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"Hey Yui-chan, can you help me up?" Ritsu asked, a slightly blush on her face.

She was sitting behind her drumset on the floor, her stool in pieces below her bottom. 'Behind' was a relative term, though, as she was almost as wide as them now. Yui sat across from her, sitting on the couch, though it now resembled an odd chair with how wide she was now. She heaved a bit, before sighing and laying back. "Um... I will have to take a few minutes... Sorry Ricchan~" Yui replied, giving her an embarrassed smile as she rubbed her head with difficulty.

These two rotund girls weren't that way a few hours earlier. They had come in together into the club room, expecting another regular practice. Being the two least reliable members of the club, the rest of them failed to mention to them that today, practice was cancelled. "Where is everyone?" Ritsu said, sighing a bit as she crossed her arms, sitting on the couch with a huff. Yui didn't seem to notice, however, as her nose perked up, sniffing the air. "Ricchan, Ricchan! I smell something!" Yui said excitedly, starting to wander around the club room.

Ritsu looked over the back of the chair, raising an eyebrow. "What are you doing?" she asked, as she watched Yui practically crawl around the room, pressing her nose up against things. She sniffed at several cupboards, peeking inside. "I smell something yummy, and I want to find it!" Yui said, slowly approaching the club storage room. Taking deep sniff, she reached for the knob, quickly retching it open and staring inside.

Yui gave such a dramatic gasp, Ritsu jumped, looking back behind her. "Jeez, Yui-chan! What are you doing?!" she yelled, getting up from her seat and walking over to the drooling girl. Yui didn't even say anything, simply pointing into the room. Now curious, Ritsu walked over, looking over her shoulder into the storage room.

Ritsu's jaw dropped as she looked inside. Sealed inside dozens of containers, decorated in many layers of frosting, were many, many cakes, stacked next to hundreds of cupcakes and cookies. They filled the entire room, giving out a delicious aroma once the door was open that almost overwhelmed the finders.

The two girls stood there, speechless, staring at the smorgasbord of snacks that lay before them. Ritsu blushed slightly, looking over to Yui. Yui's eyes were practically sparkling, as a line of drool fell from her lips. Instantly, Ritsu grabbed her, pulling her back. "No! I know what you are planning, but we can't! These aren't ours!" she said to Yui, who was feebly fighting back.

"Nooo! I want 'eeem!" Yui whined, trying to reach over her, "And who says they aren't for us? What if Mugi-chan made them, for our special one year anniversery!"

At this, Ritsu faltered. She knew that she shouldn't be so easily swayed, but a mix of this good excuse, mixed with the sweet smell assaulting her nose, made her stop pushing Yui back. "Well... I..." Ritsu said, her grip lessening on Yui, "... You raise a good point... Maybe... One cake shouldn't hurt, right?"

Yui practically jumped for joy, as Ritsu's hands fell from Yui's shoulder. "Yaay! I'm gonna go pick the yummiest!" Yui said, as she quickly ran for the storage room. Ritsu, immediately regretting her decision, slumped over to the table, sitting down and watching Yui excitedly dig around. "Well, at least I will get to eat something good..." Ritsu said with a sigh, as she laid her head in her hand, waiting.

Ritsu had been nodding off when she heard a tremendous slamming sound. Jumping away, She scooted back, seeing the table suddenly full of pastry items. "Wha-what?! Yui-chan, what's all this?!" Ritsu asked, leaning in to see the nearly twenty cakes and fifty cupcakes she had collected.

Yui gave an innocent giggle, rubbing the back of her head. "Well, I couldn't pick just one! There were so many different flavors, and the frosting is so colorful!" she said, sticking her tongue out playfully.

Ritsu gave another great sigh, but stared longingly at the stacks of containers. It took her a few seconds to snap out of it, staring sternly at Yui, who shrunk under her gaze. "Well, my statement stands! We will only have  a piece of one! So choose one and we will eat that one! Understood?" Ritsu asked, crossing her arm is reserved finality.

Yui looked at her pleadingly, but soon sighed, looking at the pile with slumped shoulders. "Hmmm... Let's try this one!" Yui said, her smile returning as she picked up a rather large Chocolate cake, setting it in the middle of the table. Ritsu nodded, opening the container, while Yui grabbed plates and utensils.

