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deviation in storage by Osakatan
deviation in storage by Osakatan
deviation in storage by Osakatan


A Yuru Yuri AR Story

Yui sat at the small tea table in this tea ceremony room, converted into the club room for the Amusement club. She was, of course, trying to silently read to herself. It was becoming increasingly difficult, however, as she felt the piercing eyes of her best friend, Kyouko, hidden inside of the small closet to the far side of the room. A bead of sweat rolled down her forehead, she she tried her best to ignore the odd sounds emanating, mechanical noises mixed with rather sinister laughter...

It had started, rather suddenly, earlier that day. Yui didn't know much about what was actually happening; In fact, the most she knew was from a speedy summary that Kyouko had given her while rushing around the room. From what she understood, she had been up to see Nana-sensei, the science teacher. She had borrowed, or stolen, one of her new contraptions, that did something involving age. Yui had attempted to ask her about what she was planning, or what the device even was. All she really got in response, though, was a very simple instruction: Keep Chinatsu busy, or otherwise distracted, from what Kyouko was actually doing.

This immediately raised a bunch of red flags inside of Yui's head. She knew that Kyouko would never do something illegal, of course. Immoral, perhaps, but never illegal... But if she was doing something that required her to really distract Chinatsu like that, and involved some sort of machine, it can't really be good, right? As she sat at the table, unfocused on the book in front of her, she peeked at her phone. She could always call her... Give her some sort of prewarning, tell her that Kyouko was up to nothing good... She sighed a bit, reaching forward, picking up the phone. It was, really, the only option at this point... Either tell her or allow Kyouko to do something really stupid...

"Yui-sempai~!" came the chirpy voice of the pink, pigtailed underclassman to Yui, waving happily. Yui jumped a bit, dropping her phone as she looked at the entering person. "Chi-Chinatsu-san! I uh... I didn't know you were coming so early!" Yui said, trying to regain her composure. Chinatsu looked at her curiously, before looking at the clock. "Um... I'm five minutes late..." she said, raising an eyebrow, "Is everything alright?"

Before Yui could respond, however, the closet door slid open with a rather loud 'Crash'. "Nothing is wrong, of course!" Kyouko said, triumphantly, standing there as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Both Chinatsu and Yui looked at the girl, looking somewhat bemused by her appearance. After a moment, Chinatsu calmly sat down, ignoring the blonde haired girl that had appeared before her. "So, what's new, Yui-sempai~?" she asked, cuddling up to the girl next to her.

Kyouko, who usually acted hurt by Chinatsu's ignorance of her presence, seemed oddly unfazed by it today. "Chinatsu-chan! I have a job for you to do!" she said, rather boisterously, reaching into her bag. Chinatsu looked over to her, the same bemused look from earlier mixing with some mild curiosity. "Yeah? Well, if it involves a costume, than you already know my answer..."

"Of course it doesn't, you silly little girl!" Kyouko said, reaching up and pinching her cheek. Chinatsu's eyes widened, as she simply allowed her to do it. She was, of course, used to Kyouko worshiping her, like some sort of tiny idol. She had never been... Talked down to by her before. She was so distracted by this sudden shift in treatment, she didn't even notice that Kyouko was placing things in front of her. She shook her head, looking down at the pieces of paper, each with small, differently shaped squares and rectangles on them. "What's this?" she asked, slightly hazy as she picked up each one.

"What do you think? It's my doujin! I want you to draw something for them!" Kyouko said, setting out various drawing supplies in front of her, humming lightly to herself.

Both Chinatsu and Yui looked at her blankly. "Um... Are you sure you want that?" Yui asked her, a bit of fear in her voice as she watched her. Kyouko nodded cheerfully, as Chinatsu looked down at the paper. A bit hesitant, she looked back up at the coniving blonde girl. "Uh... Okay... If that's what you want..." she said, picking up a marker and starting to draw inside of the boxes. 

Despite mainly using bright colors and pastels, her art seemed to always come out... Rather dark... The pages were soon filled with frightening doodles, not very different from those you might find inside of an insane asylum. Despite Chinatsu attempting to stop and Yui's looks of horror, Kyouko seemed unfazed, constantly telling her how good of a job she was doing. Eventually, Chinatsu seemed perfectly wrapped up in her work, happily working on these pictures, ignorant of what might be actually going on.

It seems that Kyouko was looking for this exact opening. Sneaking very slowly, she went back over to the closet, reaching inside. From there, she produced a rather large, shoulder mounted gun, aiming through the eyepiece right at Chinatsu...

"Alright, this is enough!" Yui said, stepping in front of her. Chinatsu snapped out of it, looking up... Before gasping, scooting across the ground until her back was against the wall. "W-w-what the hell is she doing?!" she yelled, as she pointed at the large, bazooka like object on Kyouko's shoulder.

"I have no idea. All I know is that she had some dumb plan that involves de-aging you I think, and-" Yui began to explain, as she turned to face Chinatsu. She heard a click from behind her, as Kyouko's finger seemed to slip, activating the device.

On a scale, the explosion would probably rate a six out of ten. Not really Earth-Shattering, but enough for people to think it was some form of earthquake. The club seemed to stand up surprisingly well, no outside damage visible, though the inside seemed rather disheveled. Chinatsu coughed a bit, her entire body covered in a soot like substance. "Jeez... Kyouko, why are you such an idiot?!" she said, as she waved her hands through the smoke, looking for a window. She eventually found it, putting both hands upon it and pushing it open, before resting on the edge, letting the room vent out...

It took a couple minutes before the room finally cleared up. Chinatsu slowly pulled herself up, looking around. "Yui? You okay?" she asked, walking around the room. It was odd... She seemed to be the only person in the room right now... She walked around the table, where Yui had been standing, and looked down...

She screamed loudly, seeing a pile of Yui's clothing laying on the ground. "Oh my god! She vaporized you! No, my sweet Yui!" she screamed melodramatically, as she fell to her knees, reaching down to pick up the outfit. She grabbed the uniform, yanking it up and hugging it, tears starting to flow as she squeezed it to her chest. She almost missed a small object falling from the uniform, opening her eyes when she heard a small 'oof!' emanate from the object as it hit the ground...

Chinatsu stared, open mouthed, at the sight before her: A small girl, probably no older than a year old, laying on the ground. She was completely nude, and didn't seem too pleased with it, as she tried to cover herself. Her hair was a deep purple color, which immediately made Chinatsu think of one thing... "Y...Yui...Sempai?" she asked slowly, as she set the uniform aside, reaching out to the baby. The baby seemed to react to the name, looking up at her slowly...

