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Ryuko grunted a bit, walking down the hallway of the large battleship. She was, of course, completely nude, as she was used to at this point. She was currently looking for something to wear. She turned one of the hallways, before quickly stopping and blushing. She had almost walked directly into her older sister, Satsuki, who was wearing her trenchcoat and talking to some of her "subordinates". She walked down another hallway, frowning a bit as she got lost in her thoughs...

Finally, she found her way into the armory, where there were several nudist beat uniforms lying around. It wasn't much, but it would due. She walked up to one and picked it up, peeking at the one beside it. From the look at the badge, along with the hilt attached to it, it was Satsuki's own uniform... Ryuko sighed, starting to pull the straps on. "Man, it's weird... You fight her to the death one day, then the next day you find out you're related by blood... I kinda wish I knew more about her..." she said, buckling the pouches around her chest, "This is pretty tight... I wonder who's it was..."

As she looked down, she saw a stray fiber hanging out from one of the straps. Not thinking much of it, she reached down and pulled it out. "Huh... guess I don't have to worry about these anymore..." she said, with a somewhat sad smirk, as she threw it over her shoulder, not even noticing as it glowed and unraveled into nothingness. Ryuko readjusted herself with a grunt, trying to get comfortable. "Hmm... I think it's starting to get a bit better..." she said, her voice sounding slightly nasal. Frowning, she rubbed her nose a bit, going to walk out of the door...

She found herself somewhat faltering, as the pouches seemed to oddly move around her body, as if they were getting heavier. "Man, what's with these things? They didn't looks so bad when everyone else was wearing them!" she said, rubbing her nose again, the nasally tone slowly becoming more pronounced. She looked down at her waist, observing her own legs, which seemed... oddly smaller, more slender. "Huh... Did I lose some weight?" she said to herself, looking up and around the room, trying to find some reflective surface

She finally saw a small hand mirror, and she walked over, picking it up with a pair of slender fingers, tipped with pink nail polish. She stared at them for a second, before looking into the small mirror. She expected to see her oddly gear shaped pupils, but instead, a pair of red eyes stared back at her. "Eeeeh? What's this?" she said, in a rather uncharacteristic tone of shock, as she moved the mirror back. Her strand of red hair was still there, but it was shorter, and surrounded by tufts of pink bangs, with two long strands framing her slightly rosey cheeks...

Ryuko threw the mirror aside, reaching up and running her hands down her body. "What?! My boobs are gone! I'm as flat chested as their little weirdo Nonon..." Ryuko said, in Nonon's voice exactly. "What was that Nonon?" asked a rather stoic voice behind her. Ryuko froze, quickly whipping around. Satsuko stood there, looking with a raised eyebrow at the girl before her, curious to her strange statements... 

Ryuko went to say something sarcastic, but she felt her face suddenly boiling. As she stared at the taller girl, she felt a strong wave of affection hit her, and quickly, she skipped to her side, holding onto Satsuki's arm. "It's nothing, Satsuki-san~! Do you wanna go get some ice cream now that your mom is dead~?" Satsuki looked down at her curiously, walking along. "Um... Alright... Have you seen Ryuko-san?" Nonon simply hummed, barely listening. "Ryuko? Nope, haven't seen her aaaall day!"


Panty made a low groaning sound, slumped over on the kitchen table. Stocking stood behind her, looking bemused as usual, as she stirred a bit of tea. "And what's wrong with you?" Stocking asked, with a heavy air of non interest, as she started adding spoonfuls of sugar into the small glass. Panty shifted slightly to look at her sister, her eyes bloodshot. "Uuugh... Last night was amazing... So many guys... But my head feels split open..." she slurred, rubbing her hand through her messy hair. Stocking sighed, walking over and setting the glass down. "Here, drink this. It'll help..." she said, before curtly walking out of the room...

Panty grunted, in what she figured sounded like appreciation, before grabbing the small cup and downing it in one gulp. She winced harshly, sitting up quickly. "Ach! Of course she made it way too sweet... It's so sugary my lips are tingling..." she said, putting her fingers to her lips. She expected them to stop tingling in a second, but for some reason, the sensation seemed to slowly spread... going up her cheeks, feeling her skin flush to a pale color. "Ugh, what did she put in this, poison? I knew she was jealous..."

The tingling spread outwards, covering her whole face. Despite her complaints, Panty was happy to feel the bags under her eyes start to disappear... Though found the odd poking sensation to her eyelids and around her eyes odd, as if someone were applying make up to her forcefully. "Ugh, what is that!" she said, rubbing her eyes. She then looked at her hands, seeing black make up smudged on them. "...Did someone draw on my while I was passed out?!" she said angrily, running over to the sink and looking down into the small pool of water, at her wavering reflection.

For a second, she thought that Stocking had fallen into a parallel universe again, and was staring back up at her. But the blonde hair around her head, even if it was a bit lax and stringy now, proved to her that it was, in fact, Stocking. "Huh... We look more alike than I thought..." she said, stepping back and looking down at herself, "...But why does my dress look odd?"

She was, of course, referring to the fact that her usually hip hugging dress was flaring out in odd directions, looking more like an old school style dress that, well, Stocking would wear. Reaching underneath, instead of feeling her underwear, she instead felt several ruffles, that would usually be used for covering one's naughty bits. "Uggh, its that dumb thing stocking wears! A pettiskirt or whatever! Gross!" she gagged, as she tugged at it. Try as she might, though, it wouldn't come off, and soon she fell over, kicking her legs in the air in desperation.

She couldn't see them before, but now as she saw them, she noticed that she was wearing socks, which were highly unusual for Panty. She reached down, her arm now covered in a red sleeve, to feel the socks, which were red and white striped, leading to a pair of white mary janes on her feet. Panty stared for a second, before quickly jumping up in anger, her hair falling around her, like a protective dome of blonde/white hair. "That bitch turned me into her! I'll kill her!" she said, stomping out of the kitchen and into the living room, where Stocking was sipping a cup of tea, a small smirk on her face.

Panty moved up to her, grabbing her by the collar and lifting her up. "You lolita whore! You change me back right now or-!" she said, before being cut off as a chunk of chocolate was shoved into her mouth. Panty dropped Stocking in surprise, who was still pleasantly sipping on her tea, as Panty slowly chewed. Suddenly, without warning, Panty let out a deep moan, one paralleled only by her deepest sexual pleasures. "Oh my goood! That's so good!" Panty moaned, sitting down and starting to pick up random pieces of candy. Stocking giggled a bit, handing her a cup of tea. "I'm glad you like it... Now, let's let our tea party begin~!"