Instantly, Ritsu's mouth began to water as she smelled the rich chocolate. Though trying to act responsible in front of the rather childish Yui, she could feel her constitution starting to break as Yui cut into the soft cake, placing a rather sizable piece on each of the plates. "...Okay... Let's eat!" Ritsu said, almost too excitedly, as she picked up the fork, cutting a piece of the German Chocolate Cake. Yui nodded happily, cutting herself a large piece as well, as they both brought the forks to their mouths, taking a bite in unison.

The taste was almost overpowering. Ritsu gave out an audible moan as she ate and swallowed the delicious chocolate, quickly reaching down and picking up another piece. "Wow... This is... Good!" Ritsu said, between bites, starting to gobble up the piece of cake quickly. Yui nodded in agreement, shoving more cake into her mouth. She attempted to say something in response, but was blocked by the sheer volume of food in her mouth.

The next few minutes were filled with rather hungry sounding gnawing, as both girls practically inhaled the pieces of cake. Without even speaking, once the first piece was done, they immediately cut another piece for themselves, starting to eat quickly again. Before long, the plate that held the large chocolate cake was empty, holding only a few crumbs. Yui leaned back, patting her slightly rounder belly as she looked over to Ritsu.

Ritsu didn't seem to pay attention, however, as she reached for another container, revealing another cake with white icing. "Ricchan, I thought you said only one!" Yui said, a bit shocked as she watched Ricchan.

Ritsu gave a playful smile, sticking her tongue out a bit. "Well, you know... They still have a large stock of cakes and stuff, so... What is one more cake or two?" Ritsu said, sounding a bit impish as she offered Yui another slice. Yui looked down at it before returning her playful smile, taking the plate quickly. "You're so smart Ricchan~!" Yui said happily, starting to eat.

The next couple hours had repeats of this scene, though slightly different each time. Cake by cake was eaten, vanilla, chocolate, carrot... The girls gobbled them down, their bellies becoming bigger after each cake disappeared. Yui shifted uncomfortably after several, as her bloated stomach pressed against the table, while Ritsu tried to get comfortable, her bottom outgrowing her skirt, now too big for the seat she was sitting on.

Soon, all the containers were empty. The two girls, now twice the size they were earlier, were sighing, setting the plates aside. "Well... I guess that was good, right?" Yui said, looking over to Ritsu. Ritsu looked back to her, locking eyes. They both slowly smiled, as they turned to the storage closet. "... A few more won't hurt, right?" Ritsu suggested, as she slowly got to her feet, Yui following her lead.

The storage closet was emptied. All the cakes, cupcakes and cookies were consumed, only a trail of crumbs left behind. Yui laid on the couch, now nearly as big as it, with a deep sigh. "That was good Ricchan!" she said happily, as she watched the other girl waddle past her.

"Yeah, but we should probably get started with practice soon..." she said, going to sit at the drumset. She quickly broke the stool, before asking Yui for help. As Yui replied and attempted to get up, though, the door to the club room slowly opened, a few people coming in.

"... And you kept all of the Culture Festival snacks you made in here?" said Nodoka, as she walked in with Mugi. Mugi nodded happily, before quickly stopping, gasping. Nodoka turned around, looking at what Mugi was staring at, before her jaw fell open, seeing the two giant girls sitting in the room.

The room was silent for a very awkward moment. Soon, Nodoka sighed, putting her head in her hands, as Mugi smiled lightly, giggling. "How long will it take to remake these pastries?" Nodoka asked, not even looking up.

"Oh, probably a couple weeks... But I think I know some girls who can help me remake them..." Mugi said, a slight edge to her voice as she gave another giggle. Yui and Ritsu gave a gulp, looking at each other as Mugi slowly walking towards them. "So... Shall we get started?" Mugi asked, in a rather sweet voice as she rubbed her hands together, "We have a lot of work to do~!"
A Day of Sweets
A story written for a good friend of mind, :icontherealrng:, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone and see what it would be like if Yui and ritsu had a little too much cake~
Nyamo sighed deeply, slowly closing the locker in the school locker room. Yukari groaned, laying on the bench behind her, flopping her legs around boredly. "Come oooon! I wanna swim already!" Yukari whined, looking rather silly, throwing a temper tantrum while dressed in a rather skimpy bikini.

Nyamo looked over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow as she watched the wriggling woman. "Alright, first off, we technically shouldn't be here. Not only is it after hours, it's actually night time. I'm not even sure how you convinced me to even let you do this..." Nyamo said, undoing her bra and stripping off her underwear, standing nude as she took out her school assigned swimsuit, starting to slip it up her shapely legs.