The baby let out a yell, scooting back. "Chinatsu-san! Why yous so big?!" came the little voice, as Chinatsu reached down, placing her hands underneath Yui's arms. With a small sound of surprise, Yui found herself being lifted up, as Chinatsu raised up. "Wait... I'm wittle! Why is I wittle!" Yui said, as she struggled to look around her, "I knew Kyouko would do sometin dumb! She made us wittle! Where is she at, I'ma hurt her! I'ma make sure she never gets ta eat wum waisin ice cweam again! I..."

Yui's protests continued to blare out of the baby, she she struggled feebly against the grasp she was in. She seemed barely aware of her surroundings, only that she was suspended in the air for a while, before she found herself being laid down. When she felt her legs being moved around against her will, she finally looked down, curious as to what was going on. "Whatchoo doin Chinatsu...?" she asked, as she watched her pull out something white. Wordlessly, she lifted up Yui's lower half, placing the object underneath her bottom, before pulling it up between her legs, taping it around her waist.

It took Yui a moment to realize that she was now diapered. It was probably a bit better than being naked in front of her friend, but she couldn't figure out how much better... They both sat there, completely silent, staring at each other. Yui's face was slowly getting redder as she took everything in, while Chinatsu looked curiously expressionless...

That didn't last long, though, as she suddenly burst out in happy squealing, picking Yui up rather roughly and hugging her tightly. "Oh my god, Yui-sempai's diapered! I put cute little Yui-sempai in a diaper! I'm gonna cuddle and tickle and kiss you and dress you up forever and ever! I'm gonna be the best mommy you've ever had!" Chinatsu squealed, as she hugged her closely, rubbing her face against Yui's chubby one. Yui, of course, could do nothing but groan, as she tried to push herself away, a mix of embarrassment and betrayal at Chinatsu fawning over her, so Kyouko-like...

At the thought of her, there came a sound near the crater of the explosion. Both of them looked over to see another small girl, this one blonde, looking stubborn. "Hey! I'm tiny and cute too! Why isn't I gettin' cuddles!" she whined, as she leaned over a bit, trying to look as adorable and helpless as possible. Chinatsu looked somewhat disgusted as she walked over, lifting Kyouko up with the rest of her unfitting clothes. "Uuuh..." Chinatsu said, as she looked around, unsure of what to do...

A slamming was heard on the door, as a voice yelled in, "Hey, what's going on in there?! I heard a giant explosion!" from the hectic, yet abrasive mood of the voice, it could only be the student council vice president Ayano. She seemed rather worried, as she slammed on the door repeatedly. She was cut off, though, as Chinatsu slid the door opening, dumping the infant Kyouko in her arms. "Here, enjoy," Chinatsu said bluntly, before slamming the door shut.

Kyouko looked somewhat grumpy, as she tried to reach back for the room she was just forced out of. On the other hand, Ayano's face started to grow redder, as she looked down at the girl. "That scent.. Is this... Kyouko-san?!" she said, as her face started to burn, her head getting lightheaded... She held onto the girl, as she quickly ran off, as Kyouko reached back for the tea room uselessly...

And without missing a beat, Chinatsu was back to cuddling the baby Yui, as if teleporting back to her position. Yui was forced to endure nearly a half an hour of dancing around and hugging from the excited Chinatsu, who was sometimes beyond words with how delighted she was. Every once in a while, she was able to steal glances out of the window, which didn't offer too much information, but before long, she was able to glance Ayano, who was holding a familiar bundle, while talking hurriedly with her assistant and friend, Chitose. She strained to see what they were doing, but found it harder and harder to focus as the minutes passed...

"Aww, someone looks sleepy!" Chinatsu said happily, as Yui again felt herself being readjusted. Instead of the earlier bouncing, though, she felt herself being laid down in Yui's arms, rocking back and forth softly. "I'm not... Sleepy..." Yui started to say, before a yawn escaped her lips. Though she tried to fight it, she could feel her eyelids drooping as Chinatsu walked around the room, rocking her. Before she finally drifted off, she could hear a soft knock at the door again. She never found out who it was, though, as by the time Chinatsu answered it, she was out like a light...

Yui was comfortable, she knew that much. Her eyes were closed, and she was half asleep, but she knew she was comfortable. Her senses were starting to come back to her, and the first thing that she felt was warmth. Her body, formerly nude save for a diaper, was now covered by something, from head to toe. She moved around a bit, her small legs kicking out, her arms stretching up and rubbing her eyes. She was definitely wearing something now... Something slightly itchy, but cozy...

Slowly, she opened her eyes. She immediately saw bars. Her heart began to race, but it slowed down a bit when they realized they were wooden. She was now a baby, afterall, and so she was obviously in a crib... She slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes a bit now on her sleeve. Come to think of it, she couldn't fit in her uniform anymore... So what was she wearing?

Slowly, she looked down at her sleeve. It was black, and soft... Looking down at her belly, it was white... Putting two and two together, she groaned, putting her hand up to her hooded head, with a small panda face on it. "Of couwse she has dese in babby size..." she sighed to herself, shaking her head.

"Well, look who's awake!" came a cheery voice, as Yui felt herself being lifted again. Yui made a small sound and froze up, but something about the voice seemed... Different, more caring than Chinatsu... She peeked back, to see a white haired girl giggling, as she held her close. "Chitose-san?" Yui asked curiously, not sure what was going on.

"Yup! Don't worry, I made sure to let Chinatsu-chan know that I would be taking care of you... She was acting rather rough with you, so she is taking some time to calm down... For the mean time, I will be your caregiver!" Chitose said warmly, bouncing her lightly as she carried the baby girl around the room.

Yui sighed a bit, instinctively holding onto the girl. "Good... So you tink you can hewp me get back to nowmaw soon?" she asked in her slight lisp, looking up to her eyes. Chitose just smiled warmly, patting her back a bit as she walked over to the table, picking something up. "Here, this will make you feel better..." she said, moving something towards her mouth.

Before Yui could really say anything, she felt a rubber nipple being put in between her lips. She tried to spit it out, but accidentally inhaled, pulling in some of the milk. She gulped it down... Before sighing a bit. She had hated this whole situation, but for some reason, this bottle of milk made her feel... Calmer. She started to slowly suckle on the nipple, her eyes closing a bit as Chitose walked them around the room. "You're such a cute little girl..." she commented, readjusting her to make her more comfortable, "I've babysat a few kids in my time... I know what little girls need~!"