Kumiko grunted, bouncing her leg slightly and biting lightly on the end of her pencil, as she looked down at the music filled notebook. She was the last remaining Bass ensemble remaining after practice, and she was currently going through the routine in her head, trying to figure out the best way to get through the first few lines on this particular page without fumbling. She seemed to be having no luck, though, and it was driving her mad. All of her focus was placed on it, so much so that she didn't seem to notice, or care, that the room door slid open, a small figure slowly stepping in. "Hello Kumiko-chan~!" said the small, high voice of Sapphire "Midori" Kawashima, in a quite giddy tone.

 "Hmm? Oh, hey Midori..." Kumiko said, not looking up as she moved her fingers in a ghost like manner over her euphonium's buttons.  Midori hummed a bit to herself, as she walked over to Kumiko's chair, standing behind her. Her hands were behind her back, holding something quite large. "Hey Kumiko-chan, guess what?" she asked, sounding somewhat impish, barely containing her delight. "Hmm?" Kumiko said, still barely paying attention, her eyes drifting to the side a bit. "Tuba-kun!" she said loudly, before Kumiko felt her eyes and face being covered by something large and plastic.

 "He-Hey!" Kumiko yelled, as she felt the Tuba-kun helmet being forced over her head, giving a light "thunk" as it hit her shoulder, "that's not funny! I'm trying to figure this out!" Kumiko reached up, grabbing the sides of the helmet. With a heave, she tried to pull it off... Only to find that it was quite impossible. The helmet almost felt too small, pressing against her face and neck, though not pinching or squeezing in any uncomfortable way... She tugged again, with a big grunt, but it seemed to not to want to move. "Did you put glue on this or something? It's not coming off?" she asked, in a muffled tone, as Midori giggled behind her, not saying anything.

 Suddenly, Kumiko started to feel slightly sick. She thought for a second that she was feeling somewhat clausterphobic, her head being trapped inside of a light mask, but after a moment, she realized that it felt she had been overstuffed. "Ugh..." she said, as she let go of the helmet, reaching down and feeling her belly. She was usually quite proud of how in shape she kept, even with her sometimes snacking, so she was a bit surprised to find that her uniform seemed to  be stretching against her body. She pressed her hand against her stomach, but found it seeming to sink in, similar to if one was to press on an inflating balloon.

 "...Wait, what?!" she said, jumping up from her seat. She felt herself teeter a bit, as if her entire body was thrown off balance, different parts of it feeling like they were different weights. She reached her arms out to the side, finally balancing herself, and instinctively looked down. The mask was nearly impossible to see out of, but for some reason, she felt like she could see somewhat better than before. Her legs, usually toned thanks to carrying around her euphonium a lot, were now much thicker than before, all sides of it brushing against her billowing skirt, causing it to splay out wards. Her skirt that was barely holding on anyways, as both her hips and her thighs were jetting out dangerously, starting to gobble it up...

 And this was nothing compared to her upper body. Her belly was now pushing out far, not covering her view of her legs only thanks to her top holding her in. Her chest was also pushing out quite a bit, making her entire upper body look like one big bubble. The clothing shook dangerously, as she reached up to feel it. She jumped a bit, noticing that her hands were no longer really hands, but two big balls of white, each with a thumb on the, looking as if they themselves were made of a soft plastic.

 The jump of surprise seemed to be the last straw, though, and the outfit exploded in a glorious fashion. Her skirt ripped down the side; Her top popped in two; Her bra flew forward onto the floor; And her panties flew off like a slingshot. Her body seemed to wave around, as if trying to settle into a comfortable position. Soon, the weight settled heavily on her legs, which were now half the size as before, despite her height not changing in the slightest. She was now distinctly pear shaped, her short arms only conforming ot the overall look.

 "What... Did you do?!" Kumiko yelled, as the lips of the mask moved to match her words. Her mouth and the mask's mouth moved as one, as her and the mask's eyes blinked in unison. Midori simply smiled delightfully, as she bounded over, clutching onto her soft body. "Tuba-kuuun~!" Midori said, putting her entire weight onto Kumiko. Due to her now uneven and unfamiliar body, she was easily pushed onto the ground, Midori lying on top of her. And there she was pinned, as Midori cuddled her, hoping that something can be done to help her soon, before Midori got... Ideas...


 Naruto sighed groggily, feeling his consciousness coming back a bit. He had had quite a tiring day before in the office, having prepared for a possible military movement to help out an ally village the night before. When he had gotten home, he had spent a bit of time with the kids before heading straight to sleep. He had dreaded waking up the next day, as it would be more work to do... But as he slowly opened his eyes, something seemed off... He figured, of course, he was still a bit groggy. He slowly rolled over, looking at where his wife usually was be, smiling slightly. 

 But as he looked, he found, slightly to his disappointment, that the spot was empty. This wasn't an entirely new, as Hinata was usually an early riser, while he enjoyed sleeping in. But there was a small note lying on the bed. Curious, he picked it up. "Gone to train, be back soon! Hinata~<3" the note said, a heart and a kiss mark at the bottom. Naruto blushed slightly, but smiled, slowly sitting up and starting to stretch out, lifting his arms up and over his head , reaching up high...

 As he did so, he paused slightly. He usually slept in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms, but for some reason, this felt different. As he stretched, there seemed to be a heavy weight on his chest, and not the usual kind that came with having to do a full day of paperwork. He slowly moved his arms down from the stretching position, reaching for his pecs and grasping. His fingers fell upon the soft feeling of silk, which was only complimented by the softness that his skin exuded, as two large orbs were resting underneath the silky outfit he was wearing.

 Gasping dramatically, Naruto jumped up from the bed, looking down. He couldn't see much, of course, but what he did see was slightly worrying. He could see two spaghetti straps holding up a somewhat revealing nighty, showing off an impressive amount of cleavage that blocked the view of the rest of the body, save for some small toes sticking out from her feet. He quickly started to run to the bathroom, but stopped in front of a full length mirror, getting a first good look at himself. And in doing so, Naruto almost fainted.

 In the mirror stood the reflection of a woman. It looked very familiar, as Naruto recognized the long blonde hair and impressive chest as his Sexy No Jutsu form, he called Naruko. But this one was... Different. As she pulled her hand up and down her body, she felt her face, which was much rounder and softer, showing off the whisker like markings on pale skin. Her hands moved down to the two orbs that showed proudly upon her chest, even bigger than Naruto had made them before. And hidden from her sight was her belly, sticking out slightly under the nighty, not exactly fat but definitely more rounded, causing her seal marking to show off more prominently, bordered by faint stretch marks. They were held up impressively by two heavy thighs, together just as wide as her hips, that almost hid the small pair of orange panties that she was wearing, and from behind she could feel two large cheeks swallowing up the rest.