"But it sounds so awesome! No dumb kids bothering us and crowding up the pool, free access to the diving board any time, nice cool air~! Plus, I don't have to worry about the principal getting all up in my business about dressing how I want!" Yukari said, sounding proud as she quickly bound up, doing a rather sexy pose, bending over to stick her bottom out, which squeezing her breasts between her arms, giving a mocking lustful look over to Nyamo.

Nyamo sighed in exasperation, adjusting the straps of her swim suit. "And that's the second thing! Even if it's after hours, can't you at least TRY to follow school rules? You have a swim suit here already, and it provides much better support for swimming!" She exclaimed, starting to put her clothes away in her locker, sitting down on the floor, starting to stretch. She could hear Yukari groan again, before grabbing her towel and heading to the door. "Man, stop whining and complaining! You sound like such a baby!" Yukari said, sticking her tongue out at the woman, currently sitting on the floor, her legs splayed out before her as she stretched.

Both of them froze, as something very odd happened. Yukari's jaw slowly fell open, as Nyamo's head quickly looked down. Between her legs, a small puddle was starting to form around her, growing rapidly. Nyamo's face became bright red, as she quickly jumped to her feet, putting her hands on her crotch and crossing her legs, in an attempt to impede the flow. It was no use, though, as she continued to leak down her legs quite freely.

Yukari choked back a chuckle, as she quickly ran back over to Nyamo. "Weeeell, things are getting interesting~!" Yukari said, rather excitedly as she gave Nyamo's bottom a slap, a wet sound resonating throughout the locker room.

"S-stop it! I'm just... stressed!" Nyamo whined, trying to step away from Yukari. Yukari didn't let her out of her grasp, though, grabbing her under the arms, heaving as she lifted her up in the air. "No no! If Nyamo is gonna be a whiny baby who wets herself, then you need something to protect that~!" Yukari teased, laying her down on the bench.

Despite the fact that Nyamo knew she could get up by herself, for some reason, she stayed laying down on the bench, watching as Yukari went over to her friend's locker, opening it up. "Hm... This should work as a diaper!" Yukari said, pulling out Nyamo's shirt. She walked over, sitting down between Yukari's legs, "First, off with this!"

Nyamo tried to fight, but for some reason, her constitution seemed to be fading from her. She could only bat at Nyamo's invading hands weakly, as she grabbed her bathing suit and pulling it down. It wasn't long before Nyamo was laying there, nude, her swimming suit thrown wistfully away. "Now then, your diaper~!" Yukari said, almost too happily, as she took the T-shirt, starting to fold it to make it more fitting, before placing it underneath her, pulling it in between her legs.

Yukari hummed to herself as she started to pull the diaper up, tying it to the side to make it a more proper diaper. Nyamo couldn't bear to look, instead leaning her had back to look at the ceiling. "This is so humiliating..." she said to herself softly, as she felt the shirt being tugged at, for some reason not really able to fight what was happening to her...

She soon looked down, though, when she felt something off. Peeking down, she noticed her shirt, which was a respectable button down green top, was now... Whiter... And thicker... And had more tapes than it had before, which was zero... Somehow, Yukari was now taping up an actual diaper to her waist, and didn't seem to be acting differently at all about it. "Wha-?" Nyamo said, as Yukari finished, clapping her hands together in finality. "There! Done rather professionally, if I do say so myself!" Yukari said smugly, pulling Nyamo up to a sitting position, a lot of crinkling being heard as she sat on the thick diaper.

To say Nyamo was confused was putting it lightly. First she wet herself, then her shirt turned into a diaper, and for some reason, despite knowing that it was very wrong, she found herself fighting it very little. "Why am I in a diaper?" Nyamo asked slowly, looking up at Yukari, who was now pulling her up to her feet.

"Because you wet yourself! But don't worry, most high school girls wet themselves during end of term exams~! It's why I suggested we go for a swim tonight!" Yukari said, stopping in front of a mirror near the bathroom.

Nyamo's eyes widened as she looked at herself, noticing that something was definitely off. First off, she was wearing a diaper and nothing else, despite being obviously too old for them... But her chest seemed... Less impressive. Her thighs were thinner, her face less mature. She looked like... A teenager, like Yukari had just said... That was wrong, but she found herself nodding, agreeing with what Yukari said. "Yeah... I've been studying a lot for... My classes..." Nyamo said, in a slight daze, her eyes locked with herself as Yukari clapped her back. "Yup! Now then, let me go get your swimsuit and we can go!" Yukari said, walking away from her.