Yui seemed to be in a bit of a trance as she slowly fed herself on the formula. She didn't respond to any of the cooing, besides wriggling a little bit as she was tickled, even letting out a giggle or two. Eventually, the bottle was empty, and she found herself being moved up to Chitose's shoulder, her back being pat. She let out a tiny little burp, sighing a bit...

After a moment, she shook her head, blushing a bit. "Uh-Um... Tank yous..." she said, sounding quite a bit embarrassed as she tried to look away from the older girl. Chitose giggled, moving her back into a laying position. "No problem! Like I said, I have no problem helping a cute baby like you!" she said happily, nuzzling her lightly.

"About dat..." Yui said, trying to push her back, "Can yous hewp me not be a babby anymores?" Chitose simply giggled again, taking her finger and lightly tapping her nose. "Now now, don't worry about that right now! Just enjoy it! Now, let's check here..." she said, as her finger moved down Yui's body.

Yui was curious as to what she was doing... She became less curious as more mortified, as she felt her hand slip under the pajamas, feeling her diaper. "Oh! Looks like someone made an oopsie during nap time!" said Chitose, in a sickeningly sweet voice, "You want a change of diapies now or do you wanna wait?"

"Uh... Wait... Thanks..." Yui said, her face a deep crimson, complete humiliated. "Oooh well~!" Chitose said, the same tone of sickening sweet, as she reached out, setting Yui back down in the crib, "Let me know when you do!"

"... Thanks..." Yui said, simply looking down at her tiny, chubby, rather useless legs. She looked back up to see Chitose walking up to another crib. "Now than, how about you?" she said, as she reached down to pick up the small bundle. She expected to see Kyouko there, dressed in her tomato pajamas, looking as dumb as ever. With a flash of red hair, though, Yui was shocked to find that the baby being held up was... Akarin!

"Akarin?!" she said, crawling up to the side of the crib and watching. Akari looked over, smiling a bit and waving. "Hi Yui-tan!" she said, with her slight lisp, as Chitose carried her over, setting her down next to Yui. Akari giggled, crawling over to Yui. "How... How did you get wike dis?" Yui said, flabbergasted to see a third baby amongst them...

It was Akari's turn to look a bit flabbergasted now. "Whaz you means? I was dere da whowe time!" she said, frowning slightly. Yui opened her mouth to retort... Before slowly closing it, thinking about what happened earlier...

It took her a minute before she was able to picture the scene properly. After observing her surroundings, she realized, with a blush, that Akari had been there the whole time. She had come in after Kyouko had hidden, but before Chinatsu had gotten there. She hadn't said much, so she probably had forgotten she was even there... And, of course, she was sitting at the table near the closet, so she was probably close enough to get hit too...

"... Oh, yeah..." she said, rubbing her head a bit, as Akarin smiled, giggling again. She was soon lifted again by Chitose, who was now feeding her her own bottle, while tickling her her chubby belly. Unlike Yui, Akari seemed delighted by the attention, relishing in the moments that Chitose played with her...

There was a knock at the door. Chitose, now moving the full girl to her shoulder, walked over and opened it. "Ah, you're early!" she said, as a taller woman walked in. Yui slowly peeked around, trying to get a good look at who it was...

Her demeanor reminded Yui of Akari a little, though taller and all around more mature. She had the same pigtails as Akari, but also longer hair. Yui realized, with a gasp, that it was Akane, Akari's rather... unsettling older sister. And today, she really lived up to the unsettling part. Along with her, she brought several items, including many baby toys, a full arm of clothing, a bag overstuffed with changing supplies, and a rope tied to her waist, trailing a line of various pieces of furniture and baby vehicles, including a walker, a stroller, and various others.

"Well, if it isn't my little Akari-chaaan~!" she yelled happily, as she dropped everything she was holding and reached out, snapping Akari out of Chitose's hands and hugging her tightly. "Oneetan!" Akari said happily, using her little arms to hug her back.

"Oh... No no, that's not right, Akarin..." Akane said, with her rather odd smile. Akari frowned a bit, looking up at her. "Whaz you mean? Yous Akane wight?" Akari asked, tilting her head slightly...

"Well of course I am! But I'm not Oneechan anymore... Instead, you will call me Okaasan, okay?" she said, in her voice that mixed both false sweetness and mad desire...

"But... I can't caww you dat! Yous my sistoo, not my mommy!" she said, smiling a bit and giggling.

The next minute of silence was awkward, to put it best. Everyone stared at Akari, who slowly started to sweat, her smile becoming harder to hold... "Um... Oneechan..." she said slowly, hoping to get a response. When she didn't get any, however, she slowly changed her voice. "O...Okaachan..." she said, which caught Akane's attention, "Will... Will I evers... Be a big girw again?"

"Well of course you will!" she said cheerfully. Akari started to sigh with relief, but was cut off when Akane continued her thought. "I mean, babies grow up to be big girls, don't they? You will be back to your former age in a little over a decade, so don't worry~!"

Akarin looked up, her face covered in sweat. She wasn't sure what to say, and slowly, her eyes teared up. Before anyone knew it, she burst out in tears, bawling quite loudly. "Aww, shh shh..." Akane said, trying to calm the little girl. But she seemed rather inconsolable, not able to stop crying at the injustice of it all, which Yui can relate to...

Chitose slowly walked up, patting Akari's back. "There there Akari... Like this, you will get a ton of attention. In fact, people will be paying attention to you all the time, for the next several years!" Chitose said happily, trying to calm the girl down.

Immediately, her tears ceased. She looked back at Chitose, before looking back at Akane. She put her hand to her chin, as if thinking for a minute, before smiling. "Otay Otaatan!" she said, in an even more babyish tone than she had before, as she hugged on tightly to her, "Wets go home! I needs diapoo change!" 

Akane blissfully nodded, waving to the two girls as she turned away. Akari waved as well over Akane's shoulder, looking over the moon with happiness. Yui gave a feeble wave back, finding the whole scene rather... Gross... But hey, i
f that's what Akarin wants than whatever, she has her own problems at the moment, and can sort out that mess later on...

She felt a hand moving under her chin, tickling her. She batted it away, looking up at Chitose, who was leaning over the rails, smiling down at her. "Weww... If you isn't gonna hewp me, den I will just hafta get da science teachoo mysewf, to change us back!" she said, rather roughly, as she used the bars to pull herself up, holding onto them for balance.

