed as she saw then, gulping. "Um... That seems off... Let's find you some formula maybe. Thats what babies have, right?" she said, trying to distract herself as she walked around the kitchen, opening up each cupboard to find something to satiate the infant. No luck, though, as there was not a single box of formula mix to be found...

 That didn't seem to matter much, though, as she heard Hotaru start to calm down anyways. It was odd, too; She hadn't really shifted her grip on her, but yet, it felt like she was holding her more snugly against her. She didn't think much of it until she was on the last cupboard, when she felt something warm and wet touch her chest. She jumped slightly before looking down to investigate. The girl was now silent, her lips being occupied as she suckled on the front of Haruka's shirt. "W-what are you doing Hotaru! There's no... milk there..." she said, before blushing again as the felt the girl trying to suckle on her. Something about it felt right, even though she knew it was wrong. After a few moments, she walked over to the couch, sitting down. "Maybe..." she said, trailing off as she reached down with her free hand, grabbing one of the buttons on her shirt...

 She barely touched the button before it sprang out of it's hole, several more following suit. It was like they were begging to be free this entire time, and she had just now noticed it. After freeing the last few, she felt herself give out a sigh of release, a now round belly folding out over her panties, blocking them from sight. Her bosom was now practically hanging over her bra, looking like it was at least two cups too small. She held Hotaru back before reaching behind her, letting her two mounds of joy free. Once her nipples were free to the air, Hotaru immediately leaned forward, starting to suckle on one hungrily.

 The sensation of being suckled on wasn't half as weird as the feeling of something actually coming out! She could feel a warm liquid starting to flow from her bosom, and at that moment, she felt a wave of serenity wash over her. Despite something in her mind telling her this was wrong, the feeling that moment told her that everything was alright. Slowly, she cradled the girl, smiling warmly. "Drink up, Hotaru-chan!" she said, in a soft voice that was very unlike her own, "Haruka-mama has to get you all fed and cleaned up before Michiru-mama get's home! Then it's nap time while Haruka has some playtime with Michiru-chan~"
Osakatan Birthday Gift
Birthday gift for my good friend :iconosakatan:! In this, 18 becomes babified, and Naruto and Sailor Uranus become mamafied~


Commissions Closed
Artist | Literature
United States



I will accept commissions for all kinds of stories involving Age Regression and Diapers based on different Anime, Video Games and different materials. Basically, I make AR and Diaper Fanfics. I also do other kinds of stories

The pricing has been updated once more.



Instead of by word, I will be pricing by page. It will make it a lot easier to figure out what the final price will be around.

Simply put,


See? Easy. And to prevent problems with half/quarter pages, I will be splitting prices into quarters. I.E. A half page will cost 2, a quarter page will cost 1, and 3 quarters of a page will cost 3.


Unfortunately, the issue here is that the final price will not be decided until after I am done writing. Writing is a bit of a harder thing to price than a picture. I can definitely try to keep it short, medium, or long based on certain protocols, but I am very flexible with pricing and the final price will be discussed after it is done

The other major variable for price is the subject matter. If I am not familiar with the series, I might charge a bit more based on research and stuff I have to do. It's hard to write in character of someone I don't know.

I will also charge more for sexual content. While light stuff, like nudity, kissing and light sexual things are excusable and won't be charged, full sexual intercourse between two or more people and heavily sexual situations will be charged an extra few dollars.

There is, of course, some things I won't do. That includes:

-Pedophilia. This applies to sexual imagery of underage characters. There is no exception

-Furry. Beyond ears/tails, I will not do any kind of furry things. There is very little exception

-Males as subjects. It's kind of odd, but while I will have males in the story on request, I will not regress or diaper them. The only exception is if the male is TGed into a female. There might be exceptions to the rules, so please discuss with me before commissioning

If you want to request a commission, send me a note. That is my preferred method. I would like a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of what you want the story to be about, along with any specific notes about things you want to happen, like who the victims are, how you want the regression/diapering to happen and any special settings/themes, stuff like that.

If you want it to be multiple chapters, please let me know and we will discuss possible pricing and discounts.

Donate Here, If you wanna~…

Have a nice day! I decided to make a poll to see what you guys think. This is mostly to gauge interest, and an actual story pack probably won't materialize for a while. You can vote for multiple entries

If you don't like any of the suggested ideas, or think you might have a theme suggestion that could work, please leave a comment!

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