 Naruto, or rather this new Naruko, felt faint, as her wide legs became somewhat weak. She felt herself step over to the side, and she had to grab the bedside table to keep herself up. She took a few quick breaths, as she looked at what was on the table. There were a few photos, showing two women, one blonde, one dark haired. They were quite happy, spending time together... One showed  them both in white dresses, as if at a wedding... Another showed the blonde one with a rounded belly, the darker haired one looking proud... And another showed the two of them with two small kids at their ankles, both looking qutie happy...

 Naruko looked, wide eyed, at the photos, picking up the one of the blonde with the round belly. "I was... Pregnant?... Twice?" she said, blushing as she looked at the second photo. But even as she said it, something sparked in her mind. It felt... Right for some reason... She had been pregnant... And gave birth to a beautiful boy and a gorgeous little girl... Naruko was their mother, and of course, Hinata is both her wife and their papa... Slowly, she smiled, setting the picture back down, as she heard a door in the other room opening.
 "Naruko! I'm home!" a soft, but confident voice said, as the dark haired girl walked through the front door, two kids following behind her. Naruko walked out, now dressed in a bathrobe, smiling widely. "Welcome home honey!" Naruko said, kneeling down and picking up the two kids that run up, kissing them both, "It's good to see you all back... Work up a sweat?" Naruko asked, jokingly, as she kissed Hinata as well, "I need to get back into working out again... Maybe when these two are in the Acadamy..." Hinata chuckled, giving her bottom a pat. "Don't worry dear... I like you just the way you are!"


 Kashima grunted, pacing the dressing room. She could feel that Hori was starting to get somewhat bored with her performances, so she had to do something new to really impress him... But what? She searched the racks of costumes, studying each one. "Hm... I'm not a good princess... And there aren't any tanukis in these plays, so that costume won't work... Ugh, what should I do!" Kashima sighed, taking a few steps back and flopping into a nearby chair, a crinkling sound being heard as she did so.

 It took her a moment to register the sound. She raised an eyebrow, looking down. "Did I sit on something?" she said to herself, as she got up and looked back at the seat. She didn't see anything though, just a regular wooden seat. "Huh... This is wood huh? It felt really soft when I sat down..." she said, absentmindedly reaching behind her, feeling under her skirt. Instead of the regular shorts she was used to, her fingers instead sank into a large, soft object, so large that her actual bottom couldn't even feel the imprints of her fingers...

 Kashima squealed a bit, running over to the mirror. Wordlessly, she lifted her skirt, peering underneath. "Is that... What I think it is?" she said to herself, undoing her skirt and pulling it off to get a better look. Her eyes met white puffiness, as a diaper now stared her full in the face, taped around her crotch. At first, she was speechless, simply turning around slowly to view herself. Finally, she took a deep breathe, and sighed. "Well, maybe I put this on earlier and forgot about it... And it doesn't look too bad... Maybe this is an angle I can take..." she said, a smile slowly forming on her face again as she paced the room, a bit more wobbly than before.

 "Yes... A baby prince! That would be an excellent show! It would show Hori a new side of me... And the audience would love it..." she said, before suddenly stopping. Her smile faded, replaced with a quizzical look, as she thought deeply. "I have the outfit... But I am never around kids... How do you act like a baby?" she asked out loud, to no one in particular. 

 As if her mind were waiting to ask her this, she suddenly knew exactly what she had to do. Smiling, she got down on her hands and knees, starting to move around, her diapered bottom shaking along. "Yeah, something like this!" she said, giggling a bit, "And I gots ta tawk funny... Fowget some wettas and wowds..." She crawled around the room a bit, as if practicing, her hands slowly disappearing behind the arms of her sweater. "Yeah! It's wowking! I feew wike babby!" she said, in a squeaky voice, as she got up happily, putting her arms in the air in celebration.

 It was quite a comical sight. The diaper disappeared behind the sweater, now hanging down to her skinny ankles. Her sleeves flopped with every movement of her arms, her hands now only reaching to about the elbow. Through her celebration, she spied her reflection. Curious, she toddled over, being careful not to trip over her own sweater. "...Who's dat wittle girl?" she said in a moment, pointin to her reflection, "Wittle babbies aren't awwowd in high schoow!" 

 She turned away from the reflection, starting to walk again, before finally tripping over, stepping on the rim of the sweater. "Oof! Ouch..." she said, before crawling forward, easily fitting out of the neck hole. She was now in a simple diaper and shirt, adourned with the theatrical masks. "I's need find Howi!" she said happily, crawling toward the open door, "Howi! I's weady for pway!"


 Summer looked around the house. It was empty, but nowadays that was to be expected. Her dad was probably doing something weird, her mom was probably at work, and her grandpa and brother were probably doing something weirder... She sighed a bit, flopping back onto the couch. There was of course nothing on TV, so she just lazily watched some random other dimensional reality show... Her eyes wandered over to a box, sitting in the corner of the room, with a large button on it. Curiously, she got up, walking over to it. "Huh... This looks familiar, but why..." she said to herself, as she pressed the button...

 A bizarre looking creature appeared, lanky, with blue skin and orange hair. "Hi, Look at me, I'm Mr. Meeseeks! I'm here to help you with your problem!" he said in his excitable way. Summer just sighed, throwin the box to the side. "Oh, it's you. Whatever..." she said, sitting back at the couch. The Meeseeks seemed disappointed  by her response, going up to her and standing proudly. "Look at me! I'm here to help with your problems!" he said, in his same chirpy tone. Summer just rolled her eyes, changing the channel. "Well, I don't need you. You can just go away..."

 "Um, well.. I, Mr. Meeseeks, can't do that until I've fufilled a goal! Hi, Look at me, please give me something to do!" he said, still smiling, but looking extremely anxious. Summer gave a deep sigh, changing channels again. "Can you somehow restart my life so things aren't so damn boring?" she said sarcastically, still not looking at him. Meeseeks seemed rather satisfied with this request, though, as he said "I'm Mr. Meeseeks! I can do that!" he said, snapping his fingers

 Summer looked up at him, raising an eyebrow, but found herself quickly being picked up. "Look at me! Coochi coochi coo!" he said, holding her up from under her arms. "What the hell are you doing?!" she yelled,  struggling to get free from his grasp. Her struggles were pacified by, ironically, a pacifier. She found one randomly shoved in her mouth, stunning her for long enough for Mr. Meeseeks to get started with what he needed to do.