She prepared to yell out, but there seemed to be no need, as at that moment, the door opened. In walked a short girl, that Yui immediately recognized as the soft voiced Rise-san, the current student council president. She could see her mouth moving, but no words were audible. This was expected, as no one seemed to ever be able to understand her. The only person that did was...

Nana-sensei, the science teacher who was prone to explosions, and was the cause of Yui's current predicament, was currently the same size and condition of the babied student. Unlike Yui, however, she seemed to not be in the same mental state, as she was babbling and giggling, a line of drool going down the side of her mouth as Rise whispered something to her...

"Ah, Rise-san, Nana-chan! Yui here was just about to call out for the two of you" Chitose said calmly, bowing slightly. Rise looked up at her, before looking down at Yui. She stared at the girl for a moment... Before turning her attention back to the baby in her arms, which was currently suckling on one of Rise's fingers...

"What da heck happened to her?!" Yui said, shocked at what she saw before her. Chitose replied with her now trademark giggle, as she stepped back a bit, letting Rise move forward. She seemed to say something to Nana, which she acknowledged in some mild form. She then walked up to the crib, holding Nana out, facing Yui.

In an instant, Nana's whole demeanor changed. She stopped babbling, and reaching up, she wiped the drool away from the side of her mouth. She cleared her throat lightly, as she crossed her arms. "Weww..." she said, in a similar lisp that Yui and Kyouko had, though with an air of ease to it, "It seems dat yous are in a simiwar form... Dough from what I undoostand, you didn't do dis on porpose..."

"Uh... Yeah, dats wight..." Yui said, before quickly shaking her head, "Wait, why is you wike dis?! Did sometin bad happen to you too?! It's yo dumb invention dat did dis to me in da firwst pwace!" Yui said, now sounding angry again, as she moved a bit closer to the babied woman.

Nana smirked a bit at Yui's outrage, waiting for her to finish before continuing. "Weww, you see, dis is notin' new fo' me. Me and Wise-tan do dis sometimes to wewax... We come hewe to Chitose-tan's houwse to hewp, but it seems today dat you are hewe to harwsh our buzz!" Nana said, an air of indignation in her tiny voice, as Rise nodded along, staying her usual quiet self.

Despite being mad at her earlier, there was an inkling of guilt in her voice. "So... You did dis to yosewf?" she asked slowly, as she looked in between the two. Nana nodded, along with Rise, both of them looking quite unashamed. Yui sighed a bit, shrugging. "Uh... Otay... But dat stiww doesn't mean you aren't to bwame for makin' me and Kyouko wike dis!"

"Actuawwy, it IS yo fauwt!" Nana said, accusatory, pointing a small finger at her. A bead of sweat fell down Yui's head, as she watched the girl pointing at her angrily. "Uh... How is dat?" Yui asked slowly, after waiting a minute in silence for her to say something.

Nana chuckled, folding her arms, still being suspended in the air be Rise. "Weww, I never gave Kyouko pewmission to use dat device. She came to me askin aboot it, but I didn' wanna teww her much, so I had her weave after tewwin her what it does. Aftoo me and Wise stawted babby time, She musta come and stowe da machine, and twied to use it witout putting in the passcode, so of couwse it backfiwed!" Nana explain, shaking her head, as Rise started to walk over, sitting down in a nearby chair. She rested the infantile science teacher on her lap, petting her head.

"...Dangit Kyouko..." Yui said to herself, before turning back to the woman, "Weww... Can you fix us? It's Kyouko's fauwt aftoo all! I shouldn't be punished fo' dis!" she asked, a bit desperately now, pressing her face against the bars in desperation.

Instead of some kind of long winded explanation, Yui's plea was answered but a soft snore. In the intervening seconds, Nana had passed out on Rise's lap, laying on her belly, her limbs splayed out and drooling quite a lot. Despite the pool of water forming on her lap, Rise seemed rather pleased with the scene, a small smile on her face. Yui pleaded out again, but they fell on deaf ears, as with a lift and a small bow, Rise walked out, the science teacher snoozing peacefully on her shoulder...

As Rise left, though, some small object seemed to slip by her, nearly half her size. Yui, who's face was still pressed up against the bars, looked oddly at the small figure that walked in. She had similar hair color to hers, and big, blank eyes. "Ooh? Who are you?" Chitose asked curiously, bending over to greet the small girl.

The girl look up at Chitose, saluting as if she were a soldier delivering a message. "Chitose-sensei! My name is Mari! I bring word from Yui-chan's mother!" she said, in a rather official tone, which clashed greatly from her tiny body.

Chitose looked somewhat shocked at what she heard. "Her mother? What did she say?" Chitose asked, know kneeling down to get eye to eye with the girl. Mari nodded, before reaching into her pocket, picking out a small note. "It says... I would like Yui-chan to return home with Mari-san at once..." Mari said, before folding the note up again, putting it back into her pocket.

Both Yui and Chitose raised their eyebrows at this. "Wants her back?" Chitose said, rising back up. She looked somewhat disappointed, but simply sighed, smiling, "Well, I guess it can't be helped, can it?" She walked over to the crib, reaching over and picking up Yui, "It was fun having you here Yui-chan. I hope to see you this cute again someday~!" She kissed Yui lightly on the forehead and, with one last pat to the bottom, she handed her over to the six year old girl.

Mari, of course, had a bit of trouble holding her. She was only about a foot or two taller, afterall, and Yui was a bit of a chunky baby. Despite this, Mari tried her best, carrying her out of the door, only stopping a moment to bow back to Chitose, who returned the gesture, waving the two of them out.

She walked out into the hall, where Yui saw a strange stroller sitting there. She couldn't put her finger on why she found it so strange, until she was brought around to the front of it. It seemed to actually have two seats, but the other one was occupied by none other than the baby in the tomato pajamas, Kyouko herself. Mari heaved as she lifted her into the stroller, starting to buckle her in. Kyouko stared over at her, giving her normally toothy smile, now filled with baby teeth instead. "Hey dere!" Kyouko said, patting her on the back, "You wook cute in yo' jammies!"

"Can't say da same for you..." Yui said, wincing a bit as the belt was tightened in between her legs, before the stroller started to move slowly. Peeking over her shoulder, she saw that Mari was pushing them down the hallway and out to the street, trying as hard as she could despite being half the size of the stroller itself.

Yui sweatdropped a bit, turning back to Kyouko, who was still smiling at her. "...You know dis is yo fauwt, don't you?" Yui said harshly, turning away from her again.