Nyamo simply stood there, staring at herself. She wanted to walk away, to yell at Yukari for making her look so dumb, but she stayed rooted to the spot. All she could do was watch herself, as her already less impressive chest became even smaller, soon matching the size of her belly, which had ballooned out. She frowned a bit, only accentuating her now chubby face, crossing her arms. She shifted uncomfortably on her now tiny feel, looking around uncomfortably at the now bigger room.

When Yukari walked back, there was a little girl standing there, probably no older than 2 or 3 years old, staring at herself in the mirror. "Come on Nyamo-chan! Time to get you dressed!" Yukari said, taking her hand. Nyamo followed obediently, walking along with her, still frowning.

Yukari lifted her up, standing her on the bench, holding up a small pink one piece, a skirt attached to the waist. "What's wrong sweetie?" Yukari asked, seeing her frowning face as she pulled the swimsuit up her chubby legs. Nyamo wanted to say that something was wrong, but she felt herself speaking a different concern than was actually on her mind. "I's neva swam before... I's scared Mommy..." she said, putting a finger to her mouth as she looked at Yukari.

Yukari giggled, pulling the swimsuit up her, guiding her arms through the holes. "Well, don't worry! I'm an excellent swimmer! Just wear these and hold on to Mommy, and you will be all right!" Yukari said, slipping some water wings up her arms. For some reason, the water wings made her feel at ease, and before long, she was smiling, hugging Yukari as she lifted her up, heading to the door. "Just make sure to keep it down... We're not supposed to be here this late!" Yukari said, with a devilish smile as she patted Nyamo's bottom, who giggled as they headed to the pool.

"Okay Mommy~!" Nyamo said, happily, excited to be swimming for the first time with her mother Nyamo. Not even the soggy diaper could stop her from being happy to finally be getting into the pool! "Wet's go swimmin'!" she said excitedly, clapping her hands happily, not a care in the world. Why should she though? As long as she was safely in Nyamo-mama's arms, nothing bad could happen~!
Cindy sighed happily, looking at herself in the mirror. Today was the most special day of her life. After several years, Cindy was finally standing in a long, flowing wedding dress, ready to be married to her fiance. And she felt quite blissful, a light blush on her face as she picked up her veil, going to secure it onto her head.

"You sure you don't need any help?" her sister, Veronica asked, standing behind her. Cindy giggled, turning back around to her. "Don't worry Roni! You are already my maid of honor, and you have done so much for me! Just relax until the ceremony with the other bridesmaid~!" Cindy said, hugging her lightly. Veronica, or Roni, as her older sister called her, hugged her back before nodding lightly. "Well, you have my number! Let me know if you need anything! And you look beautiful!" Roni said, giggling a bit, before backing out of the room, giving her one last look before leaving the room.

Cindy sighed again, turning back around to look at herself again. "Wow... Almost there... Everything should be ready..." she said, looking around the room, "Veil... Ring... Bouquet... Bouquet?" she said, stopping as she searched. Where her small handful of flowers should be, instead there was something she didn't expect.

Looking perplexed, she reached down, picking up a small basket with a piece of cloth over it. "Is this... some kind of surprise?" she said, hesitantly as she looked around. When she was sure she  was alone, she slowly took the piece of cloth of, looking at what it was covering.

She gave a breath of relief. Underneath the cloth was... A collection of flower petals. "Oh, thank god! It's just the flower girl's basket..." she said, taking a seat and inhaling deeply, smelling the flower petals, "And they smell nice too... They are going to help my wedding smell amazing, along with the rest of the flowers..."

She breathed deeply again, taking in the scent. Just the thought of walking down the aisle, with all these pretty flower petals decorating the walkway underneath her feet... She giggled a little bit, standing up again. "Maybe one more peek at myself, before I go out there, won't be so bad..." she said, sounding like she was doing something naughty, as she walked back over to the mirror, still grasping the basket of flower petals.

Once in front of the mirror, she stopped suddenly, frowning. Staring at herself, she felt that something was off. The girl staring at her from the mirror wasn't the beautiful woman in a long, elegant, flowing wedding dress, with her hair tied up and a veil attached to her head. No, the woman that stared back at her had her hair hanging down, with a small lily sitting in it. The basket was being held in front of a sleeveless pink dress, that flared out around her waist and ended right above her knees, showing her white stockings and Mary Janes that she was wearing.