 Humming an off kilter song, he walked back over to the couch, laying her down. She started to make a fuss again, but felt her stomach slowly being rubbed. She found it... Oddly relaxing, and slowly, her limps started to go limp, as she started to breathe slowly. She found herself starting to lose focus, her mouth even starting to suckle on the object in her mouth. She was in a trance now, her arms splayed out uselessly, her mouth making a suckle motion. All she could do was watch as her pants were slowly pulled off, her underwear going along with them. She started to make some sounds of protest, starting to move again, but she was silenced as her belly was rubbed again. Slowly, her eyes started to close, as she saw something white starting to approach her nether regions...

 "Well... This is interesting..." Summer heard a female voice said. Slowly, she opened her eyes, rubbing them lightly as she looked around. It took a few minutes for her to remember what just had happened, and she quickly jumped to her feet, staring around her. "...What da hell?!" she yelled, in a tiny voice, as she found bars surrounding her. At first she thought she had been taken to prison again, but to one side, she saw a woman nearly twice her size standing over her. After staring at her for a bit, she recognized that it was her mother, leaning on the edge of the bars, looking exasperated. "Mom! Why is you so big?!" she yelled, running up to her.

 "Well.. It seems Mr. Meeseeks took your request a little too literal... I came back home while he was building this room..." she said, gesturing to the room around her. Summer looked around, seeing what used to be her room, though now half deconstructed and turned into a nursery, "He had... Well, used one of Rick's inventions to make you young again... I was able to get Rick to get rid of him before he took away all your intelligence, but..." Her mother seemed to trail off, looking both sorry for her daughter and amused, patting her small head.

 Summer was speechless. She looked up at her, tears in her eyes. "So... I'm a baby wit a teenagers bwain?" she said, starting to cry. Her mother quickly picked up her daughter, rubbing her back. "Aww, calm down honey... Rick will find a solution... Hopefully one that won't make it worse... Now let's get you into a clean diaper! God knows you could use one..."
TF Shorties Volume 6
Woo boy. These are some shorties I've written but haven't posted in the last year or so, and have been just kinda sitting around. They are various gifts to :iconosakatan: and :iconannakatan:, and wanted to gather a good amount of them before I posted again

Here is what you are gettin:

-Kill La Kill, Ryuko finds something odd is going on with Satsuki's uniform!
-Panty & Stocking, Panty learns why she shouldn't cross Stocking!
-Sound Euphonium, Kumiko gets a weird surprise from her friend!
-Naruto, Naruto wakes up to a rather unusual day!
-Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, Kashima finds inspiration for her new character!
-Rick And Morty, Summer runs into trouble when she makes a vague request to a Meeseeks!

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Usagi was giddy with excitement as she examined herself in the mirror. She was set to meet up with everyone at the beach, but she had an ulterior motive for calling this hangout session. In the mirror stood, what could fool most to be, a mature woman, in a rather revealing yellow bikini, one that accentuates her chest, and was tied at the side, barely covering her buttcheeks, though of course she didn't mind~! She giggled again, twirling a bit on the spot. "Mamo-chan is gonna love this so much!" she said happily, going to take one last look at herself in the mirror...

Her jaw dropped as she saw herself. Her bikini was gone! She wasn't naked though... Instead, she was wearing a one piece swimsuit, that looked rather modest, a faint red with a skirt attached to it, and frilly straps going over her shoulder. Turning around, the skirt twirled outward, showing the small pair of shorts on her lower half, covering up anything naughty she might be showing. "What the hell?!" she yelled, stomping her foot as she viewed herself, "This is something that Chibi-Usa would wear!"

As she watched herself, she spied her hair doing something rather odd. Her buns seemed to curl a bit, as if rolling up her pigtails. Momentarily silenced with shock, she watched as her long strands of hair were slowly sucked up into her hair ties, creating two large, rather awkward buns on her head. She stared curiously for a moment before, with a squeal of shock, she watched her hair explode outwards, becoming two large pink balls of hair on each side of her head, the color slowly starting to seep into her bangs. "Ach! What is going on?!" she said, uselessly pawing at her hair, as if trying top stop the inevitable...

She was so distracted with her hair, she didn't even notice what was going on down below. The two impressive lumps on her chest started to become dramatically less so, falling below some frills on her chest until there was really nothing of note to see. Her long legs, which she was quite proud of, seemed to lose tone, gaining a certain softness as her thighs shortened, her feet losing inches, and her thighs receding towards the ground...

It wasn't until Usagi noticed that her fingernails were shortening on her small hands that she finally looked down, her mouth wide open. Before the mirror was not the mature, beautiful Usagi that she had worked so hard to make, but instead the body of an eight year old, pink haired girl, very normally called a "Brat" by Usagi. "I'm... I'm Chibi-Usa!" she said, in a now much higher voice. Her shocked expression was quickly replaced by anger, as she stomped to the door of her room. "I bet that little pink weasel has something to do with it!" she said, seething, as she wrenched open the door.

She was surprised to find a tall girl standing on the other side. At first she thought it was her mother, but as she looked up, she saw a pair of yellow pigtails falling down a lean figure in a yellow bikini. "You okay, Chibi-Usa?" Usagi asked, looking both confused and concerned down to the little girl. The now smaller girl looked up, wide eyed, before looking back at her room, which was decorated for a little girl. "Uh... I dunno..." she said, looking somewhat confused as she turned back to Usagi, "...You know, you look fat in that bikini~!"


Ikuko hummed a bit to herself, as she took the roast she was finished putting together into the oven, turning the timer. "Thirty minutes should be perfect for this!" she said, wiping her hands down, "Should be ready just in time for when the girls get back from the beach! I wonder why Chibi-Usa was so upset..." she said thoughtfully as she turned away, putting her cooking materials in the sink, "I bet Usagi was being mean to her again... She really needs to stop doing that..." She sighed as she watched the few dishes, her body slightly jiggling with the light movement.

As she focused on working on the cleaning, she felt somewhat odd. Her mind drifted to her two girls as they left, particularly on Usagi. "Hmm... Her swimsuit was quite cute! I wonder if I could ever pull off something like that..." she said wistfully, as she brushed some hair out of her face. Some random strands seemed to be falling into her face, annoying her as she continued to move it. "Mmm... Those seem lighter than before... Are they grey hairs?" she said to herself, as she plucked one of them with a wince. She looked closely, noticing that it wasn't faded. In fact, it seemed to glow golden blonde, very similar to Usagi's. "Hmm... That's odd..." she said, setting down the dish she was working on.