Kyouko whined, crossing her arms. "Well, at weast we're bot' cuter now..." she said, in a huffy tone. Yui sighed again, looking back at her, somewhat defeated. "You're so dumb... But at weast we wiww get fixed soon, tanks to my mommy... I mean modder..." she said, blushing a bit. Kyouko smiled again, rubbing her head a bit.

Yui looked her up and down, before landing on her waist. "Is you diapood?" she asked, getting a bit frustrated with the fact that she couldn't talk properly. Kyouko raised an eyebrow, before looking down. "Huh... I guess I am! I fogot..." she said, with another toothy grin.

"How did yous get away fwom Ayano? She seemed excited to have yous..." Yui said curiously, looking around the streets curiously. Again, Kyouko gave a small chuckle. "Weww, Aftoo a few hours, she got a bits tireds... I guess I'm a bit too much fo' her!" Kyouko said, seeming rather proud about how unruly she way. Yui didn't have a proper response, so instead, she stayed silent, looking at her surroundings.

It was several minutes before they reached a familiar apartment complex. Yui sighed, leaning back in her seat. "Awmost home..." she said, sighing a bit happily as Mari walked over to the elevator, pushing the two of them in. She struggled for a bit, but eventually, she pressed the button for the floor she stayed on, the doors closing soon after.

Yui was delighted as they walked up to her door, Mari putting a key into the lock and pushing it open. She wondered at her surroundings, drinking in the familiar setting. Instead of stopping in her living room, as she expected, Mari continued to wheel them to another door, where she knew her room sat. Yui curiously watched as Mari pulled the door opened, causing a blinding light to hit the two babies...

Yui rubbed her eyes looking in... Before her jaw dropped. Her entire room was changed around. Her bed now had bars on it, tall, but still fitting the single sized mattress she had. Her desk, where there was usually some finished homework, now held a long pad, similar to that of a changing mat. Her books on her bookshelf seemed to be replaced with video tapes and stuffed animals, and her gaming console was nowhere to be seen, instead a small video player laying on the ground where it usually was.

"What... What happened to my woom?!" Yui said in shock, strugging to get out of the seat so she can get a better look. Mari calmly walked over, unbuckling her and Kyouko before lifting her up, carrying her roughly. "Don't worry Yui-chan... This is just temporary 'til you are fixed..." she said, depositing her on her bottom in front of the TV. Yui looked over to find Kyouko being carried over, set next to her. "'Til I'm... fixed?" Yui asked curiously, as Mari picked up a video tape, putting it into the VCR.

"Yes... I found this tape, and it should have the cure on it..." she said, matter of factly, as she pressed play. Curiously, Yui looked forward, watching what was going on on the television. After a few moments of static, a cartoon started playing. It was several anthropomorphic animals walking around, singing a rather simple tune while circling around...

Yui's face grew to that of disbelief, as she looked back at Mari. "How will this...?" she started to ask, before noticing Mari's look of determination. She raised her hand, waving her finger. "No no, Yui-chan! You must play along with the show or it won't work!" she said quickly, pointing at the screen.

Kyouko looked back at her before at the screen again. She immediately jumped up, starting to dance along with the creatures on the screen. Yui was, as to be expected, hesitant at the prospect. "Do... Do I hafta?" she asked a bit, gulping as she slowly stood up. Mari nodded ferociously, crossing her arms and watching them closely.

Yui sighed a bit, looking between Kyouko and the screen. Slowly, she started to copy Kyouko's actions, watching the screen as well for the prompts. She matched the steps and the arm movements, even yelling out when they asked her to yell out. It was embarrassing for her, but she bared through it...

Soon, she found the prompts to easier to follow. The dancing seemed to go more smoothly, and Yui seemed to be able to predict when they wanted her to say something much easier. She didn't even seem to notice when a smile slowly appeared on her face... She was enjoying herself, despite her feelings...

Before she knew it, the tape ended. Yui sighed, falling back on her diapered bottom alongside Kyouko. She looked over at the blonde girl, before noticing something odd. Kyouko seemed... Oddly out of it... She was smiling mindlessly, drooling a bit. She started to say something, but Kyouko started babbling in response. Mari quickly walked over, rubbing Kyouko's back and hugging her softly, slowly lowering her to her back. The moment she was flat on the floor, Kyouko immediately closed her eyes, her thumb finding its way to her mouth. "There there..." Mari said, as she saw her chest slowly rising and falling, in tune with a sleeping baby...

Yui slowly looked up at Mari, who was looking down at her. She seemed to have trouble focusing on her... Or anything really... 
"I dun think... Video dun work... I feew... Weiwd... Mawi.." Yui slowly said, finding it hard to find the correct words to say.

Mari said nothing. Instead, she reached down, picking up Yui's hand. She then closed all her fingers, save for her thumb. She then pushed it forward, forcing it into Yui's mouth. 

Yui gasped a bit... Before sighing... All the worry from the day, the stress, the anxiety, seemed to simply melt away... Her mouth worked automatically, suckling on the thumb in her mouth. "There... Good girl... Now, sleepy time..." Mari said, moving Yui back. The baby barely protested, simply allowing her to put her to rest. She soon was snuggling into Kyouko, using her belly as a pillow. As she drifted off to sleep, she heard Mari say something. "There there... I think you will like me as your new Oneechan... I promise, I will take care of you really well~!"
A Gay Old Time
The last of my batch of old Commissions, here is one I did for :iconannakatan:. In this, a bad accident for the Amusement club leads to some awkward baby times...
 "Are you sure we should trust her?" Hermione asked, sounding somewhat uncertain as she walked with Ginny down the corridors past the Great Hall. Ginny smiled reassuringly at her, though kept oddly avoiding Hermione's comments. "We should almost be there..." Ginny said, leading them down a hallway which held several paintings of food. They both walked up to the frame holding a silver fruit bowl, ticking the pair, which changed into a doorknob. "I'm still not sure we should trust Luna..." Hermione said one last time, as they entered the school's kitchen.

 Inside, hundreds of house elves were working tirelessly to prepare the next day's meal. At least, most of them were. In the corner, there were a large group of them surrounding a table, where a silver-blonde haired girl was sitting. "Hello friends~!" Luna stated dreamily, lightly waving them over. As Hermione and Ginny walked closer, they saw why there was so much interest here: Several golden plates laid empty, with only remnants of food, in front of the petite Ravenclaw girl. "Um... Why did you ask us to meet you here?" Ginny asked, looking curiously from the new plate being placed in front of her to Luna's cheery face.