Cindy stared at this figure curiously for several moments. "Something's wrong..." she said, slowly, as she reached down and rubbed her hand against her dress. As it slowly reached her waist, she pressed down, feeling something soft underneath. She reached down, lifting up the rim and looking underneath.

Instead of a pair of white, lacy panties that had gone with the wedding dress, there was a rather thick garment in between her legs, though still white... Mostly. She reached in between her legs, feeling the moist spot that seemed to be slowly spreading across her crotch. "... I... Did an oopsie..." she said, sounding somewhat childish now, as she slowly let go of the dress, standing back up.

She heard the door slowly begin to open, and quickly turned around to look. In that split second that she turned from the mirror to the door, the entire world changed. Her body shot downwards, becoming rather small. Her hands became tiny, her skin soft and pale. Her legs become stout and pudgy, though she could still stand at least decently. And her face became rather chubby, her hair shortening to her shoulder, as she looked up to the person entering the room.

Veronica smiled, walking into the room, her wedding dress flowing behind her. "There you are, Cindy! I was wondering where you were hiding!" the bride-to-be said, giggling as she walked over, leaning down and picking her up. Cindy cooed slightly, one hand still holding the basket of flowers, while the other reached up to her mouth, suckling on her fingers.

Veronica walked over to the mirror, sighing a bit as she observed herself, holding Cindy up as well. Cindy stared at her reflection, tilting her head slightly. "You remember what all you gotta do sweetie?" Veronica asked, setting her down. Cindy nodded, looking at herself again before slowly looking up to Veronica. "Yus... I's go down da aisle... I dwop fwowers down whiwe I wawk... And den I's go over to mama!" Cindy said, nodding and smiling up to her.

Veronica clapped lightly, patting her head. "Good girl! You are the best little sister ever!" she said, before patting her bottom, "Now go find Mommy to change your diaper before we start!" Cindy nodded, starting to toddle out of the room. As she got to the door, though, she stopped, turning back to her older sister, who was now putting on the veil. "Woni... Yous tink I's eva gonna be mawwied?" Cindy asked.

Veronica smiled before shrugging, turning her head to look over her shoulder. "...Maybe someday!" she said, giggling as she watched Cindy leave, "Maybe someday..."


Commissions Closed
Artist | Literature
United States



I will accept commissions for all kinds of stories involving Age Regression and Diapers based on different Anime, Video Games and different materials. Basically, I make AR and Diaper Fanfics. I also do other kinds of stories

The pricing has been updated once more.



Instead of by word, I will be pricing by page. It will make it a lot easier to figure out what the final price will be around.

Simply put,


See? Easy. And to prevent problems with half/quarter pages, I will be splitting prices into quarters. I.E. A half page will cost 2, a quarter page will cost 1, and 3 quarters of a page will cost 3.


Unfortunately, the issue here is that the final price will not be decided until after I am done writing. Writing is a bit of a harder thing to price than a picture. I can definitely try to keep it short, medium, or long based on certain protocols, but I am very flexible with pricing and the final price will be discussed after it is done

The other major variable for price is the subject matter. If I am not familiar with the series, I might charge a bit more based on research and stuff I have to do. It's hard to write in character of someone I don't know.

I will also charge more for sexual content. While light stuff, like nudity, kissing and light sexual things are excusable and won't be charged, full sexual intercourse between two or more people and heavily sexual situations will be charged an extra few dollars.

There is, of course, some things I won't do. That includes:

-Pedophilia. This applies to sexual imagery of underage characters. There is no exception

-Furry. Beyond ears/tails, I will not do any kind of furry things. There is very little exception

-Males as subjects. It's kind of odd, but while I will have males in the story on request, I will not regress or diaper them. The only exception is if the male is TGed into a female. There might be exceptions to the rules, so please discuss with me before commissioning

If you want to request a commission, send me a note. That is my preferred method. I would like a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of what you want the story to be about, along with any specific notes about things you want to happen, like who the victims are, how you want the regression/diapering to happen and any special settings/themes, stuff like that.

If you want it to be multiple chapters, please let me know and we will discuss possible pricing and discounts.

Donate Here, If you wanna~…

Have a nice day!

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