She turned around, reaching back and brushing some hair over her shoulder, letting it drape down over her well rounded chest. She looked up and down it, before noticing that the ends also seemed to be glowing a similar golden color. As she observed them, the color seemed to grow, starting to engulf the rest of her hair. "My, this is quite strange!" she said, coughing slightly, as her voice seemed to crack on the last word. She continued to mindlessly brush her hair, staring at it before letting her eyes wander down further...

"Hmm... What's going on?" she said, a hint of worry in her voice, covered by more of a curious tone. She was staring down at her apron, which her breasts usually pressed against quite proudly. Today, though, it seemed somewhat... Lacking. It looked as if it was hanging somewhat off of her, her shirt underneath wrinkling on. She reached up to her collar, her long sleeves seeming to hang on over her hands by a few inches, and grabbed her shirt, pulling it outwards so she could see down inside more clearly.

There, she didn't see much to be excited about. Her bra seemed to be slipping down, revealing a chest that was now a few cup sizes smaller. "Oh my! Something really weird is going on!" she said, hurrying out of the room and over to the bathroom, the rim of her dress brushing against her ankles, her slippers flopping awkwardly. She wasn't sure where to go, so she simply entered the first room, which ended up being Usagi's room. Curiously, she looked around, before wandering over to the mirror, draped in old clothes that Usagi had tried on earlier today.

The sight was odd to behold. Ikuko could definitely see herself, but it was much different now. Her hair was still somewhat wavy, but it seemed to be flattening out, Her old blue color only in small blotches between the blonde that was taking over. Her clothes seemed to be hanging on her awkwardly, not falling off, but definitely a few sizes too big for her body. She slowly reached up, undoing her apron and taking it off to better get a look at what was going on.

She was definitely thinner, her chest less impressive, and with a lift of the dress, she could see that her legs were slimmer as well, showing off how long they were. The only thing that didn't change much was her waist size, though it seemed to be a bit softer now. "Wow... I am about Usagi's size now!" she said in astonishment, as she looked at her reflection. Curiously, she reached up, picking up one of the low cut tops hanging off the mirror. "I wonder if..." she said slowly to herself, before setting it aside, staring back at her own, slightly smaller face.

As if making a decision, she reached down, pulling the long sleeved top up and over her. Her bra seemed to come with it, as both of them came off over her head. She felt her long, straight hair being pulled up as well, but as it fell back on her shoulders, it came back in two big strands. She peeked back at herself, seeing two ball shaped bundles of hair on top of her head, leading into long pigtails. She didn't question it, though, as she pulled off her dress, the panties tugging along with it, leaving the woman completely nude in her daughter's room.

"Wow... I look just like Usagi-chan!" she said happily, her voice even mirroring her daughters, "Though, I don't remember her having these..." she said, reaching down and squeezing some excess mass around her hips. As she did so, something odd seemed to click in her head, and she shook it, staring back into her eyes, which faded from brown to a blue color. "...Ugh..." she said, frowning deeply as she continued to squeeze her fat sides, "I've gained weight haven't I? And It smells like mom is making roast tonight... Maybe if I eat it quickly I won't gain anymore weight!" The girl giggled to herself, as she picked up some clothes, humming mindlessly to herself as she got dressed, getting ready for the rest of the night.


Chibiusa sighed, looking at the mirror. She was a bit bummed, seeing her rather immature body reflected back at her, only accentuated by the small one piece swimsuit she was wearing, skirt attached to it fluttering with every movement. "Ugh... I'm never gonna impress Mamo-chan like this!" she said, in a tortured voice, as she crossed her arms with a huff, "Why can't I be as big as Usagi-baka! Or more impressive than her!" she said, turning around to look at her back, "I bet My body would bigger than hers if I had my choice!"

As she shook her backside in a somewhat mocking tone at the mention of looking better than the blonde haired girl, something odd seemed to be coming on with her reflection. The skirt attached to the swimsuit was meant to cover her up rather modestly, but as she looked, it seemed rather short... She could see her full on bottom poking out, and it seemed... Shapely? Well, more shapely than it was before... It didn't help that her swimsuit started to seem less adequate by the second, seeming to shrink upwards into her, causing her bottom to slowly fall out of the one piece...

Chibiusa blushed, turning back around, her mouth hanging open. As she looked at herself full on now, something was definitely up. Her legs seemed somewhat... Longer. Yes, she was definitely taller. She reached down, her hands slowly tracing up her smooth legs. They were nearly a foot taller, along with her arms, leading down to a pair of thin fingers, forming some kind of soft nail polish on them. If she had to say, she looked around teenage. Her hands traced up her legs, across her middriff, before pausing at her chest, her mouth hanging up again.

She smiled a bit now, as both her hands touched her chest. "I have... Boobs!" she said, somewhat happily, as she squeezed the two orbs that now hung from her chest. They were pushing her now tiny, ill fitting swimsuit to breaking point, but she didn't care. She was just happen to have something like this, giggling as she seemed to mess with them a bit. "I think they are even bigger than Usagi's! I dunno what's causing this, but I like it!" she said, as she started posing, turning around and bending over a bit, both squeezing her breasts between her arms, while sticking her butt out a little, sticking out her tongue playfully
This seemed to be the last straw, and after a few more seconds, there was a loud tearing sound. Her face turned red as the tatters of the one piece fell to the floor, exposing her body in full. Out of habit, she quickly covered her chest and privates, looking around. She then heard two popping noises, before seeing the two round objects that held her hair up in buns fell to the ground, her hair falling over her shoulders.

She looked back up to her reflection, her face still a bit red. She looked a bit older than teenage now. She looked like a woman now, probably in her late twenties. Her chest was much fuller, she could tell both from the reflection, and the arms having to hold them at bay. In her other hand covering her crotch, she could feel a small patch of hair growing in. She was transfixed as she watched, the hair seeming to grow like weeds from her head, flowing down her back in a great rush, stopping at the midpoint.
Slowly, she stood up tall, taking her arms away from the spots they were hiding. As she let go of her breasts, she felt them sag slightly, as if gravity were suddenly acting on them. There was an odd feeling coming over her, like her body was going through years of changes and experience in seconds. She was forced to sigh a bit, as she watched her hair darken, going from pink, to red, to a maroon, before finally settling on a more purple color. She reached up with one hand, taking a strand and pulling it in front of her darkening eyes. "I wonder why...?" she started to say, before covering her mouth, hearing a deeper, but somewhat familiar voice come out.