 "Oh, it's wonderful! I have to show you both this new spell I've created..." she said pulling out her wand. Hermione immediately walked up, grabbing her hand. "Luna, what do you mean one you've created?" she asked, sternly, looking down at her, "Luna, it's very dangerous to experiment with magic, especially if-!" She was cut off, however, as Luna slipped her hand out of Hermione's smoothly, reaching the tip of the wand to Hermione's lips. Before the concerned girl could voice any more complaints, Luna spoke "Avarus Famin!"

 Hermione stumbled back, as she felt her lips.  "What did...?" she said, licking them slightly. IT was an odd feeling... It felt like her tongue was going into overtime. Her taste buds were practically stinging, yet not in an uncomfortable way. "Why... Do my lips taste good? What did you do Luna?" Hermione asked, halfway between irritation and interest. Luna giggled, as she walked up, lightly tapping Ginny's lips as well. "Here, try this..." she said, handing her a bread pudding. Hermione looked down at it, hesitant, but took it, scooping up a spoonful and eating it.

 The sensation was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. Every detail, every drop of the pudding had been intensified, making it the most delicious bite of food she had ever tasted. She quickly took another bite, and found that this bite was even more delicious than the last. She turned to Ginny, who had busied herself with a piece of turkey. She had the same astonished look on her face, staring back. "Luna... This is... Amazing..." Ginny said, picking up another piece of turkey, quickly eating it. Hermione sat down across from her, practically breathing the pudding down, before picking up another plate, starting to eat.

 Soon, the three girls were sitting at the table, eating plate after plate of food, constantly being replenished by the small elves around the room. They seemed completely distracted by the delicious food that they didn't seem to notice small changes happening to them. First and foremost, their bottoms seemed to be peeking out from the bottom of their skirts, their underwear starting to become visible. Their cheeks seemed a bit more fleshy, rippling slightly as they started to consume their underpants like Luna consumed the bowl of jelly...

 Half the kitchen was focusing on replenishing the girl's supply now, working hard to make sure their plates were always full. They didn't  want to stop, even after another chin started forming under the original. They ignored the fact that their bellies were pushing uncomfortably against their tops, sending buttons flying across the room like arrows, causing the house elves to scatter quickly. The benches under their stretch marked thighs started to creak, as Hermione helped herself to a sixth roasted chicken. "Is there... Any side effect... To this spell...?" Hermione asked, breathing heavily as she took quick bites. "None that I know of~!" Luna said, giggling a bit, "More ham?"


It was set to be a rather intense, if not odd, battle. It was after a particularly heavy festival dinner at the Dekomori household. While waiting for dessert, Sanae Dekomori and Rikka Takanashi found themselves in the middle of the living room, circling the room. "This is the final battle between mastah and disciple-dess!" Dekomori said, spreading her legs and leaning over, her extended belly hanging out of the bottom of her shirt. Rikka nodded, getting into the same position. "Your master, The Wicked Eye, accepts your challenge! What is the stage that we shall battle on?" she said, leaning over as well, showing off her similarly bloated belly.

Dekomori chuckled in her familiar way, before reaching up. With a pull of her shirt, it tore from her body. In that instance, the two were transported into a different dimension, one of infinite expanse, where the two girls stood in a shining circle, across from each other. "I choose the most traditional of demon competition! I choose Expansive Sumo Final Battle!" Dekomori said, as she stripped off her skirt as well, leaving her only in her underwear.

To the rest of their, who were watching them with embarrassed interest, saw two girls who looked somewhat full, staring at each other from across the room in their underwear. But in their mental universe, the two girls were preparing for their ultimate battle. "Vanishment this World!" Rikka yelled, pulling away her eye patch, as Dekomori held up her arms. "Fae of the world, lend me your strength! So says your master, Dekomori-dess!"

Both of them began to grow. Not in the normal sentai/magical style, as expected, but more in a way to suit their upcoming Sumo match. Below Dekomori's rather lavish pink bra, her small belly ballooned exponentially, becoming bigger every second. It jiggled with every spurt of growth, stretch marks forming as the view of her legs quickly disappeared. It soon seemed like she would soon lose balance, as her rotund stomach grew several feet in diameter, but her legs quickly followed suit, seeming to explode with girth, first in her thighs, followed by her calves. It was amazing that her underwear took the punishment that was being placed upon it, as her ever expanding legs soon squeezed together, causing them to disappear from sight. They were still just barely visible from behind, a small patch of pink above two giant rippling orbs that one could call her butt cheeks, each of them two feet tall and three feet wide.

Across from her, Rikka was going through a very similar transformation. Being the more powerful sorceress, however, her changes were much more pronounced. Her belly exploded in all directions, overlapping her underpants and almost covering her legs, which each grew as thick as tree trunks and rippled like freshly made jello. Her panties also seemed to disappear, simply imprints in her massive skin, as her bra barely contained the now F-cup sized planets on her chest, resting peacefully on the shining star that was her massive stomach.

They stared each other down. They both now weighed over a ton, though in this match, Dekomori was most definitely the underdog. Rikka's girth had given her an extra foot, and her ham like arms were much rounder then Dekomori's more chicken like ones. "Well... It's time for the battle to commence!" Rikka said, above her three chins, before both of them rushed at each other. They grappled, their skin slapping together like the mighty thunder of the gods, as they fought to be the last one standing...

Or at least, that's what they attempted to do. A few seconds into the match, however, something strange occurred. The sky darkened. This was odd, since the endless abyss they both inhabited had no sun... Slowly, they looked up to see what was causing the disturbance.

Before they could even respond, both of them found themselves on the ground, one on top of another, as a very large figure sat on top of them. A woman, her body like a massive bowling ball, her chest probably able to crush the two of them on their own, looked down at the two defeated foes. "You two, stop fighting this instant..." Tooka said, as she got down from the pile of blubber, her body jiggling with the intensity of an earthquake, "Dessert is ready..."
TheRealRNG's Birthday Present
And here is a present for another good friend of mine, :icontherealrng:! In these stories:

-Hermione and Ginny deal with a strange spell Luna made up!
-And Rikka and Dekomori battle out in a battle to end all battles-dess!
 Gene Starwind looked down at the caster shell in his hand. "Huh... Odd..." he said, holding it up to the rest of them. It was odd, unlike the others, which were a pale color, this one was a rather dark brown color... and instead of a number, it was marked with some form of symbol that he couldn't recognize... He was hesitant, of course, to use it in any kind of fight, as he wasn't sure what it would do. "Maybe I can test it, and if it's good, i can find someone to remake it..." he said, loading it into his gun...

 He pointed it at his apartment wall, closing one eye. "Hopefully this doesn't blow through to the neighbor's... That conversation was awkward the last four times it happened..." he said, taking a deep inhale of breath before pulling the trigger. There was an explosive sound, though no projectile left the barrel. Instead, it seemed to be a self contained explosion, like a firework at the tip of his rifle, errupting and engulfing his entire room with a misty haze.

 Gene started coughing, trying to brush the smoke away. "Geez, what was that?" he said between coughs as he tried to stand. He wasn't sure if it was just the loud noise throwing his equilibrium off, but he found himself faltering, almost falling over before catching himself on the wall. "Ugh... Something feels... Off..." he said, playing his hand to his head...

 It felt like something inside of him was roaring, trying to burst out. He hunched over a bit, gripping his stomach as he was forced to take deep breaths, sucking in the smokey air. He could feel his gloves slipping on his hand, the waist of his jeans starting to slowly fall down his bottom. Before they could fall off, however, they seemed to be caught by his expanding backside, holding it in place with it's shear girth, as his gloves fell to the floor, revealing a pair of rather thin, dainty hands, off put by a sharp pair of nails...

 Gene started to take deep breaths, trying to regain his senses. His chest felt heavier with each intake, and though at first he thought it was simply his mind making it harder to breathe, after a few moments, he could hear the seams of his shirt starting to strain. Looking down, he found that the view of the rest of his body was impeded by two massive orbs, fighting to break free from their prison. "What the hell?!" he yelled, suddenly standing straight up from his hunched over position.

 This was a bad decision, as the moment he stood tall, his clothes decided that they were no longer fit to be worn. With several massive tearing sounds, his shirt burst open, allowing his two tanned breasts to fly free. This was only accentuated by the loud ripping down emanating from his backside, as his pants fell apart, revealing a rotund bottom barely hidden under a pair of tattered boxers. "What the hell is going on?!" he yelled out, his voice cracking at the last word. Fumbling around in the smoke, he searched for his bathroom, where he could get a better look at himself...

 Walking felt strange with these new adjustments. With his now massive chest, on top of what felt like very thin calves under thunderous thighs, he felt like he was constantly about to fall over... He soon found himself clutching the sink, reaching his tanned, sharp nailed hand up to wipe away the condensation on his mirror. As he did so, however, he saw a pair of cat eyes staring back, on top of a rather catlike mouth.

 "Aisha...?" he said, staring into the glassy surface. As he stared, though, he found that the face matched every one of his movements. Along with that, instead of long white hair, the face seemed to be framed with strands of fiery red hair, falling long over his shoulders. "No way... I can't be..." said the high voiced female, as she walked back out into the apartment, the mist finally clearing. There, standing in the battered remains of Gene Starwind's outfit, was a catlike tanned creature, with flowing red hair. "I'm... I'm..." she said, seeming to grasp at the words before shouting out, "I'm a Ctarl-Ctarl!"


 "I'm not going out like this!" Haruka said sternly, standing awkwardly behind the curtain of the small portable changing shack. Michiru sighed, walking up and going to open the curtain. "Why not? I'm sure you look so cute!" she said, attempting to pull at the cloth doorway, separating the two of them. She found it extremely hard, however, as Haruka was holding it shut. "I feel... Nude! I don't want to be in this skimpy little thing... I'm showing too much skin..." she said, looking at her reflection. She blushed, seeing a rather normal looking bikini on the butch girl, as one hand awkwardly tried to cover herself.

 Michiru sighed, giving up trying to pull the curtain open. "You sure you dun wanna come out?" Michiru asked, smirking slightly as she casually walked over to her bag. She could only hear an annoyed grunt, as she leaned down, pulling out a small, shining object from the tote. "Fine... If you're going to be that way..." she said, looking into the small, Neptune engraved mirror, "Than I guess I will just make you come out~!"

 "... What does that mean?" Haruka asked, suddenly freezing as she heard Michiru speaking. She looked around, suddenly feeling a tense air. She wasn't sure why, but she could feel that something was... Wrong. Looking down, she saw that her bikini, while fitting rather modestly, looked almost a bit... smaller... "Oh haha, you're going to make my swimsuit disappear huh? Real mature..." Haruka scoffed, walking over to the mirror. She could hear Michiru giggle, as she looked at herself, a small blush on her face. "I dunno why I even let her drag me out to the beach..."

 She stared at herself for a long minute, as if studying herself. She looked the same as she always did... right? Slowly, she turned to the side, looking down. "Ugh... Did I always have this?" she said, reaching down and grabbing at her belly. She was able to grab a small flab of skin, squishing softly in her hands. "Must be just some stress pounds from taking care of Hotaru... I hope that girl grows up again soon..." she said, turning around and bending down to pick up her clothes.

 At this movement, she felt a rather... awkward sensation. As she bent low, she could feel her bikini bottom slowly start to sink in between her cheeks. She blushed, feeling her ass practically hanging out now as she stood back up. "That's... Odd..." she said, turning back around to view herself. She reached behind, inserting a finger into the bikini to straighten it out, only to find it sinking into her ass cheeks. Blushing, she observed herself again in the reflective surface. "Huh... It seems bigger than last time..." she said, grabbing at the belly fat that she had grasped earlier. From that moment to now, she seemed to have doubled in girth, soft flesh covering what used to be rock hard muscle.

 She simply stood there again for another moment, watching her body. It seemed to vibrate lightly, as if waves of fat were rolling over her. "What's going on...?" she said, as she watched her thighs start to slowly expand, morphing from those of a woman who ran a mile a day to those of a lady who probably had trouble walking upstairs... They seemed to flow downwards into her calves, which were formerly toned, but now jiggled with every slightly movement of her body, barely supported by her rather small ankles...

 It was a shock she could see any of this, however, as there were three growing orbs between her head and her legs. Her chest seemed to be stress testing the bikini top, as it pressed on beyond the C-cup it was designed for, growing into D, then double-D, before going even beyond that. They paled in comparison, however, to her belly, which was now planetlike in it's enormity, matching her now rotund thighs as it grew large and round.