She watched, hands covered, as her body seemed to settle now in the mirror. She could definitely feel a familiarity to the person she was staring at. She reached forward, touching the reflection, before suddenly, something in her head clicked. "I... Uh..." she said, shaking her head slightly. She looked back at the reflection... Before smiling a bit, posing somewhat. "You know, for a mother of two, I still look pretty good..." the former Chibiusa said, giggling to herself, "Now, I just have to find my swimsuit... Where did I put that thing..."
Sailor Moon - The Roundabout
Three little Sailor Moon shorties that all fit into each other~! Contains age regression and age progression!

Mature Content

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Sixonesixone Birthday Gift

Scott and Cheryl walked down the road, chatting casually to each other. To many, it looked like the two were on a date. And, really, it made sense: These two had seemingly been out several times that week, going to movies, out to dinner, and generally spending a lot of time together. Sure, it seemed odd that they often went to family restaurants and kid's films, but as Cheryl was sometimes seen with two little girls, than maybe it wasn't so odd...

This particular night, things seemed different. They were walking down a small suburban area, and far from what usually happens, Scott seemed rather shy, while Cheryl was being particularly handsy. She was a couple inches taller than him, so she was easily able to reach around him, giving his bottom a squeeze, and rubbing his thighs. Scott seemed to be blush a bit at the entrance of his small house, fumbling to get to his keys as the woman behind him was still messing with him, rubbing onto his hips and holding onto him as they both entered into Scott's home.

Soon enough, they were sitting on the couch together. Cheryl had a glass of red whine, while Scott had a simple glass of water. Scott still looked a bit nervous, while Cheryl simply smiled, taking a sip of wine. She soon got up, walking around the small apartment. She stopped at the wall, where a college degree was sitting. "Hmm... College eh?" she asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked at him.

"Hm? Oh... Yeah. For engineering. Didn't really get me anywhere though..." Scott said offhandedly, watching her as she wandered around. She next stopped at another framed photo, picking it up. "I'm guessing these are your parents?" she asked, turning to him.

"Yeah... They're no longer around..." Scott said, looking down slightly. Cheryl's smile faltered somewhat, as she set the photo back down. "I'm sorry..." she started to say, but Scott shook his head, looking up. "No no, it's fine. It's just life I guess..." he said, putting on a small smile. Cheryl smiled again, walking back over. She reached down, taking his hand and pulling him up, giggling slightly. "So, young man... Why did you come to this decision?" she asked, walking him out to the middle of the room. 

Scott looked awkwardly down, sighing a bit. "I dunno... I went to college, I tried finding a job, but I just feel like I'm kinda drifting out. I don't have any friends that live around here anymore, my job is dead end, I think I just need... Something different," he said, looking back at her. She was looking at him expectantly, taking another sip of wine, but staying silent. "...Well um... How will this go?" he asked her, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked away, hearing her giggle a bit, setting her glass to the side. "Well... We need to do a bit to preparation first..." she said, walking over and grabbing something metal from her purse. 

"Uh... What kind of preparations?" Scott asked, watching as she put the purse aside, holding up the object, which looked very similar to a remote. Cheryl giggled, walking back over to him. "Well, silly... If you want to become one of my kids..." she said, with a rather wry smile, "We will have to figure out what we are changing... And how much!"

Scott gulped a bit, as her hands traveled downward, grabbing onto his beltbuckle. Unlike how her sensual feeling earlier, now she was a bit more businesslike, as she unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to the ground. Shocking as it was, what she spoke was true. They had met a few months back, through mutual interests. At first they had dated, but after he had admitted his interests in "starting over", she said she could help. Though hesitant at first, after he had met her family and the kinds of technology they had, he finally agreed to go through with it.

That's what the last few weeks had been focused on. He had been going out with her nightly so she could learn about his interests for when he "started over". And the few nights the kids were there, she brought them to meet their "new brother". Scott liked the two of them, a six year old and an eight month old, though the six year old seemed rather too eager to have a little brother to play with. She was no doubt waiting at Chryl's house for his homecoming...

"So..." Cheryl said, once she had stripped off his underwear from him, "We agreed, at your request, that you will keep the name Scott... And you said you wanted to be two years old, right?" Scott nodded, going down to cover his crotch. Cheryl giggled, patting his bare bottom before walking over to the couch. She pulled a folded up diaper, opening it and setting it on the ground. Wordlessly, she gestured him over to sit down on the diaper, which he obeyed, though bashfully. Soon, he was lying in front of her, completely bare, on top of a baby's diaper. "Will this even fit me?" he asked foolishly, as he watched her.

She giggled a bit, picking up the metal remote and typing something in. "Of course not silly... That's not for big boy Scott... That's for little Scotty..." she said, her finger hovering over a red button. She looked down to him, their eyes meeting. "You ready?" she asked, sounding both nervous and excited. Scott gulped, before slowly nodding, and with only a moment of dead air, Cheryl pressed the button.

Scott wasn't sure what he was expecting. He thought maybe he would have some kind of big physical transformation into an infant, or some form of smoke or something. Instead, his senses just became hazy... It felt like he was now viewing his own life through some long tube, fading in and out like a bad TV reception. He could feel that his bottom was being wrapped in a diaper, Cheryl saying things that he didn't understand. Things faded, and before he knew it, he was being carried into a new house. He looked around as he was set down between two small girls, one bigger than him, one smaller. They poked and prodded him, though his senses were somewhat numbed. Instead, he seemed more curious about his own toes, suckling on them as his sight faded again. When it came back, he was in the middle of being changed out of a soggy diaper, more words being said that he couldn't understand. And before he knew it, he was laying down in a pair of pajamas, as the lights were turned out, and his eyes closed, passing out very quickly... The last feeling his adult mind had was contentment, with his new mommy and a comfy diaper...
A Special Arrangement
I decided to make a short little story for my friend :iconsixonesixone:. Hope you like it!

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Mortal Kombat AR/Diaper Story

Cassie Cage blew a bubble in her bubble gum, popping it before spitting it out onto the ground. She was in the Special Forces training room, and standing across from her was a woman that looked somewhat similar to her, though a couple decades older. Her Commanding Officer, Sonya Blade, was standing rather still as she watched the younger girl. Her arms were folded behind her back, and she seemed rather surly at her daughter, and waited until she removed her headphones from her ears before she spoke. "So, is there a reason you called me in here? We've sparred several times, and I don't think you've beaten me once. In fact, I figured you had given up..." Sonya said, giving one of her rare smirks as she watched her.