 She grunted, trying to move around, to do something other than stand there and watch herself become as big as a whale. She was heaving slightly, her cheeks shaking a bit as she turned her head, her now humungous chin rubbing against the top of her chest. Her movement was slightly impeded, however, both by the flaps of softness impeding her limbs, and the fact that the small hut was at capacity with her size. Her biceps, now feet wide in diameter, pressed against the walls, causing them to creak as she tried to reach down for her clothes. "Almost... There..." she said, her voice gaining a somewhat bulbous tone, "Then... I can... Leave..."

 She bent down, finally grabbing the bag in one hand. She smiled triumphantly, but the victory was short lived. With a finally whining creak and a thunderous crack, the walls finally gave way, crumbling to the side. The entire hut fell down around her, revealing the now bowling ball like woman, blushing as she grasped her gymbag like a purse. Michiru smiled devilishly, giggling as she skipped up, grabbing onto her meaty arm. "See? Told you I would get you out!" she said, tugging at the larger woman. Despite her rather large size, Haruka found herself easily moved by the now tiny-by-comparison girl. "Now let's go for a swim! I think you will float really well now~!"


 Misty blushed slightly, looking around. Despite it being perfectly normal to go shopping for clothes, Misty felt a little bit embarrassed nonetheless. It was most likely due to the display she was in front of at the moment. The store they were in was selling a line of Pokemon inspired underwear, and despite trying to walk by, she found herself caught up by a specific pair. White with small blue and red designs on it, the label read "Togepi Special - Limited". She somehow couldn't take her eyes off them, and eventually, she picked the package up, looking around. "Um... I'll be right back Ash!" she said, heading to a dressing room...

 Once inside, she stripped down, before holding up a pair. She found them rather cute, and as she pulled them up her legs, she had to admit that they were quite comfortable. It seemed to be like cotton, but even softer... "I like these!" she said, smiling as she bent over in front of the mirror, "I wonder what makes these special though... They just look like normal Togepi panties..."

 The moment she said Togepi, however, something odd happened. She jumped a bit, as she felt a sudden pressure on her bottom. blushing deeply, she looked down, as she felt that pressure over her entire crotch. It was like an inflation device had been activated inside her underpants, lightly constricting privates. She could only watch helplessly, her face beet red, as her cute panties slowly morphed into a diaper like Togepi shell, complete with small, triangular edges around the waist.

 She simply stood there in humiliation, staring disbelievingly at the thing she was wearing. "...Well. I'll just take these off, and I'll never speak of this to anyone..." she said, reaching down and grabbing the waist. She went to tug down, but found a problem: They didn't budge. Curious, she tugged again, but found that they were rather stubborn. After an unsuccessful third tug, she found herself getting frustrated. She started pulling at them, as if trying to rip them off. This was less than unsuccessful, as the only thing it led to was her falling down onto her bottom, a loud crinkling noise emanating from the room.

 She sat on the ground, dazed, as she looked around. "Wha-?" she said, somewhat confusedly, as she looked around the small dressing room. She felt a little odd, even beyond the fact that she was wearing a psuedo-diaper. She looked around a moment, before spotting her jean shorts. Slowly, she got to her hands and knees, which were now a bit stubbier, starting to recede in towards her midsection. Still slightly out of it, she crawled over to the shorts, lifting them up. "These are... Big..." she said, holding them out in front of her, as if to observe them better.

 She wasn't wrong. The girl was holding up a normal pair of shorts, but she would definitely no longer fit inside of them. Her arms and legs were half the size as they were before, but she didn't seem to notice as she smiled vacantly, standing up in the room. Her size had reduced drastically as well, over half the height of her former stature. Her yellow tanktop, which usually showed a little bit of her belly, now hung much lower, looking more like an awkward dress. She giggled a bit, toddling over and picking up her old pair of panties, bending over to show her diapered rump. "Big Girl panties..." she said, amused as she stretched them, before throwing them to the side, starting to wonder around the room again...

 Soon, the tank top became too loose for her, and without a second though, she let it fall off, to reveal a small girl with a rather round belly, barely being held up by tiny, chubby thighs. She eventually made her way back to the floor length mirror, where she pointed at herself. "Misty...?" she said, as if wondering who the girl was. She looked down slowly, before looking at the diaper around her waist. "Togepri!" she yelled happily, in a high pitched voice, before bursting out of the room, running as fast as her tiny legs could take her. "I's togepi! Togepi!" she yelled happily, running into the store, "Togepriiiii~!"
Osakatan's Birthday Present
Here is a fun little collection of stories, for my good friend :iconosakatan: who had a birthday recently! In these stories:

-Gene Starwind learns what a mysterious caster shell does!
-Haruka learns why not to make Michiru wait~
-And Misty trying on a very special pair of panties!


Commissions Closed
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I will accept commissions for all kinds of stories involving Age Regression and Diapers based on different Anime, Video Games and different materials. Basically, I make AR and Diaper Fanfics. I also do other kinds of stories

The pricing has been updated once more.



Instead of by word, I will be pricing by page. It will make it a lot easier to figure out what the final price will be around.

Simply put,


See? Easy. And to prevent problems with half/quarter pages, I will be splitting prices into quarters. I.E. A half page will cost 2, a quarter page will cost 1, and 3 quarters of a page will cost 3.


Unfortunately, the issue here is that the final price will not be decided until after I am done writing. Writing is a bit of a harder thing to price than a picture. I can definitely try to keep it short, medium, or long based on certain protocols, but I am very flexible with pricing and the final price will be discussed after it is done

The other major variable for price is the subject matter. If I am not familiar with the series, I might charge a bit more based on research and stuff I have to do. It's hard to write in character of someone I don't know.

I will also charge more for sexual content. While light stuff, like nudity, kissing and light sexual things are excusable and won't be charged, full sexual intercourse between two or more people and heavily sexual situations will be charged an extra few dollars.

There is, of course, some things I won't do. That includes:

-Pedophilia. This applies to sexual imagery of underage characters. There is no exception

-Furry. Beyond ears/tails, I will not do any kind of furry things. There is very little exception

-Males as subjects. It's kind of odd, but while I will have males in the story on request, I will not regress or diaper them. The only exception is if the male is TGed into a female. There might be exceptions to the rules, so please discuss with me before commissioning

If you want to request a commission, send me a note. That is my preferred method. I would like a short 2-3 sentence synopsis of what you want the story to be about, along with any specific notes about things you want to happen, like who the victims are, how you want the regression/diapering to happen and any special settings/themes, stuff like that.

If you want it to be multiple chapters, please let me know and we will discuss possible pricing and discounts.

Donate Here, If you wanna~…

Have a nice day!

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