Cassie returned her smirk with a cocky smile. "Oh yeah, I had given up. But now, I know I can win" Cassie said, as she started to warm up in her spot. Sonya raised an eyebrow, as she finally broke her pose, starting to get ready as well. "Is that so? Well than, you want to make a wager? I can give you that promotion you always wanted..." Sonya said, a bit of cockiness sneaking into her voice, as she got into a fighting position.

Cassie let out a laugh, as she moved in a similar fighting position. "Nah, You can keep that. But instead, how bout you get a demotion if you lose?" she said, rolling her neck around. Sonya looked slightly taken aback, but quickly regained her composure, tightening her fists. "Alright, I'll humor you... But if that's the case, than I'm not going to go lightly, like I did before... Let's go!" she said, running forward at the young girl. Cassie smiled widely, before running at her mother, fists raised.


Despite her confidence, Sonya's age seemed to finally start to catch up to her. After several minutes of rather intense battle, Sonya powered up her fist, throwing a glowing pink punch at Cassie. She seemed too fast, though, as she quickly ducked down, before quickly rising back up, hitting an uppercut on her mother. She flew back, landing hard on the ground, knocking the air out of her. She tried to get up, regaining her breathe, but she found her arms shaking. She slowly propped herself up on her elbows, trying to rise further, but found herself unable to. Cassie walked up beside her, looking rather banged up, but still standing. "That it? You done?" she asked, in between breaths. 

Sonya heaved a bit more, but only found herself falling back. She looked up at the blonde girl, before taking a deep breathe and sighing. "You know what? Sure... You won..." Sonya said, in a somewhat pained expression, as she propped herself up again. Cassie looked rather happy, though still had the air of smugness about her. "Alright! Finally..." she said, as if this was an outcome that she had been waiting for for years.

"Yeah, yeah, don't get too cocky..." she said, popping her neck a bit, "So, you said a demotion eh? Well, unfortunately, that's not really possible... Command isn't going to let me step down as your CO just because I lose a sparring match with my daughter, no matter how embarrassing it is..." Sonya said, a slightly blush on her face.

Cassie hummed to herself as Sonya talked, reaching into one of her pouches. "Hm? Oh, no, that kinda demotion wasn't what I was thinkin'. But if you think THAT was embarrassing, well, you haven't seen the half of it!" she said, pulling out what looked like a grenade. Sonya immediately tensed up, placing one hand on a handgun strapped to her thigh. "Cassie... I don't know what you are thinking, but I am telling you right now, stand down... I don't even know what blowing me up would accomplish!"

"Psht! You'd think after all these years, you'd be able to tell a smoke bomb from a regular grenade... Though I enhanced this one with the help of some friends~!" she said, pulling the pin and dropping it. She quickly started to walk away, putting another stick of gum in her mouth. "BRB!" she said, waving over her shoulder as the room started to fill with smoke.

"En...hanced?" Sonya said, before starting to cough a bit, putting her hand over her mouth, "That girl... What is up with her..." She started to rise a bit more, still filtering her mouth from the smoke as her eyes watered. Oddly, she found it slightly easier to get up now... Her body seemed to feel much better from a few seconds earlier. Curious, she looked down at her arm, where there were several cuts and bruises. Before her eyes, they slowly started to heal themselves, the cuts zipping themselves up, while the bruises seemed to simply disappear. After a few moments, she found that her muscles were well enough that she was able to stand up, only feeling slightly sore.

"What is her game... This doesn't seem like the kind of thing she would usually do..." she said, trying to look around. It was no use, though, as the entire room was practically filled with a thick haze of smoke. She tried walking around to find the exit, one hand extended while the other covered her mouth. As she did so, though, she felt a weird rustling around her legs. Her pants felt like they were starting to droop, which she found somewhat annoying, as she was used to them being tight for better movement. "Ugh... Belt must have come loose..." she grumbled to herself, as she reached behind herself to pull them up.

Instead of grabbing her uniform pants, though, her hand sank into a thick layer of plastic. "The hell?!" she yelled as she looked down. She could see her pale, toned legs, leading up to a thick white garment hugging her crotch. Her pants seemed to have completely disappeared, replaced by an almost comically large diaper. "Oh, whatever that girl did to make... This! I'm gonna kill her..." she said angrily, as she started walking toward where she thought the door was...

As she stepped, though, she found her legs... Oddly hard to move. At first she thought it might be the diaper impeding her movement, but even when she was standing, she found it harder and harder to balance. "Whaz goin on? Why's can' I walk pwoperwy?And why's I tawkin funnies?" she said out loud, as she looked around. She suddenly felt frightened, as she instinctively stuck a finger to her mouth, starting to suckle on it. The smoke was starting to dissipate now, but she stood in one spot, suckling on her fingers and bouncing on the balls of her feet uneasily.

As she started to see the surroundings more and more, she noticed that they looked... Larger... More grand than usual. Her mouth fell open, as she tried to walk over to the nearby emergency computer. Her had become so uncoordinated, though, that after only a few steps, she found herself falling back on her bottom. Her eyes teared up slightly, despite the fact that it caused no pain, and watched as her legs instinctively curled up, most of it's muscle mass replaced with cute baby fat. Most of her body was like that, in fact, as she sat there sniffling, in only a diaper and tiny combat jacket. Even her hair had changed, her bun becoming a pair of pigtails, which her now too large had hung lazily from. 

"Well, well, looks like it worked! Takeda wasn't messin' around!" Sonya heard a voice from behind her, as Sonya was suddenly lifted into the air. Cassie turned her around, bouncing her slightly with a smirk. "Wow, you were cute when you were a baby! Almost as cute as I was! Now what to call you... Can't really call you Commander anymore, and Mommy seems out the window..." She then sniffed the air and frowned. "Uh... We'll figure it out after a diaper change... Jeez, you need to figure out a better diet!"


Despite her shining confidence, and her certainty that she would win, it was only a few minutes before Cassie Cage was lying on her back. She struggled to get up, but found it impossible, at first due to her several injuries, but soon it was because her own mother had placed a foot on her, keeping her down. "Don't try to get up... you'll just stress your muscles and tear something..." she said, tightening the electronic straps on her wrist.

"Ugh... Fine! You win!" Cassie said forcefully, pushing her boot from off of her. Slowly and painfully, she got up to a sitting position, trying not to look her her defeater directly. It was pretty hard, though, as Sonya's eyes seemed to be burning a hole on her head. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore, and was forced to look up at her, shame all over her face...

They had always told her that she took more after her father, but the look of satisfaction that Cassie usually had was placed rather firmly on Sonya's face. She walked over to her side, grabbing her by the arm and lifting her rather roughly to her feet. "Well... You lost... Again. We talked a bit about a... Demotion, didn't we?" Sonya said, walking back around in front of her. Cassie looked over to the side, mumbling something under her breath. "What was that? I am your Commanding Officer, when I ask you something, you answer!" Sonya said firmly, looking stern.

"Yes ma'am..." Cassie finally said, sighing a bit, "But it was only supposed to be for you! We didn't make a wager for if I lost..." Cassie was rubbing her arm now, looking a lot more shy than anyone had really seen her.

"Correct. But, I feel that a demotion is fit for you... No arguments!" she cut across, stopping Cassie from saying anything, "Now, I will be more than fair, and let you keep your position... But you will be put into a Special Probationary Period. Do you understand?" She crossed her arms across her chest.

Cassie rubbed her leg against the back of the other, blushing a bit as she looked to the side. "Y-yes... Commander... What kind of probation, though?" she asked, almost nervous as to what the answer would be. Sonya simply smirked, as she walked by her, grabbing her arm. "Let's go get you patched up... Little girl..." Sonya said, almost too knowingly...

A week later, Sonya was filing some reports in her office when she heard a knock on her door. "Enter." she commanded, not even bothering to look over her shoulder. She heard the door open, and a pair of combat boots enter the room. "Cassie Cage, reporting to Commander Sonya Blade for Probation!" said Sonya's daughter said, standing up straight.

"At ease. And you know the terms of the probation..." Sonya said, closing the filing cabinet before turning around. Cassie's cheeks became visibly red as she slowly nodded. "Uh... Yeah... Um... Cassie Cage, reporting to... Mommy... For Probation..." she said, her voice trailing off at the end.

"Of course... Come on." she said, gesturing her over. Cassie obediently walked forward, standing at attention in front of Sonya. The Commander sat down in her chair, patting her lap without a word. Cassie's face only got redder, as she looked around, as if making sure no one was watching. Then, slowly, she walked over, sitting down on her lap. As she did so, Sonya reached up, rubbing her back. "Good girl... Have you finished your training for today? Submitted your damage reports for the three battles last week?" Sonya asked, rather professionally, which clashed rather awkwardly with the fact that she was zipping down the back of her battle uniform, reaching down the back to where her bottom was...

"Um... Yes Mommy... I've done routine twenty through thirty-two... And the report has been sent in to the higher ups..." she said, trying to concentrate on her words. She was almost drowned out as Sonya grasped onto her bottom, a loud crinkling heard. "Good... Though you diaper is a little soggy... We'll get you nice and dry after your punishment... Now come on! Quicker we get it over with, quicker you can get back to work!" Sonya instructed, patting her behind.

Cassie nodded, getting up quickly without another word. She then reached up, starting to pull down her bodysuit. Underneath was a rather built girl, a rather tight pair of abs and defined muscles. It clashed horribly with the yellow tinted diaper that appeared when she pulled the body suit down her thick thighs, pulling it completely off and setting it aside. She then walked over to her mother, kneeling down before placing her mostly nude body across her lap. Sonya seemed to expect this, and as soon as she was comfortably laying there, she pulled at the back of the diaper, tearing it open. Without another moments thought, she started to slap her bottom, rather firmly. Cassie let out a little yelp, but remained as tight lipped as she could as her mother smacked her bottom hard several dozen times, her ass starting to glow red, some welts even appearing. "There... Just a few more weeks of this and you will be off probation! Then we can spar again..." Sonya said, opening a drawer, pulling out a new diaper. "Now... You know what to say..."

Cassie slowly got up, rubbing her bottom. "Um... Tank yous fo' da spanking... I deserved it..." Cassie said, in a faux baby voice, "Can I pwease have my diapoo?"
Finish Her!
So instead of making a Seal Their Fate, I decided to do something different. Instead, I chose two girls and had them fight! But I couldn't decide who to have win... So I wrote them both as a winner! So in this fight, Sonya Blade fights her daughter Cassie Cage. First, we see what it would be like if Sonya lost... Then what happens when Cassie falls...

Who made the better loser?
No one gives a shit about anything I'm doing, so I'm going to stop. Seal their fate and User Generated Story are done. Whatever.


Commissions Closed
Artist | Literature
United States



I will accept commissions for all kinds of stories involving Age Regression and Diapers based on different Anime, Video Games and different materials. Basically, I make AR and Diaper Fanfics. I also do other kinds of stories

The pricing has been updated once more.



Instead of by word, I will be pricing by page. It will make it a lot easier to figure out what the final price will be around.

Simply put,


See? Easy. And to prevent problems with half/quarter pages, I will be splitting prices into quarters. I.E. A half page will cost 2, a quarter page will cost 1, and 3 quarters of a page will cost 3.


Unfortunately, the issue here is that the final price will not be decided until after I am done writing. Writing is a bit of a harder thing to price than a picture. I can definitely try to keep it short, medium, or long based on certain protocols, but I am very flexible with pricing and the final price will be discussed after it is done

The other major variable for price is the subject matter. If I am not familiar with the series, I might charge a bit more based on research and stuff I have to do. It's hard to write in character of someone I don't know.

I will also charge more for sexual content. While light stuff, like nudity, kissing and light sexual things are excusable and won't be charged, full sexual intercourse between two or more people and heavily sexual situations will be charged an extra few dollars.

There is, of course, some things I won't do. That includes:

-Pedophilia. This applies to sexual imagery of underage characters. There is no exception

-Furry. Beyond ears/tails, I will not do any kind of furry things. There is very little exception

-Males as subjects. It's kind of odd, but while I will have males in the story on request, I will not regress or diaper them. The only exception is if the male is TGed into a female. There might be exceptions to the rules, so please discuss with me before commissioning

If you want to request a commission, send me a note. That is my preferred method. I would like a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of what you want the story to be about, along with any specific notes about things you want to happen, like who the victims are, how you want the regression/diapering to happen and any special settings/themes, stuff like that.

If you want it to be multiple chapters, please let me know and we will discuss possible pricing and discounts.

Donate Here, If you wanna~…

Have a nice day!
No one gives a shit about anything I'm doing, so I'm going to stop. Seal their fate and User Generated Story are done. Whatever.

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